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Spiritual Basis:MCS/Part II

Spirit continues the discussion on spiritual causes and healing for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS):

Date:   7/13/2005 12:36:50 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 1798 times

Liora asks: Re: MCS, are there different "causes" of this imbalance for different people with this "dis-order"?

Spirit answers: As for "MCS" as you call it and others with this "dis-order", you have already answered your own question--"MCS" is a blanket label for a set of "dis-orders" that appear similar in dysfunctions but whose origin is different for each person. In all cases there is some sort of "imbalance" in the body, the "immune system" if you will, that is due to various underlying causal factors.

Some, like yourself, have a profound dis-connect with the Earth and no amount of pills/shots/infusions/Western medicine will "cure" them. These things will not make you well--they may serve to alleviate certain "symptoms" temporarily but will not "heal" your underlying "ailment", as your underlying "ailment" is a broken heart, pain, anger, over your broken connection to the planet.

Others have a psychological or mental imbalance--no, this is NOT to say it's "all in your heads" as your somewhat ignorant (not "stupid" as "ignorant" implies "unknowing") health practitioners state--but an unbalance in the mind/body or heart/spirit realm and this internal "disconnect" manifests as immune system dysfunction.

Therefore, if causally different, healing modalities may also be different for each person so afflicted. For you, your healing comes/will come with greater body awareness, pleasure awareness, awareness that you are a daughter of the "Great Mother" as Gaia prefers to call herself. "Temple Priestess" of old were you, and "Temple Priestess" again you will become in terms of your re-connection with your own body, and re-connection with the Mother's body. Loving Mother Earth, sleeping on Her, earth contact with Her, will go farther to heal you than any "interventions" known in the Western Medical world.

For others healing may be as simple as acknowledging their own internal disconnect from themselves in mind/body, heart/soul.

Others seemingly benefit from Western medical intervention yet are never fully "healed" as the approach is a body-approach and not a "whole BE-ing" approach.

Still others carry this "load" with them, until transition from their bodies, as a sort of "penance" for indiscretions they feel they have committed in this/other life-times--self-condemnation, self-punishment if you will, not unlike the concept of the Medieval "hair shirt".

Liora asks: Re: MCS--how are those with this "dis-order" who wear the "hair shirt" of self-penance to be helped--is this where religious leaders like Pastor Henry come in to alleviate the concept of guilt/sin/shame and thus release them from this form of self-bondage? (Note: Pastor Henry Wright applies fundamentalist Christian concepts to his healing, and has helped some with MCS.)

Spirit answers: You ask good questions, Little One, yes, those who labor under the man-made false presumptions of the concept of "sin"--there is no sin except in the minds of humans as we have said before. These may be helped to alleviate their burden of illness by realization that no "God" condemns them for their "sin", it is they who condemn themselves! The guilt/shame felt by these who are/were misguided, ill-guided by so-called religious leaders affects the human immune system leading to many health "dis-orders", MCS being but one of them. The key to this is for these misguided individuals to break free of the false consciousness they labor under--this is very difficult to do in the Western world where self-punishment for perceived abuses is rampant, as it is in many of the worlds "religions"--again man's attempt to control man, not god's attempt to control man, as no "god" would do such a thing in the name of love!

Yes, for those caught up in this concept of sin and self-punishment it may take a charismatic religious leader like Pastor Henry to help lead them from this false path of thinking--he does, indeed, help people in this manner although his mode of religious thinking may be anathema to your/our way of thinking.

And as we said before, there are some who will not be helped and will carry this burden throughout their earthly life-time. Some of this is self-choice, of course, some is circumstances, but do not grieve for them, Liora, as there is purpose in their individual sufferings, even as you do not see it, and it will serve them well in their next/future lifetimes to come. It is not always for you to know/see the outcome of things nor can you have such vast knowing in your 3-D mind although you strive to do so--more will become clear as you continue to "evolve" and see more of the "big picture", if you will.

Your we-guides in love with you always!

Namaste, Amen


Spiritual Basis: Allegies/MCS

Spirit: Self-Healing

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