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What is Creation?

Another question from Steven Sadleir's Self-Realization meditation course: "What is Creation?" Spirit answers for me!

Date:   11/2/2006 3:37:53 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1443 times

November 1, 2006 12:18 A.M.

Q: Contemplate your place on Earth and its place in the Universe; one big Universe, one small self identity.

Contemplate what there was before creation. What is creation? What provides for creation to be created and to continue creating?

Contemplate what existed before time. What is time?

These are questions for you, Guide-Selves!

A: There is no such thing as “before” Creation, as Creation has always existed. The word “before” implies a flow of time, and as we know, dear one, there is no such thing as Time; therefore, there is no “before” or “after” Creation, no “Past” or “Future”, only what exists NOW right here at your very feet!

Yes this is a difficult arena for the human mind to fathom, as you, especially you Westerners, are forever looking to “clock time” to plan your daily routines, and making “plans” for some future event, although we have told you (“before”) that everything is taking place all at once, in the NOW time—everything humans would label “past” “present” “future.”

It is the nature of all things for the Universe(s)/All of Creation/All-That-Is, to continue unfolding. So, Creation is the Continual Process of Unfoldment, if you will, “Unfoldment” meaning creating; therefore, Creation is that which is always in the process of creating. The “Creator” is that which is always behind the process of creating, and you, dear humans, are all Creator-Beings, continually in the process of creating, shaping, being, living in your own world(s).

What is Gaia and her place in the Universe? She is that of infinite possibilities, limited only by the imaginings of the hosted life forms upon her. For her fate is tied to the imaginings of humans—humans use their imagination for “good” or for “ill” and so goes the planet, reacting and responding to the energies created by humans. Much of these energies arise from human thought-form, and thought-form is often powerful enough to create tides of change, even as “actions” on the earth plane may produce outcomes that are variable in nature. In other words, thought-forms are very powerful causes of energetic shifts, sometimes more powerful than “actual” physical action/re-action…but we digress.

As to “Time” and what existed before it—this question is nonsensical as Time does not exist; it is a human construct by human minds meant to put seeming “order” on what otherwise would appear to be random events, but are actually well-ordered events, in the scheme of the “larger picture” of the Universe(s)/Creation.

Yes, you have one “small” self-identity on the earth plane of existence, but your SELF-identity is huge, for it never ends and it is as infinite and all-encompassing as God/the Creator Mother/Father, for you all are God, the Creator Masculine/Feminine, yet are housed in finite limited bodies on the earth plane of existence, thereby seemingly “small” and “insignificant”. When contemplating one’s place on the Earth, in the Universe, from the standpoint of the frail human body, that which is very self-limiting, one would appear to be of no consequence to the world. Yet, take this same question and ask it from the perspective of the SELF and the answer is quite different, Dear One, for you—each and every one of you dear precious humans—is indeed invaluable. There is no “significance” to you at all because you all are valued and loved beyond all reckoning, beyond all measure. How does the Universe(s)/Creation put a value, a significance, on God? And as you, each and every one, are Creator-Gods, you therefore have immeasurable importance. This is again hard for the human mind to fathom, but in your “natural state”, as the Sadleir likes to say, you are infinite. Does one put a value or significance on Infinity? Of course not, the idea is ludicrous. It just IS. You just ARE, it is the Way it IS.

...And so your questions are answered.

Namaste, Aho, your SELF-Guides in love with you always (and it is So that you call us “Guide-selves” for are we not you, are you not us, are we not ONE?)

for information about Steven Sadleir, see: Self Awareness Institute

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