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Consciousness & Natural Disasters

Isaac George channels the Archangels Ariel and Michael,& the Ascended Masters Jesus and St. Germain. In his Spiritlife Newsletter, Isaac discusses the recent hurricanes and "natural disasters" as being manifestations on the earthplane of our individual and collective human consciousness and unconsciousness. We can start by acknowledging that we manufactured all of this in the first place, forgiving all of it, and choosing to open to the Divinity within us all.

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From: Spiritlife Newsletter November, 2005 Vol.7, Issue 5

Greetings of Peace,

Water and Fire Redux,

In late August I started receiving email updates from about a sudden and unexpected series of C-Class and X- Class eruptions from a powerful magnetic disturbance on the Sun’s surface. Due to the fact that we are technically at the quietest part of the Sun’s sunspot cycle, this was clearly something to pay attention to. Now even though this data was surprising to scientists monitoring the Sun, it was but a validation for the various physical, emotional and etheric whoop-de-doos I was already going through before the email showed up in my Inbox. In the web of Oneness, some news does travel slower, and in the world of manifest effects, some messages take rather distressing forms. When Katrina changed from Category 1 to Category 5 in just 48 hours, I was not surprised. When it then made a hairpin turn to the north after traveling westward, I was surprised. My inner voice said, ‘this is a something…be not afraid.’ For the next two weeks the Sun continued its intense activity, and only recently has it abated…for now.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are now being studied as being the result of Global Warming, and Global Warming is now being studied as something that is driven not just by humanity’s impact on the Planet, but also by the extreme solar activity of the past two decades. That’s the linear scientific and meteorological trend. From a quantum perspective, the solar storm’s effects on the magnetic veil that emanates from the core of Planet Earth and surrounds it is probably the prime cause of our most recent severe and unpredictable weather. I also feel it is the cause of severe and unpredictable reactions in most, if not all, of the biological life here. That means you, me and everybody, including the plants, animals, etc. Now, to add to the controversy there is a sudden upsurge of information pointing to weather manipulation via electronic means by various clandestine groups (our/your government?), ostensibly done to create deliberate shifts in economic patterns for their own profitable benefit. While I cannot prove or disprove such claims, I am not inclined to focus on this as the primary cause of disruption and suffering experienced by so many this past months.

Back in January of this year, a message from Arch Angel Ariel entitled ‘Water and Fire’ outlined the pattern that would be unfolding this year and in the years to come, and that pattern is better known by astrologers and seers as Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. A little review here: Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, i.e., qualities of the elements of air and electricity, freedom, universal community, change (sudden and unpredictable), revolution and overthrow of oppressive structures, divine mind and insights, and the transformative power of Kundalini/Shakti. Neptune rules the sign of watery Pisces, i.e., the realm of spiritual love, dualistic images, mysticism, water, oil, deception and illusion, dissolving of boundaries, addictions, personal and universal sacrifice and devotion. Now the energies of these two celestial bodies are transposed into each other’s elements, creating interesting hybrid energies and qualities.

When electrical, eccentric Uranus is in Pisces, it is announcing the need to transform the old Piscean pattern of denial and duality, and begin the process of creating a neo-tribal global community relying on fair distribution of available resources and sustainability. It also triggers a Kundalini charge through the blocks of Pisces, causing the old polarity games to crumble, exposing the false mind images of good and evil, enemies and friends, God and Satan, Us and Them. Finally Uranus says in Pisces, ‘I will cleanse (kundalini) through the elements of water and fire!’ This is the shockwave, tidal wave, windwave, and mindwave of Uranus in Pisces.

In the meantime, Neptune is exposing our addiction to oil and gas, the Planetary life blood, and putting everyone on notice on how we are all affected by our abuses of the environment and its resources. This addiction is just a symptom of the larger addiction to power play economics and control of others and circumstances through manipulation of mind and opinion. Witness the abuse of media for personal gain and control of mass culture. Neptune in Aquarius provides the opportunity to disseminate concepts that awaken and illuminate people, or repressive yet subtle propaganda that may enslave them. The human ego’s propensity to self indoctrination and programming to ensure its survival is pernicious and pervasive. Neptune’s call is to transform the medium of communication so that it can create an awareness of our common root as Sons and Daughters of God, and lifetime members in the human tribe.

The archetypes of astrology do not determine our destiny. They only serve to illustrate our possible choices. As the Old Testament prophets proclaimed, ‘who set the belt of Orion, and ordered the stars in their courses?’ The clues of our true heritage and nature do reside in the vault of the heavens, but are not Heaven itself. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the signs of the times, and to understand the messages they send. To ignore the stars is to invite ‘disaster’, or to place one ‘against the stars.’ To ignore the call of our divinity and the divinity in all Life is to ignore our only salvation/Soulution.

