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Urine Therapy Plus Quinton Plasma.

I have noticed immediate improvements right away when starting urine therapy. Is the idea of it discusting? Yes, but I wish I had done it years ago. I wish it were the first therapy I tried, not the last. I am sorry for those of you who are turned off by my adding it into my journal with ocean plasma, but they both compliment each other greatly.

Date:   4/12/2006 8:40:38 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 13185 times

I had the worse menstraul cyle of my life starting last Wednesday(03-16-06). Then followed a bad cold. Both affect my progress, plus I've been in bed and didn't BLOG.

I started urine therapy on Saturday. My urine was dark yellow and smelled putrid. I drank a sip using a straw to bypass my tongue. I gagged and couldn't handle any more.
I felt a tingling in my cheek after I took it.

On Sunday, the smell of my urine was even worse and again I took another sip. Today the "ditch" in my cheek is gone. The "ditch" was my thoratic lymphatic duct. This is copied from an answer Andreas Moritz gave to someone else's question that relates highly to my cheek improvement:

"The main lymphatic duct responsible for draining the left part of the head and face and about 90 percent of the body's metabolic waste products and turned-over cells, is called "thoracic duct". The right side of the head and face, shoulder and arm are drained by the right lymphatic duct, a much smaller duct. If the thoracic duct is more congested than the right lymphatic duct, which is likely given that the thoracic duct deals with the entire digestive and reproductive system, once you remove the congestion, you are more likely to see the effects of poor circulation, nourishment and waste drainage from the skin in terms of scar formation, such as wrinkles."


I took three sips of UT. The taste wasn't as bad and the previous two days because I ate hazelnuts instead of pistachios. It was still strong, but I could handle it a little better. My forhead was clear when I woke up, but after I went to work, it turned a little red and sore.

Not only do I get a sensation in my face where it is improving, but I am also getting the same thing when I take my ocean plasma. I'm on the fast track to great health and I know it.

Now I can say to myself, "I know I'm going to heal," and not get that tingle in my toes that tells me I'm lying to myself. LOL.


I drank about a tea cup full of UT. YUCK! I love the way I look though. I noticed that I feel really dehydrated after I drink it though. Over the evening, I went pee(in the toilet) and noticed it was foamy. I know that's a good sign from my experience of cleansing.

Premature aging is no longer a problem symptom of my bad health anymore. It only slightly exists. My main goal is to cure my food allergies and I believe my body odor and bad breath will go along with it. I'm almost there.


I really think ocean plasma, urine therapy and Sun Chlorella A are an awesome mix. There is NOTHING missing when taking them all every day.

I took 8 ounces of UT and it made me feel ill, not only in the stomach, but also in the it was gurgling it's way down.

My skin gets better and worse, better and worse, etc., in a matter of hours. On the whole, my eyes look sensational. They are not blood shot and look bright and sparkling. I look like I've been getting enough sleep and my eyelids don't droop so bad. I look younger every day--maybe a year younger worth every day. 4 days so far, 4 years younger looking. I'm impressed.

My complextion is also wonderful, but my pores are still big and I'm still getting itsy bitsy white bumps on my forhead that easily scratch away. They are there to let toxins out. My forhead looks really clear after a nice hot bath and as the day progresses, it gets oily and red.


I cannot believe how wonderful my skin looks. I drank a cup yesterday and just finished todays cup. Not pleasant, but my body is healing like some kind of miracle is happening. I'm thrilled. I belive if my skin heals, it's a sign that everything will heal, like a domino affect. Here is my theory: If my skin heals and starts to look radiant, than the organs on the inside must be healing too, along with the healing of my digestive system(intestines). That'll get rid of my food intolerances.
It would be all of my dreams come true and it would mean that my body has completely healed itself of all remaining symptoms. I think I've earned it too...Ten times over. It's been one heck of a long hard journey to be where I am now.


I ate some grapes and they causeed my forhead to become red and sore looking. I have decided to eat fruit this weekend, even though I have problems with it. Other than that I still look better. It's just a matter of having patience to wait and heal.


People didn't notice my smell hardly at all yesterday, except when I was running around doing things and sweating a little. After that, I could walk past people's desks without them smelling me coming. So I decided to eat some cashews to see what would happen. I don't know if I smell, but I guess I'll find out tonight at work. I thought it would be a good idea to eat something that I'm intolerant to so the UT can boost my immune system further and "vaccinate" me against my my food reactions.

My urine no longer tastes bad. Infact, it's sort of bland...Thank goodness. It started out very yellow and bitter. Now I can drink 8oz without gagging.

My skin got better to a degree in the first week and after that, it doesn't seem to be improving, but it's not getting worse either.

I take the quinton plasma 1 hour after the UT. Then I wait another half hour before eating. I honestly don't think I'd be making progress this fast had I not done all the cleansing I did before quinton plasma and urine therapy.


