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Mother Earth Ceremony! Mother's Day Weekend!

Join Bennie LeBeau AKA Blue Thunder, Eastern Shoshone Elder, and indigenous Elders and Healers from across the U.S. in Sacred Ceremony to re-harmonize Mother Earth in the traditions of the Uto-Aztecan/Shoshone Speaking Nations. All Nations are welcome--Black-White-Yellow-Red-Brown. Ceremonies will take place at 21 Sacred Sites across the United States, May 13-14, 2006

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Re-Harmonizing Mother Earth - Uto-Aztecan/Shoshone Speaking Nations
Dolphin-Whale-Bear Clans
All Nations Black-White-Yellow-Red-Brown
Crescent Moon Ceremony (Cup of Life)
May 13th – 14th, 2006
The Uto-Aztecan Tribal Nations are related to each other in the Shoshonean Language based groups.  In the history of these groups was a once huge and mighty civilization that communicated with one another.  These groups of people have many different names that speak the same language. These groups are located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Some of these Uto Aztecan languages are the Chemehuevi, Northern/Southern Paiute, Mono, Eastern/Western Shoshone, Shoshone/Bannock, Hopi, Serrano, Cahuilla, Luiseno, Ute, Paiute, Gabrielino, Panamint, Comanche, Yaqui, Kaweah, Aztec, and Mayan groups. In these Indigenous societies existed, “Councils of Spiritual Leaders/ Healers/Elders", Chiefs who gave advice and guidance in the communities of the Uto Aztecan homelands in the America’s. These elders, men and women were known for there spiritual wisdom united in oneness. Knowledge and understanding bringing forth the respect, honor, trust and love for all things related to universal laws. Spiritual laws interpreted as the caretakers of Wisdom and Knowledge of Mother Earth’s protocols and traditions.
Today many of the Indigenous Tribal Nations and other Nations are proceeding without this spiritual leadership. Protocols. Forgetting this wisdom and has often lead their people in negative ways. This adds to the confusion of pointing fingers in jealousy, anger, egos, and judgments causing separation that is dividing the families in all Nations.  Prejudices, who’s right, who’s wrong, this is our way, that’s not our way in other words separates our peoples in bad emotions. Actions that are causing and affecting all that are brought into existence in thoughts.  It is vital to bring about peaceful relationships, time is running out as the prophecies have mentioned.  Mother Nature is on the move.  Those that work to heal her emotional body of Mother Nature’s carpets will be her children returning together in peace. Protecting their homelands in ceremonies protecting themselves from destruction from nature reharmonizing her body, the Earth. The Indigenous Nations Hold the Fail Safe Key in Ceremonies Re-Harmonizing Mother Earth. Working with all nationalities no matter who they are, all Nations.  Working to heal our differences in our emotions will help all life forms healing our differences for peace.
In this Uto Aztecan-Crescent Moon event, we are calling out to all cultures of the Black, White, Yellow, Brown and Red Nations to Reunite in Peace.  This dream is calling forth Mother Earth’s Children. All colors of peoples in all communities to come forward, women, men and children alike.  Asking for all cultures to open their hearts to peace to remember the honor, respect, trust and the devotion finding freedom within them that is needed to find harmony and peace.  Clearing the pains, sorrows and the burdens within our emotions. The Creator and Mother Earth’s spirit will help direct us toward a peaceful sustainable future. This ceremonial gathering will help soften the blow of nature’s catastrophes and alleviate some of the tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, viruses, sicknesses and other disasters coming. 
This ceremony will ease the misfortune of nature and also soften our people’s emotions that are out of control all around us.  As we repair Mother Earth Carpets on these Sacred Sites we heal our emotions in all that is needed.  Many of the political leaders at this time would be unable or unwilling and would not recognize what to do to help their people.  As is mentioned in the prophecies of this time era.  The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy, including the message of the Seventh Fire Prophecy mentions, in the Seventh Generation of Fire Keepers.  That those holding their sacred fires in our Indigenous Nations and others would reawaken with the messages in dreams and visions finding the road of peace as; Peacemakers, Healers, Advisors, New Leaders.
