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Master Cleanse Log--Days 21-30

Still on the cleanse...

Date:   10/8/2005 7:29:10 AM   ( 17 y ) ... viewed 14886 times

-Day 21

Symptoms: Headache, sore skin, acne looking worse, bad breath & body odor.
I can't figure out why I'm still smelling so bad when I haven't been eating anything
offensive. It must be die-off, but I can't stand it.

Improvements: I think I'm getting mucoid plaque. It's coming out in 3 or so inch swirls that are dark brown and they don't sink right to the bottom of the toilet. In either case, I've gotten this two days in a row. This also may be the case for my body smelling so badly. As far as the FAQ stating that toxic removal is complete by the last stage and bodily repair is at it's strongest--I still think I'm doing a lot of toxic removal. But considering I've got food allergies to almost every food out there, it doesn't really surprise me. On the good side, I'm a small woman and hopefully that will be a factor in moving my healing process along faster.

-Day 22

Symptoms: I still stink a little, but people are sniffing me less than they did yesterday and last week. I'm also still getting mucous, but there's a little less every day. Plus the itching...I'm getting less of that too. It's almost as if I'm not getting waves of die off, but die-off that lasts days or weeks & slowly fades.

Improvements: My skin looks a little bit better and my intestines & colon feel lighter. I've read many posts about people who experienced that after liver flushes and such, but I never did. Now I do. I feel generally better today. Last night I was so upset, I was crying because my body odor has been so offensive and I have to go to work whether I stink or not. Today I just felt pretty good and hoped I didn't smell as much. I try hard to stay away from others and I sure do miss my sun chlorella a. It helped control my body odor.

My cravings for Kentucky Fried Chicken, Weinershnitzel drowned in ranch dressing and Pizza Hut have lessened. Now I'm thinking a lot about finding recipes I can eat and I bought some recipe books that claim to be gluten, wheat, dairy and meat free. Sounds limiting, doesn't it? That's life for me, but I'm willing to live with it and I'm hoping this cleanse will help me add on a few things back to my menu. = ) Like rice, cheese, etc...I will always miss those foods.

-Day 23

Symptoms: My asthma is back & I've developed new acne starting from my chin that runs all the way up to my right ear. It's a rash of acne. The left side of my face has some, but looks great compared to the right side. I also started getting a canker sore on the tip of my tongue today. My breath is also terrible and my body still smells bad, which has been happening for a couple weeks straight now. That's never gone away since I started. 14 days of the same die-off symptoms seems excessive. I'm hoping for some big pay-offs after this cleanse.

Improvements: The skin on my hands looks softer and hydrated compared to the last couple weeks. The cracks on them are healing and they no longer itch. My weight is still balancing between 85-86 lbs. I feel more alert and relaxed again. I also went to the bathroom and the stool wasn't totally foul like it has been during my cleanse. Before, it would burn as it exited my body..It even burned as soon as it reached my bowels before I even had the chance to go. Today I felt a little stinging, but it's getting a lot better. I love going to the bathroom during the cleanse because I know I'm flushing my health problems down the toilet.

-Day 24

Symptoms: bad breath, body ordor, acne..the usual suspects. I woke up with a bad sore throat this morning and it's almost gone after a few hours.

Improvements: The skin on my hands looks even better today than yesterday. I feel alert and good today. My body was itching bad for a while all over my body, especially where my psoriasis was. It has been itching less & less. Today it doesn't itch at all. It's turning out to be a pretty good cleanse day, especially since I don't have to go to work and endure everyone sniffing my odor.

-Day 25

Symptoms: Just like usual--bad breath, body odor and my acne is getting worse. I have this nasty acne rash all across my forhead. I also had a dizzy spell earlier today, which I've read is normal on a fast. My tongue is coated more than usual too. I also wanted to mention I put coconut oil in my hair last night before bed and got a real headache! And today my head smells like toxins! It's helping the master cleanse a lot! Maybe I should put it all over my body tonight. There's a couple of symptoms that are welcome because I know they're doing a lot of good.

Improvements: I'm not getting as much mucous so my lymphatic system must be healing, but the symptom is still there. When it started, it was like there was a constant thick mucous ooozing down my throat. Now it feels like I'm getting about a drop or so of it at a time every few minutes. Other than the symptoms, I feel really great...So good that if I get rid of my lingering health problems, I would be satisfied to keep this state of mind and energy level for good = )

Additional note: I believe that doing liver flushes will get rid of symptoms, such as food sensitivities and body odor, but how can that happen if the body is still toxic otherwise? There may not be any stones in there, but the liver is still too overloaded trying to control the dire condition the body is in. I think that is why my food/chemical sensitivites didn't go away after I cleaned out all my stones. Now maybe they'll go away. In any case, I will be doing a liver flush two or three weeks after my master cleanse ends. If any of you have gotten rid of or lessened food sensitivites through cleansing, please e-mail me or respond to my BLOG and tell me about it.

