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Quinton Ocean Plasma Journal

The healing miracle of the ocean.

Date:   2/12/2006 3:27:39 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 7464 times

Ocean Plasma was discovered by Rene Quinton to have the same ph level as blood and amniotic fluid. It also has the correct balance of minerals that the body needs to
become healthy. I will update more on what it's like in the near future. I would suggest you do a search for "quinton ocean plasma" yourself. You can find some awesome information on the subject. I started ocean plasma on Friday, 01/13/06. I am taking 30ml per day.


I didn't notice any change until the 7th day, when I noitced my hands looked less wrinkly. I also noticed that I didn't feel like sleeping. I have trouble sleeping more than 5 hours at a time, but wake up refreshed.


The weeek isn't over yet, but I look a little bit healthier every day. I have been excited to get out of bed every day to look in the mirror. I was told today that I look as young as my son. People used to say I looked like a teen all the time when I was healthy. People who know me look surprised when they see me because my face actually does look younger and healthier. Of course it isn't all the way improved yet, but I'm glad it's going as well as it is. My sex drive is also coming on so strong that it is becoming a real neusance. One year ago, I had no sex drive. This is a change. I promised myself this birthday I'm going to give myself a gift that nobody else can give me..My health.

01/24/06 My skin is itchy today where my psoriasis used to be. I've made the mistake of eating the same foods too often. Even with that, my skin still feels smoother and silkier than it has in years.

Week 3:

I do not feel fatigued at all on ocean plasma. I work the night shift and would always sleep all saturday morning and afternoon when I got off work. I'd wake up so late there was little point in getting ready to go out. This weekend I got out of work and didn't feel like sleeping(that happened last week too). So I stayed awake until 12:00pm, took a 3 hour nap and stayed up until 10pm! = ) I feel like I finally got to have a weekend like a normal person instead of hybernating my weekend away! Yay!

I just got my PH strips. This time I got really accurate ones. About a year ago I would test at 6.0 and now I wake up testing at 7.0 and by the end of the day I test at a 7.25 ph level. That is pretty awesome. I want to get the testing strip just a little higher and I'll be happy.

I'm still wearing cover-up on my forhead, but it's not as red anymore and I don't have to cake it on so thick. I just put a thin layer of makeup on and I look okay.

Only strange thing is, the last couple days, my skin looks a little saggier. Don't know why. I think it'll pass.

I cheated on my diet and went to Denny's, so there's a little set back, but that was 3 days ago and now my skin looks bad again. I am normally a raw vegan, due to my developed food intollerances.

02-01-06 I woke up with a 7.0 salava ph today--the previous few days I woke up with 6.75, so this is the first time I've gotten it that high from a morning saliva test. On the other hand, I did a urine test the day before and got 6.0, but that was a morning urine test and they say to sample the second urine of the day, not the first.

I woke up and my skin looked very bad! My eyes were also bloodshot for two days and still are a little. I ran home from work at lunch time and took my ocean plasma at that time because I missed my dose this morning. What was intruiguing is during the last 4 hours of work, the redness in my skin had diminished quite a bit.

Week 4:

I noticed that I've been having bowel movements more often. They are also more well-formed than they previously were. I also took 3 doses of 20ml each(total of 60ml for the whole day) yesterday instead of 30 ml throughout the day and my skin looks a lot better today. I read that you can take up to 60 in a day, but it's for cancer patients. I, on the other hand, believe that I should be able to take a little more since my body has such a difficult time healing. Before, I would try something new and it would work fantastic for a while and then I would slowly get worse anyway, so I would need to go one step further to continue to heal on a regular basis. The only things that worked long-term that I can prove so far are liver flushing and sun chlorella A. I think ocean plasma will do the same thing. I'm very happy with it and plan to continue using it.

I'm also not sleeping constantly. I have time to play my guitar now and excersize!


My skin looks really fantastic today compared to how it's looked before. My lips are peeling less and look hydrated to the point where they possess a plump, pink look. This stuff works. = )

My hands, which were at one time had wrinkled skin unless I made a complete fist, are now mostly normal again even when I extend my fingers and flatten the palms of my hands. There is still alittle wrinkling around my nuckles right where my fingers start and a very slight "droop" of skin" that is almost not noticeable at all. Still a little ways to go, but that is okay.


My cheeks look a little higher and my smile lines are less pronounced. It's only changed slightly, but it's still a change.

The day before yesterday I tested my saliva PH when I just woke up and it was at 7.25! For the first time ever too. Yesterday I tested at 7.0 again, which is okay.

02/10/06 End of week 4, start of week 5. Yippie!

A lot of sites are selling mineral salts deoderant, which they state is only purified water and minerals salts. Well folks, that's the same thing as Isotonic ocean plasma. And Hypertonic ocean plasma is the same, only not diluted with extra water.. I'm planning on buying an empty spray bottle and making my own deoderant, which should take only a few seconds:) Plus I want to re-examine my diet to add different foods in. I have to do that every so often since my body stops tolerating foods after a spell.

I have done a lot of reading on the subject of ocean plasma and salt cures(yes, I'm obsessed incase you are wondering) and ocean plasma/mineral rich salts are supposed to get rid of food intollerances, body odor, and premature aging, which would just about fix every problem I've got if it works. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WORK!

My hair doesn't seem to be tangling up at all! It's a miracle. Before it would just snarl right up within an hour. Every hair on my head would knot around every other hair on my head and create dreadlocks. That is exactly how bad it was before I started ocean plasma 27 days ago.


My skin on my forhead looked clear yesterday, but my ph level has stayed at 7.0 each morning. My breath feels better every morning, but I still have a slight sour taste in my mouth.


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