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Why Was I Born?

Another question from Steven Sadleir's Self-Realization meditation course: "Why Was I Born?" Spirit answers for me!

Date:   10/18/2006 1:30:35 AM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1586 times

Why was I born?

Q: This is a difficult question for me to ponder, as most of my life I have asked the question when in “agony of the spirit”, during some difficult period in my life. It was more of a lament, a cry to God—“Why was I born?!? Why are You putting me through all of this? Why couldn’t I stay with You, awake and aware (enlightened)? Why did You give me a body that has so many ills and pains?!?”

A: You were born so that God could know the world of creation through you—yes—just as Jesus walked the planet--theologians of today say the purpose of which was that God could experience the earth plane of existence through a human experience. Yet all of us, all of us, all 6 billion+ of us, are expressions of God, manifestations of God on the earth plane. You are no different from your fellow humans in this, but how you are different is that your mind is awake and aware enough, just enough, to inquire. As so many of your fellow-man and woman walk blindly upon the earth, existing day-to-day in their trials and troubles, so do you, and yet…yet you inquire still, are not content, know that there is something else, something seemingly missing, that is just out of reach, out of vision, out of knowing--if you could only quicken your pace and reach around the corner of your mind and quick! Grab it! before it recedes again, out of reach. What was it—ah, yes, “like a splinter in your mind” (Morpheus to Neo in “The Matrix”). The Truth is like a splinter in your mind and you are struggling to obtain it, find it, know it, and so you ceaselessly seek, and surround yourself with others who do the same, while most of the world continues to slumber.

The frustrations and pain and tears and sadness and grief arise out of knowing there is something to seek, to know, to grasp, yet not being quite able to do so. Just beyond your reach. Reach inward, not outward. Long have you sought for the Answer from others—they may teach and guide you, but your own inner knowing is the true guide and teacher. Go inward, down, down, down. No, this is not easy for you as you have much to release along the way—much mental/emotional baggage that acts as a weight and holds you back, so your progress is more painful, slower, than you would like. And yet these burdens will slowly fall off of your back, one-by-one-by-one, given “time” on the earth plane. The key for you is to not replace the burdens you have shed with new ones.

Go slowly. Go at your own pace. Never you mind the pace of the meditation course you are taking. The tone of the precept (teaching) you read last night that disturbs you so is meant in part to do just that—stir you up. Light a fire under your butt. Point out your own areas of resistance, of which you have many. Do you think you are the only one with such resistances? It is the nature of humankind. As the Steven (Sadleir) has said, the “fall from Grace”, the theology in the story of Adam and Eve, is the dropping out of Conscious contact with the Divine. Before such a fall, the connection existed “24/7” when humans did not need to search and think and ponder so much the nature of the Self or their own Divinity as this was a god-given gift. And now it is the task of each human to find their way back to this State of Grace, this Conscious contact with the Divine in all things, in all ways, every single moment of every day and every night. This is why you were born--to fulfill this for yourself. And in the fulfilling, lies the journey—for it is indeed a process, a journey. Most humans consciously embarking upon it will spend some years in the process; some will become “awake and aware” spontaneously, instantly, or were already born into such a state, but these ones, such as Jesus, Buddha, and others are all but rare. Yet the frequency of such Beings coming into being on the planet is increasing. The energetics of the planet is being raised. This allows more, such as yourself, to “spark” into greater awareness and wakefulness, what others call “enlightenment”. For you, dear one, the process can seem arduous and long, for again, your mind is strong and stubborn and you are “stiff-necked” to change, but your Will is equally strong, and in the struggle between Yourself and your own mind you will grow, step-by-step, into the Being that you already are. You have seen glimpses of such a One, such a Self, and this fuels your desire for even more. Good. Remember, it is the process that is important here, the learning, the letting go of that which is not necessary. For you, dear one, it is a process that has taken place over many lifetimes; in some lifetimes you seemed closer to the “goal” of an “awake and aware” state of mind than in others. It is a process that seemingly begins anew in this lifetime.

Know that all is well. We are proud of you and love you. Remember, you will proceed at your own pace, as you always have. Think of this just as you have—as a “class”, as if you are in school again (which you are, as this lifetime is) and you are learning lessons. Some you will accept and keep and adapt for yourself, others you will examine and discard accordingly. As with all other teachings that come from others, you take what is helpful and leave the rest. You are your own uniqueness, you have your own path. Not all of what Steven says may hold true for you as an individual, yet much of what he does is useful to you. Remain open-minded. It goes well.

Love to you from your Guides, White Eagle et al, Yeshua says “hello” as do your Angels and Archangels.

Love, Namaste, Amen, Aho!

for information about Steven Sadleir, see: Self Awareness Institute

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