Last year, my new years resolution was to get healthy once and for all after years of going on all the wrong health programs that didn't help at all. This master cleanse is giving me hope that I will make it.

-Day 26

Symptoms: Body odor is worse today and it feels like I have a hundred little acne bumps on my forhead. Some of the itching is coming back.

Improvements: I feel alert again today just like yesterday. I don't need as much sleep. Not much else to report.

-Day 27

Symptoms: My geographic tongue came back. It was a symptom I've been no longer getting for quite a while, but it's not a bad case. There are only three spots on
the right side of my tongue. My skin also started itching worse. The body odor doesn't seem as bad. I can't smell it myself, so I use the people at work as smell-o-meters. The more sniffs I get, the more I know I stink. lol. That's why I'm so happy on the weekend because can almost convince myself that I'm getting better. Then I go into work Monday and someone sniffs me as soon as I walk in the door. Bummer.

Improvements: The acne is getting a little better, but that isn't saying much considering my forhead is still covered in acne. The skin on my hands looks a little better.

-Day 28

Symptoms: I stunk SO bad I was turning heads and people who are usually trying to be polite couldn't resist giving me a sniff. It's driving me crazy that it is getting worse and not going away. Maybe it's because I'm not getting any zinc or something, but other people on the MC don't get any either and they don't smell like a dead animal on day 28. What is worse is that I don't know who to ask who might have a knowledgeable answer for me. I will try the B.O. forum and see if a seasoned MC'er goes in there. Need I mention the bad breath? = ) My geographic tongue is getting worse, but I suspected it to get worse before it gets better.

Improvements: My tongue is not getting as much toxins on it creating a film and my acne is getting better. I hope that is a sign that my odor will go away too. I'm only getting a little bit of mucous and hardly even notice it now to even mention it. My lips also aren't peeling as much, which I know to be a sign of good intestinal and stomach health. I'm going to try and focus on these wonderful improvements and look at the symptoms as my body healing, but the humiliation that comes with some of the die-off is maddening.

-Day 29

Symptoms: I woke up and my left eye started watering and I couldn't get it to stop. Then I went back to bed and woke up hours later with a sinus cold..migraine, congestion and feeling dizzy and weak. I had a hard time sitting through work like that, but I knew the cold was coming because I paid special attention to postings by people who have done long-term master cleanses and it seems to happen to them too...between day 23 & 29. I'm starting to feel a little better, but my migraine is still bothering me and my eyes feel a little swollen from my sinuses being congested. I also got a very strong asprin taste in my mouth...I drank 3 16 oz bottles of water, one right after another to get rid of the taste and it was still there a little, but the water helped a great deal. I'm pretty sure it was my nemesis, Depo-provera being dragged out of the depths of my body. I still have geographic tongue and it stings a little to drink the lemonade.

Improvements: I think I stunk a little less stinko-meters at work weren't sniffing as much, but there were a lot of people that turned to look at me as I walked by....I don't know if that makes it better or worse? My skin is looking better. The acne is still there, but atleast I can put cover-up on my forhead so people can't see most of the redness. The film on my tongue doesn't seem as bad, but I'm getting a lot of little plaque balls building up. That's strange since the coated tongue was worse before, but at that time I didn't have any plaque balls.

-Day 30

Symptoms: Well, I'm still creating a nuclear meltdown whenever I walk past my fellow co-workers. Maybe it's not a symptom, but my body not tolerating the lemons? This odor has just gone on too long for me to think it's a deeply rooted illness that my body is curing and creating a healing crisis. And the bad breath doesn't go away either. I'm lost as to why I still have this...And my tongue is still coated. Hmmmm.

Improvements: The sinus cold I got on day 29 is better, but I still woke up with a terrible migraine that went from the top of my head right down my face. Everyone at work was asking me if I was okay because I had this mad look. Now I'm feeling better. The appearance of my skin is improving every day and I'm feeling pretty fine until my odor humiliates me. That's why the weekends rule. I get to stay home where everybody loves me and doesn't notice my smell = ) I can only hope my body odor will improve by Monday. Andreas says liver flushing gets rid of body odor, so maybe I'll just have to start depending on that to cure my b.o. and not the MC. All I want to do right now is quit the MC and start flushing my liver instead, but I know I can't just go back to days 31-40. If I quit, I have to do the first 30 days again to get that far. I know I'd be letting myself down and I wouldn't forgive myself for quitting, so I'm staying on.

Remember the old Dr. Pepper commercial? I've changed it and I sing and dance to it as I go around the house..Here it is:

I'm a stinker, he's a stinker, she's a stinker.
Wouldn't you like to be a stinker too?
Be a stinker...Be a little stinker.

Is that funny or what? = ) If we can't beat it, lets embrace it.


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