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SpiritSpeaks:I AM Rock

In the last blog I posted, Kryon says that some of us "old souls" have been on the Earth for 50,000 years...50,000 YEARS!! Well, say we lived for an average of 50 years per lifetime--that would be 1,000 lifetimes!

Date:   11/9/2005 2:15:19 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 1924 times

We have access to all of these "past-life" selves, and all of the knowledge and experience from each one! This boggles my mind! We've truly "been there, done that" in every conceivable combination! What a wealth of resources, and all within our own soul!

I especially like this passage from the same Kryon message:

"How many of you were aware that you have had past lifetimes without being a Human?...How about a lifetime within Gaia? How about being an actual part of the earth for a hundred years or so, then coming back? How about being part of the rocks, the plants or the trees?"

Can you IMAGINE?!?! I was walking at the Nature Center today, and imagined that one of my "past lives" was as a rock--not just any rock, mind you, but a large granite boulder, sitting on a ridge far up on a mountain peak. I had water from a nearby waterfall splashing me when the snows melt in the Spring. I sat there as Rock for decades, maybe hundreds of years, being slowly worn smooth by wind and water. The idea of being whittled away over time by the elements really appeals to me, and as I thought of this, I smiled with joy. (Maybe because I'm a Gemini, and that's an air sign, and the element I feel closest to is water.)

I sat there as Rock, day after day, and observed and felt. I observed Brother Sun rising each day. I felt Sun's heat on my body. I observed the mountain lion stalking its prey. I felt his warm fur on my back as he lay upon me and dozed, sated. I observed hawk spreading her wings and drifting with the air currents. I felt the cool of her shadow as she flew overhead. I watched as generations of seedlings sprouted, and grew, and branched first into saplings, then into trees. I felt the singe of fire after a lightning strike in the forest. I felt the cold sting of winter as She covered all the world in snow. I saw the first blooms of spring and the joyously romping ground squirrels. I watched each night as the stars wheeled overhead, and conversed with Sister Moon as she changed with the flow of Her monthly courses.

As I continued to walk, I imagined that one day, as Rock, I tumbled from my perch. Maybe I was shaken loose by an earthquake, or an avalanche. I fell, fell, fell, hundreds, maybe thousands of feet down, down, down, yet I felt no fear as I fell, being Rock. I just accepted it, and fell, until, KERSPLASH! I landed in a river. I became a River Rock. I sat and sat in the river, for decades, maybe hundreds of years, being whittled by water and wind, until there was nothing left of me but small grains of sand. Some of my sand settled to the bottom of the river, where it remains to this day. Some of me flowed with the great river to the sea, where I was deposited and became part of the silt. Some of me flowed into the sea, and was sent all over the world, landing on beaches everywhere. The thought of being spread all over the world makes me smile.

What can I learn from my lifetime as Rock?

Acceptance without Fear
Appreciation of all the cycles of Nature

Question: If Rock is worn to sand and there is nothing left of it, does Rock still exist?
Answer: Rock may disappear into the "sands of time", but the Essence of Rock will always remain.

Love and Light,
Liora "Rock" Leah

"Spirit: Who You Really Are"--This fantastic message from Kryon, a feminine group energy channeled by Lee Carroll, discusses our relationship with Gaia and with our Higher Self and that of other Human Beings' Higher Selves, as well as the concepts of multi-dimensionality, the Great Central Sun, God, "time", the Akashic Record, human birth and death, "new souls" and "old souls"! Blew me away when I read it!

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