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Spirit Speaks:Great Self

In our imagination, or illusion, we humans fragment ourselves into separate Beings that we call "Spirit Guides", "ancestors" "future-selves", "past-lives", etc, when these "parts" of ourselves are really integrated into our one "Great Self", and our Great Self and the Great Selves of others are integrated and merged together into the All-That-Is! There is No Separation!

Date:   10/31/2005 12:52:20 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 2438 times

Several days ago, I read greggechols blog, "Quantum Physics and the Ancestors" and was inspired to write some blog comments. A few quotes from MySelf:

We ARE our own ancestors! and we are our own future selves! ...Time seems "real" to us, and linear, when it is not and there really is no such thing as Time for it is a human illusion. So, if this is True, then we have "already" existed in the 3-D earthplane under the human illusion of "Time", and so we have already been, or always are, our own ancestors, as well as our own "future" selves! Spirit Guides told me that one of my "past lives" was as a Lakota medicine man, and that he (is also one of my) Spirit Guide(s)...this is where multi-dimensionality comes in. My Spirit Guides have told me that we are existing in more than one place at the same "time". We are incarnated Spirit beings on the earthplane; at the same time, we may be incarnated in other bodies in other dimensions; some parts of us may be without biological bodies...Given this, it is perfectly plausible to presume that a part of us could also be our own Spirit Guide(s)! And, to top it all off, there is no past and no future, only the NOW, so everything we are BEing and everything we are Doing is happening all at once!

...the area of my 3rd chakra/solar plexus is feeling very tight, as whenever i get an "a-ha"...if there really is no such thing as "time", then what we, in our 3D linear way of thinking, call "ancestors", "past lives", "Spirit Guides", "present" self, "future" self, are all really aspects of our interdimensional/multi-dimensional Self, our One True Self, with all "parts" of OurSelf interacting with each other in the NOW time, across all planes of existence, "space-time", dimensionality, within the All-That-Is, and as the All-That-Is is constantly in the NOW time and constantly unfolding, then we, too, as part of the WHOLE, are constantly in the NOW time and are constantly unfolding in our own Creation.

...gotta go and ask my Spirit Guides about all of this, or, really, ask MYSELF about all of this...!

Liora: Hello, "Guys"--it's been "awhile" --10 whole days! since I talked to you last. What am I to know this day?

Answer: Know that you are loved. It is I, Great Holy Mother; you are disappointed, yes, you wish to speak to your Guides? Know that your Guides and I are "One" as you said so well in your "blog comments" to the one known as "greggechols".

Yes, your Guides and I are One, as you are One with your Guides and I am One with you, therefore your Guides and I are "One"--yes, like the mathematical formula you are thinking of---"if A=B and B=C, then A=C", so when you "speak" to me you "speak" to them and you speak to "YourSelf" as you said. We are all just manifestations of your fertile imagination after all. Does this surprise you? Who did you think you were speaking to all of this time? to "outside entities"? No, you have been speaking to your Great Self, of which we all are a part. You label us "We-Guides" or "Great Holy Mother" or "Ayahuasca" or "ancestors" or "Spirit" or "Liora Leah" or all the other manifestations of human names--this is what I mean by "imagination". No, this does NOT mean you have "made up" the "words of wisdom" you have/are hearing, not at all, quite the contrary! For what you are/have heard is quite "real." What is imagination, or "illusion" is the separate "catagories" you have put us in, the separate "labels" of all that is a reflection of your one Great Self.

Yes, humans see themselves as "separate" beings because you are manifested in different, separate, biological bodies, and this is so on the earthplane of experience. Yet it is not so in the spiritual or etheric plane, where energies merge and co-mingle and are reflections of "each other". Think of clouds in the sky as an analogy--they merge, blend, separate, in an endless cycle of eternity; so, too, do the different aspects of your "soul", your one Great Self, (merge) with all of the other "Great Selves" of all the other humans! These words imply separateness on the Soul plane of existence because words are limited in their ability to translate the energetics of that which we wish to convey. There is No Separation! Only the illusion, or imagination, forms separation in your mind, separation by catagories, by labels.

But we see you are beginning to understand, by your writings, that you are really talking to YourSelf, as you suspected all along, and as you were told once several earth years ago in the office of your Rabbi-friend, so many blessings and love to him from us!--yet you had "forgotten" this until this very moment! So you see, we do not convey false information to you. We repeat ourselves over the course of human years and many many life-times on the earthplane of existence, in order for the message to be heard, understood, incorporated into the heart-space.

Yes, for humans, true understanding comes from the heart, not the head or the brain or even the mind. These human minds can betray you as they are often filled with falsehoods and misbelief--some incorporated during biological childhood, some taken on willingly in adulthood, and in order to "expunge" these false beliefs one must learn to understand, think, feel, BELIEVE from the heart.

Yes, Liora, you experience this as an "a-ha!" in the region of your solar plexus. This is your "truth center" as well as your "power center" and one can see the correlation, for Truth=Power! Incorporate your "a-ha!" experience with the love and openness in your heart and you will gain true understanding, Love and Light, as you are always, and will be always, and was always seeking! This lends itself to what humans call "enlightenment" although you know we prefer the human words "awake and aware". You are already "enlightened"--just turn it on! The Kryon always uses that analogy--You are in a darkened Room. You already possess the Light bulb. You need merely to "flick the switch" and turn it on in order to "See"! All humans and beings upon the planet innately have this potential. You were born with it. Use it!

Yes, even animals have an innate potential for spiritual evolution. They are "lesser than" humans only because their mental capacity is not that of humans, yet there are those species upon the planet who have the capacity to surpass humans in regards to spiritual development, and their "lesser brains" are actually beneficial in this regard, as human intellectualism often "gets in the way" of developing the heart's intuitive powers. Not so with these animals--and you know the species of which we refer--whales and dolphins, primarily, and elephants upon the earth. Even dogs may have such a capacity, as their hearts are very open to love. Primates are a possibility yet they, too, possess an animal intelligence with potential akin to that of their distant cousins the humans. We will see what enfolds on the earthplane. Humans may find themselves on the planet not the only species capable of communication with their own God-hood.

You are tired. Go now to your rest! We will speak again. This conversation intrigues you, peaks your interest, yes? Your we-Guides in Love with you always, your Great Mother Earth, your Great Self speaking to herself, Liora Leah!

Namaste, Amen

"Quantum Physics and the Ancestors" See the original greggechols blog with blog comments at:

"The Kryon" is a feminine Group Energy channeled by Lee Carroll; to read transcripts of channeled information go to:

Spirit Speaks: The Nature of "Time"
Spirit says "Time" is a Human Illusion: All the events of our lives are happening all at once, past, present, and future!

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Mother Earth Speaks: Human Evolution, excerpt from

...There may come in time another souled intelligent species upon my flesh that needs nurturing and succor as my human children now do, and these, too, may have the same potentiality to grow and evolve their Spirit-selves as will/are you humans.

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