I drank 8 oz of UT in the morning and 8 more in the afternoon. I got a headache from it and felt tired all day. Maybe more healing reaction since that's the most I've ever taken within a 24 hour period.

I've been testing my digestion by eating cashews--something I've become intolerant to. The day before yesterday nobody noticed a smell, but yesterday they did. Still it hasn't even been a full two weeks yet, so I'm pretty glad about my progress. I'm already starting to fantasize about eating more variety and feeling excited and a little impatient...although I am trying be patient, it's hard.


It's two weeks today since I started urine therapy. Yesterday I ate rice noodles with
spaghetti sauce and today I ate some Fritos. I do have a dry taste in my mouth and woke up with a sour tomato taste, but don't .seem to be having any other negative effects, such as headaches, gas, oily sore skin, etc....all gone! I'm almost better...permanently and will soon no longer have any need to BLOG = )


My skin looks even better today. I'm so thrilled that I just can't get enough of looking at myself in the mirror. I have decided that I'm going to celebrate next weekend or the weekend after at El Torritos, where I will eat whatever I want. I haven't done that since I began dieting to avoid food intolerances in January of 2001. I feel absolutely beautiful and victorious!

Saw my mother today and she noticed how much better my face has improved, especially my eyes. I'm going to try making some brown basanti rice today with veggies and see how well my body accepts it..since this is my 14th day on UT and I already ate rice noodles and had no problems.


I ate the rice. I had a lot of it with fried olives, green peppers, green onions, carrots, green beans and celery. The rice felt really heavy in my stomach and intestines. I felt ill from it all night and day. My skin did also turn red on my forhead and got a little oily. I thought I smelled a little, but I took a bath and went to work and nobody noticed a smell in me...So it looks like it did not affect my body odor and my breath was reasonable. I think rice is no longer a food intolerance problem, but is now more of a weak stomach and intestines problem--since I have not completely healed from a decade of bad health ravaging my body. That should go away too before long, but my son ate some rice too and complained of the same "heaviness" in the stomach that I whatever :)


My skin was still red from the rice, so I put some morning urine on my face and my skin looked better when I woke up. My skin looks a little red again now, so I'm going to repeat the process and see if there is more improvement.


I went to eat at El Torito on Saturday. I had corn chips with salsa, soft corn shell tacos with chicken and beef and a salad with Italian dressing. When I got home I ate chocholate banana ice cream! Well, the next day I did smell some. I couldn'tell how much because I didn't go to work where my "smell tester" co-workers happen to be.

My skin still looked just as good as it did before and none of my old symptoms came back...No gas, headaches or anything. I also did drink my urine, even though I didn't plan to because I ate meat. Well, it didn't taste bad! Infact, I think it tasted even a little bit better than usual.

I have also noticed I catch on to things faster. I also find myself smiling a lot now. It is really great.


My back is almost completely smooth. It used to be oily and bumpy everwhere. It was so bad I would take my hand and reach behind me in just a small area and when I brought my hand out, my fingertips were saturated with oil. It was terrible and it's gone. There are very slight dry areas now. It's only noticeable when I'm searching for it.

I'm also eating corn noodles and spaghetti, salads, vegetarian chilli, etc. My forhead gets a bit oily, which proves I'm not completely better, but there is probably a 70% improvement on my breath, body odor, skin and mood in a matter of
3 weeks doing urine therapy. Awesome? I read in the urine therapy book, "Your Own Perfect Medicine" that most people with food allergies claimed to improve 70% on average. Those people are taking drops under the tongue, while I am taking 8+ oz per day. Plus with all the other cleansing I've done, I'm going for 90%-100%. I won't be satisfied until I reach my goal.

If you are planning on doing urine therapy, do yourself a favor and get your minerals through some type of himalayan salt, ocean plasma, quality dark sea salt, etc...You will improve a lot faster that way. Actually, everything form of natural healing helps, even if just a little, so don't shy away from liver flushes and colonics.


I ate vegetarian chilli and because of it, I stank. I got those ol' dirty looks again. But I still looked great... On one hand, I'm trying to eat foods that don't bother me to make things easier on my system; on the other hand, I'm trying to eat foods that I'm intolerant to in order to get my cells fighting food I should be able to handle. That way I'll pee it out and when I drink it again, it will be full of the "allergy vaccine". So for a good while, no basanti rice or vegetarian chilli. LOL.

I'm gaining weight. I was 84 lbs when I started urine therapy. Now I'm 94.5 lbs.
It's been 25 days since I've started urine therapy and I've only been gaining the weight for the past week or so. I guess it took a while to get healthy enough for the weight gain to start. Plus I'm eating better and more often. It would be nice to gain another 15-20 pounds!

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