What do we mean by a "healer?" In indigenous terms they could or would be called "peacemakers" and in tribal terms "elders." A healer or elder, regardless of his or her physical age, is anyone who exercises unconditional peace, respect, trust and honor bringing harmony; true responsibility thereby teaching peace to others.  This will lead our peoples back to the Great Spirit and reconnect our families to Mother Earth once again. Each and every one of us are potential healers and spiritual leaders, peacemakers.  As we gather in this huge ceremony it will remind us of whom we are.  Teaching not preaching or dictating who should think this, think that be this or that is over.  Realizing the how and why that has caused separation and affected us in the burdens we carry stop us from living our dreams and visions. Now is the time the true healers, leaders, advisors, peacemakers would awaken in traditions of peace helping those manifests their dreams and visions given by the Great Spirit.
We can begin to remember our spiritual paths as Indigenous Nation’s together working side by side all cultures and all Nations.  With one heart, one mind, one body in one spirit learning, remembering the caring ways and attitudes and our true purpose on Mother Earth. As we do this all cultures will remember that we are brothers and sisters related to each and everything around us.  We need only to claim our inherited positions as individuals and wisdom carriers.  As our knowledge is reawakened within us, the Warriors of Old, we will begin to remember wholeheartedly honoring and knowing whom those children of today are.  The Children are our future; ancient leaders, healers and wisdom carriers have returned. New dreams and visions are coming everyday in the blessing of a new race of children like never ever before that will awaken many families from a deep sleep within all nations bring love, peace and harmony, wisdom.
In this very spiritual Crescent Moon/Uto Aztecan/Dolphin-Whale-Bear Nation Ceremony a very loving relationship of emotions in leadership will emerge from all cultures attending.  Many are holding close to true traditions and many have embraced misguided leadership in false traditions.  Many believe the guidance will not come from many of the political or business leaders and institutions that presently control everything around us. It is unimaginable to many at this time.  Wisdom keepers from the Dolphin-Whale-Bear Nation’s, Uto-Aztecan Shoshonean Nations, all Nations and Cultures; communities can set into motion all people in a gesture of remembrances for peace and enthusiasm bring harmony to Mother Earth and humanity.  Remembering what the word compassion really means, kindness, consideration, sympathy, concern letting go all those emotions that do not serve a purpose for caring relationships in peace. Retracing what has happened in the past history will help us heal for the future.  Allowing us to restore health in our societies, our families, Mother Earth.  The Great Spirit is waiting and watching. This is the goal. This is our hope. This is prophecy. 
This means, “We are the people we have been waiting for”, in prophecy, open minds and open hearts walking in our destinies for peace. Native American Elders in many nations refer to this as "Walking the Beauty Way".  Many of those elders words still echo within our spirit, our hearts reminding us that a day would come, called remembering Earth Wisdom in peace. There is Hope!!! The time is at hand and this day is here now with the guidance and protection from the Warriors of Old; our Ancestors within us is strong when we are in peace in our hearts. There is nothing to fear from the past, present or future. As many of the Hopi elders have said, "all who are of one heart will be safe and secure. 
No matter what others are doing, we will be doing what the Creator sent us here to do. In essence, the Sovereignty of the Great Spirit is not outside us but within each of us. Peace.   No one or anything can stop us from walking in the truth.  True freedom is in the heart of those that choose to work for the Creator, Mother Earth, the Moon, the Planets, the Stars and our families working speaking the Spoken Truth. Bringing back honor, respect and trusting in truth through the Spoken Word, called Spoken Truth from our Ancestors of Old. As we travel this pathway towards peace the Uto-Aztecan Crescent Moon Ceremony will bring remembrances of peace upon Mother Earth. 
