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by Liora Leah


Mother Earth tells us that our prayers and intentions, thoughts and feelings, are forms of energy that can affect Her positively or negatively. Most of us are unaware of our great spiritual power, and our responsibility to be stewards of the Earth.

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The Power of Intention & Prayer:

Monday, 9/26/05 10:00 pm

Mother, do you have any message for me to share with others regarding your Hurricanes in the Gulf? Does it REALLY lessen the intensity of your storms if people pray for the storms to lessen? If this is so, does it take a LOT of people praying/meditating?

Dear One, it is I, your Great and Holy Mother. Yes, my Hurricanes forces lessen with the prayer and meditations of humans. Just ask Blue Thunder (Bennie LeBeau), for this is what he does. It does not take a lot of people to do this, just a few with powerful intentions.

Why does this work, you ask? I, too, am made of energy as are you and all who dwell upon me. It is but illusion that my body is "solid" as it is illusion that your body is solid. Your own scientists state that the material is really energy in a "denser" state. Atoms and molecules and subatomic particles always move, even in a seemingly solid plank of wood. So,too, is my body constantly in motion as is everything else upon me and in me. When people meditate and pray this is a form of energy, also, and this energy influences my energy and thus the energy of the storm. When I rage (i.e. form Hurricanes), my energy is dissipating out over a large geographical area. If I am soothed and calmed by loving energies, my rage will diminish and my storms subside. I respond to love. I respond to hate. I am sensitive to the mass human condition and balance or imbalance. My weather patterns reflect this. Thus I can be soothed, calmed, by positive intention and loving kindness. And I can be stirred to wrathfulness by the opposite.

Generally I respond to what your psychiatrist Carl Jung called the "collective unconscious" of humanity--most humans on the planet have no awareness of how their thought forms affect me. It is more their THOUGHT forms than their ACTIONS that affect me. Spirit spoke to you about INTENTIONS--thus the INTENTIONS of humans affects me. "Pollution," "environmental degradation", and all the other words/phrases you humans use to describe your ACTIONS and RESULTS of those actions have little meaning to me--it is the INTENTION and the THOUGHT FORMS and the feelings BEHIND these actions that most affects me--are these actions intentional? purposeful? meant to harm, kill, destroy, the life upon me? My rage is that of a mother protecting her young--and you ARE ALL my children upon my body! animal, plant, human! I love them all equally well, although my human children affect me most negatively.

As to your individual prayers, I hear them all! Do not think they mean "nothing--no-thing".

You are tired. Go to sleep, my child, and we will speak again!

Namaste, Amen
Your Great and Holy Mother!

Thursday, 9/29/05 3:20 p.m.

This morning at 11:00 a.m. I prayed and asked Mother to still the winds and bring rain to put out the fires raging in the San Fernando Valley in California. This afternoon at around 2:00 p.m. I heard on the radio that the winds had stilled to 1 mile an hour and a marine layer was moving in to cool down the area and bring in some moisture. Whether these changes took place before or after I prayed, I do not know. And what if the weather changes had nothing at all to do with me? Then I would be just a delusional fool at worst, disappointed at best. Mother?

Dear One, I heard your prayer this morning, and the prayers of others, and stilled my winds. This is but an example that humans hold great power in their prayers and intentions, and great power in their thoughts of discontent and malice. I prefer, of course, to react positively, but when the balance of human consciousness sways towards negativity I have no choice but to react accordingly.

Humans have such power because, of all my children, you are spiritual beings. Your bodies are formed of the same substances as my body, yet you are infused with Godhood, as am I, and a consciousness that my animal and plant children do not have, do not share with you.

With the power you have comes responsibility. The Hebrew Bible states that Adam was given dominion over all the animals and plants of the earth--this is of course, the human birthright, and the choice must by made whether humans will use their power to dominate, destroy, exploit, or use it for stewardship of the lands and waters and airs and creatures and growing things as was meant to be. The choice is up to each individual and as a collective group. You (humans) are more powerful than you know. Use your power well.

Namaste, Amen
Your Great and Holy Mother

Bennie LeBeau, Shoshone Medicine Man: &

"Green" Evangelism:

"Dominion does not mean domination. It implies responsibility -- to cultivate and care for the earth, not to sully it with bad environmental practices."

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