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Spirit says these are not the End Times, as in "end of the world". Spirit speaks of the development of the "Rainbow Tribe" of peoples who honor all cultures and the Earth. We must look to the cycles of nature, or rebirth following death, for our comfort in these difficult times.

Date:   9/9/2005 5:26:30 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 2519 times

I attended a spiritual gathering called Dare' this past Sunday in Topanga Canyon, California. The topic at hand was the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. All the attendees sat in a circle and passed the talking stick so that each one of us could be heard.  We approached the situation from a Spiritual standpoint. One very respected elder stated that she believed these are the "End Times", the days many indigenous peoples around the world have long predicted would occur, when the world as we know it comes to an end. The same elder said she had personally taken a vow to revoke the ways of Western Culture, and strongly stated her belief that nothing of value has ever come out of Western Culture, "Bach or no Bach", referring to the famous composer.
I was deeply disturbed by her statements. At the time of the gathering, I heard her words and was rendered speechless. I had never heard her sound so bitter before. Yes, there are many things about Western Culture that anger me greatly, environmental degradation being but one of them, but I have never thought or felt that I wanted to repudiate the entire culture into which I have been born. As pessimistic as I can get, I've never in my heart of hearts believed in Armageddon, the Apocalypse, or "the end of the world". I struggled in my heart and mind to formulate an answer to the challenges this elder presented to me. Finally, at 12:30 a.m. this morning, I surrendered to Spirit and asked by Guides for their "take" on what is occurring in these times.  Here is their response:
Dear One, it is us/I your we-Guides.
We come to you now with words of comfort. 
(The Dare' elder) is mistaken to "throw the baby out with the bathwater" re: Western Civilization. Every culture develops its own unique forms of art, music, prayer, communication and every culture's forms are to be honored, including Western.  Indigenous cultures, too, have their pitfalls. To romanticize the indigenous culture is to overlook the cultural practices that may not be in harmony with the environment or with others.  Warfare is not unique to Western society.  Neither is violence in all its other forms--rape, murder, assault, etc.  These are universal human experiences that transcend culture, and yet are anathema to the Godhood within each individual human. Starvation, deprivation, poverty, illness, dis-ease, dis-ability, dis-respect--these are also endemic to all human cultures.  Western society is unique among others for the scope of destruction and devastation to the natural environment, and for the technological know-how of killing huge numbers of people "with one blow" (your weapons of mass destruction).  However, habitat destruction as a human activity is not unique in origin to Western society, nor is killing or murder.  These actions are endemic, as we have said, to all societies, including the indigenous. 
There has always been a chasm between the ideal of any given culture and actual human experience. There have always been those unique individuals that have stood out within any one group as the healer, shaman, wise ones, medicine people, including in Western culture, just as there have always been those individuals who appear in each culture to be the "destroyers"--challenging the "status quo", sometimes fomenting violence, and always challenging the established ways of the culture.  This is indeed how cultures change and grow.  Anything static will die.  Humans need dynamism to continue to spiritually grow.  The "destroyers" or agitators of any given culture seek to create dis-harmony, dis-equilibrium, and so promote change and growth.
Birth, death, and re-birth:  these cycles of nature are echoed in cultures all over the world, in human relationships, cultural beliefs and practices. Western society plays these themes out on a grand scale that is readily seen by all.  Indigenous cultures have their own patterns of birth, death, renewal, yet sometimes the changes are subtler and less violent and take place over long periods of time, but sometimes very quickly as in the wake of a cataclysmic event.  There's nothing like a hurricane, earthquake, or flood to shake up the status quo!
Yet for all their uniqueness and diversity, indigenous cultures all over the world now face the same challenge:  interact with Western society, seek rapprochement, seek peaceful co-existence, seek sharing of knowledge, beliefs, cultures and values, or die. The indigenous cultures are being "swallowed up" by the more dominant, aggressive Western culture. 
Globalization brings more people in contact with each other, and makes it more difficult for indigenous cultures to remain unique and intact.  Not that these cultures will totally disappear, but they will become "subsumed" or part of the Western culture, and Western culture will change and adapt and become more flexible over time to accommodate new ideas and ways of being in the world.  This type of cultural adaptation and change takes time.  It is happening now, even as we speak.  This is what was meant by the "Rainbow Tribe" that we spoke of once before--comprised of those individuals coming together, who may represent cultures from all over the world, but have formed a new "sub-culture" out of many to meet the needs of the "new human" on the planet, those who are more aligned with their spiritual purpose, living in partnership with Gaia, and focused more on universal harmony and reconciliation of differences. 
This new "sub-culture" will build itself slowly, will emerge from "globalization", will be the culture from which new ideas and new ways of interacting with each other and the environment will spring.  There will be a new synthesis of all that is positive pulled from different cultures.  This new culture, which Spirit has dubbed the "Rainbow Tribe," will honor the ways of the old, indigenous tribes as well as those aspects of Western culture that are positive.  Technologies will emerge that are in keeping with preservation and strengthening of the Earth.  There will be no rejection of cultures, but again a new synthesis and growth out of what was seemingly disparate elements of Western and indigenous cultures.  The positive of each culture will remain, while negative aspects will dwindle away.  This process will take much earth years' time, maybe several generations of humans, yet it will take place.  What we have happening now in development of the "Rainbow Tribe" is just the beginning, embryonic stages.
No, the world will not destroy itself in a nuclear holocaust.  Nor will humans cease to exist due to cataclysmic events such as an "Apocalypse."  There will be massive upheaval and change, however, as you are now experiencing.  But remember this always, and may it bring you some measure of comfort:  out of dis-equilibrium and chaos, change will come.  Rebirth. Renewal. Always remember the cycle. Phoenix from the ashes. Birth. Death. New Life.
And so we leave you now. Namaste, Amen.
Your we-Guides in love with you forever. 
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