Learning from the past history moving the present into the future understanding that there is no reason to blame anyone and it was not our faults for what has happened to our families and Mother Earth. This means all cultures. Doing our best is the best now no matter what it is in the eyes of others and within us.  For it is only what it is, not what it isn’t, by speaking the Spoken Truth we will heal in peace. Let the past go in the things that bring us sorrow, pain, anger, egos and judgments.  For this serves no purpose, only destruction in negativeness, is causing the pain in emotions that do not serve one another alike.  It is the dreams and visions of all of our relations, all cultures to protect the future leaders, the children we love that the Creator sends into our daily lives.
These special children are here now with new ones arriving everyday upon Mother Earth are sent to bring harmony.  These special star children of all nations have been sent to help us in our families at this time.  Protect them, lets gather the Five Colors of Nations and help these children for the next many generations ahead.  Remembering they are the sacred ones sent to help many of us understand the messages of peace.  I pray that we can all work together in the wisdom and knowledge that the Great Spirit and Mother Earth has given us all.  By doing this, we rise above negativities moving into sacredness of the Universal Laws, Spiritual Laws. The laws of light called rainbows that give Mother Earth her beauty and shine from within us all, called the magical mystical colors, our spirit.  This is how Mother Earth works in harmony and beauty all around in colors of oneness, the Rainbows. 
Out of the Darkness comes the Light of Rainbows in Sacredness in gentle emotions for peace.  Everything is related together and works together in perfect harmony.  Radiating like a colorful diamond for peace within the Universal Laws, the original instructions of all Nations of the World. We are all related to each other in all things trees, rocks, mountains, birds, four legged, two legged, to all that has been created here on Mother’s back known as Turtle Island. We all carry spirit, called electrical magnetic energy from the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and the Planets through Creation. All forms of creation.
Without this force of the Great Spirit nothing would be able to survive on the surface of Mother Earth. Without the heart beat of Mother Earth all heartbeats would stop, all life. Points of view and solutions to problems can be found and fixed. We do not need to fight against each other in any way shape or form. Remembering clearly the pain of this struggle that has happened in the past, the present and the future that we have all been through. As our parents and Grandparents before us.  Reaching out to those still struggling teaching peaceful traditions as we serve as a powerful bridge in peace. Supporting our people welcoming them back to walk within the truth of the Rainbows; Bridging the sacred white-golden light of peace upon Mother Earth’s Energy Grids held by the Sacred Sites, known as the great energy source the Great Spirit operates from.
We claim our destiny as teachers, healers and leaders in peace as the ancient ones we return to our true home within our hearts bringing freedom, love and caring relationships forever and ever. The true reason remembering why we are here on Mother Earth, existing for peace and love living in harmony with all things in nature surrounding us. Living in the Beauty of harmonic sounds in harmony. Returning to Peace, love and caring relationships. Walking in Beauty within our homelands.  Healing them with our Indigenous Wisdom and knowledge’s sharing the sacredness in healing sounds and vibrations for Mother Earth, humanity.
In this powerful Uto-Aztecan/Crescent Moon/Dolphin-Whale-Bear Nations Ceremony we can begin to learn to work together in peace, while calling upon all cultures to attend this Ceremony. On May 13th and 14th, 2006, please stay tuned to my web sited ( in the days we will be doing preliminary ceremonies in those areas of the sacred sites that have been chosen before May of 2006. Many are looking forward to their new dreams and visions for tomorrow to arrive in peace and freedom in their hearts. For all of creation depends upon us, “we are the ones we have been waiting for”, as our relatives of the Hopi have mentioned.  May the Great Spirit Bless Us All, Forever into Eternity, for our Children, and all that we are related to in oneness.  Working with Mother Earths Spirits as one together, One heart, One mind, One Spirit, Creating Beauty, within Creation, within ourselves, Peace and Harmony.
Blue Thunder/Bennie E. LeBeau, Sr., Eastern Shoshone
Wind River Indian Reservation, Ft. Washakie, Wyoming
Santa Inez Indian Reservation, Santa Inez, California
October 18th, 2005
Updated February 14th, 2006

Contact information:

Email: Bennie LeBeau

check Bennie LeBeau's website for more information as the event approaches:

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