The Solar Factor is the divine fire that is playing itself out through the mediums of water/air. I include air since the atmosphere is permeated by water vapor. Water and wind share common elements, and both can and do significantly alter landscapes and societies. The layers of effects involve our personal and Planetary bioelectro-magnetic physical and energy bodies, and signal the mutation of our present consciousness and forms into new awareness and new bodies.

The Sun and the Earth are also reflecting our mutations and our inner conflicts. The planets and our Sun are slowly and inexorably exposing our flanks and weak links, and it is beginning to get our attention. In response to a question about sunspot activity the Universal Mind spoke through Edgar Cayce in the 1930’s, and declared, ‘As what does thy soul appear? A spot, a blot on the sun? Or as that which giveth light unto those who sit in darkness, to those who cry aloud for hope. Yet when these become as in defiance to that light which was commanded to march, to show forth the Lord's glory, His beauty, His mercy, His hope -- yea, His patience -- do ye wonder then that there become reflected upon even the face of the sun those turmoils and strifes that have been and that are the sin of man? Whence comest this?’ *

The impact of our individual and collective thought about ourselves is demonstrated in our environment, giving ever more credence that we are truly not alone and that nothing occurs in isolation. If we desire to cultivate peace in our societies we must choose to ask what would be the solution to our pain and suffering and create peace within first. It is no longer viable to trust in our limited perspective, or egoic mind, to provide solutions to suffering. Is it possible to lay aside our ideas and problem-solving schemes and allow the guidance of a loving God to lead us into sanity? After all, if what we’ve tried so far it ain’t working, then why not try something different?

The effects of the Sun and other planetary bodies within our solar system on Earth and all of us is a ‘something’ we are going to have to deal with, because in a sense we manufactured it all in the first place. The ‘we’ I refer to here is the ‘WE’, our collective Oneness, so there is no worth in blaming anything except our IDEA of separateness. Even blaming that will not work…forgiving it will. The approach that will best serve will be to accept whatever appears in our individual or collective experience as being a ‘something’ that is not to be denied. After that, we can make another choice, a choice to forgive our perception, the situation, and our miscreations (the ‘I Am’ materials refer to this as our ‘misqualified’ energies). The final step is to then open our intuitive senses by becoming quiet and inviting the Divine within, the Christ awareness within to resolve the situation through us in whatever way that is perfect. Now, this means not what we imagine to be perfect, but what IS perfect according to the Power beyond Form. The Presence is waiting in each moment for us to turn from the temptation to go it alone and ask for a real solution. This represents real problem-solving from the top-down, not from the bottom-up. With our current limited perspective we are ill-equipped to take full responsibility for anything except our mistaken notion of being separate from this loving Source. To ask for help is a responsible act.

A long time ago when I opened to being lead by Spirit into my real day job, a fella named St. Germain spoke to my partner at the time and stated that ‘everything IS in Divine Order!’ Looking around at the situation on Earth at that time (1998) I could see glimpses of that statement in Nature and in the Cosmos above, but I did have difficulty understanding that idea when looking at the situation the world was in at that time. Now the world seems to be in a more fragile position than it was back then, and the stakes seem higher than ever. How could everything be in Divine Order? What kind of drugs was this guy St. Germain on? We got bumper stickers made up with this quote on it, and I got notes under my windshield blade that questioned my grip on reality! Well, I now see differently, because what Germain meant was that in Reality, everything is in Divine Order, but don’t confuse the Game of Illusion with Reality! Now I get what Master Yeshua meant when he told the locals ‘why worry about tomorrow, when tomorrow has worries enough of its own?’ Sounds like everything is in order after all.

So we gotta trust the work we’ve asked Uranus, Neptune and the Sun/Son to do for us, for all of us. We trust that good can come out of the hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, climate changes, etc. We trust that there is a design that will wake us all up to the insanity of our separation anxiety, and end the toxic mind pollution that projects the horrors and drama of unconsciousness into the environment of duality. I am really optimistic, I really am. In fact, the outcome of everything is not in doubt at all. It is optional how we choose to experience the journey and what its content will look like, if we trust! It is not essential to rebuild New Orleans, but it is essential to understand that whatever we do to ourselves and each other out of our unresolved inner pain has its counterpart in this world that demonstrates our conscious an unconscious manifestations indiscriminately. Our work then is to rebuild the bridge of trust back to our true Self, the Oneness that we are, until we remember and return to Reality. We begin by choosing differently in each moment, and then allowing the Wholeness in us to heal us.

Water and Fire, Air, Earth and Ether…we are all of this, and we are beyond it. The Elements are awakening and tapping us on the shoulder. They whisper in our ear, ‘Awaken Sons of God, and remember that we serve you.’ Will we listen well enough to speak the loving command that was spoken 2000 years ago on the Sea of Galilee? ‘Peace, be still!’

Yours in Love,
Isaac George

*From Edgar Cayce Life Reading 5751-1

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