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"The Church of the LORD---YHWH-God-Allah---All Wars are Civil Wars", said the ad in the Los Angeles Times. Pictured with the ad was the symbol of a Jewish Star of David overlaid with the Christian Cross. Intrigued, I looked up the Church on the internet. Read on for the fascinating spiritual philosophy of the Church's founder, Abraham Sadegh, whose beliefs go beyond the limitations of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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Excerpts from Church of the Lord website:

The LIGHT of the World

The Creator of the Universe and the GOD of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Christ as the highest manifestation of the LORD, Muhammad and other messengers is one and the same.

Islam is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity and the Qur’an a continuation of the Bible. Therefore, the Hebrew Bible is incomplete without the New Testament, the New Testament is incomplete without the Qur’an, and the Qur’an is incomplete without the Bible. Indeed, Islam is the missing link and thus the bridge between Judaism and Christianity. It is closer to Judaism than Christianity for its unequivocal assertion of the Oneness of the LORD and it is closer to Christianity than Judaism for its unequivocal assertion that for humanity, Christ is the highest manifestation of the LORD.

Until the dawn of humanity, the LORD was Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. Since then, however, IT (He) has through the blessing of the freedom of choice entrusted part of ITS Omnipotence upon every human being. The number of choices one has in every instance is not, however, infinite from the LORD’S perspective but each individual is absolutely free to choose what it (he/she) wishes from among the choices available. One of the greatest examples is that Abraham, who was not aware that he was being tested regarding the sacrificing of his son, could have chosen to disobey the LORD to whom he owed all that he had including his own life. This too is a manifestation of humanity's Omnipotence for the LORD did not know the path Abraham will choose to take.

In the light of billions of years of evolution the story of Adam and Eve should now be reinterpreted not as a historical fact but as a parable the primary purpose of which is to reveal the dawn of a species with decision making and thus creative abilities. Although Adam and Eve were physically at the apex of life on our planet, spiritually they were comparable to newly born infants whose behaviors are dictated by their instincts. Can anyone truly expect an infant not to seek what is appealing to its senses but instead to have the wisdom to comprehend the immensity of the meanings of “the tree of knowledge of good and bad” (Genesis: 3.3) and “the tree of immortality” (The Qur’an: 20.120)? There is nothing further from the truth than believing that Adam and Eve committed any sins, Original or otherwise. In this respect, every newborn is also pure, precious, and without sin in the sight of the LORD.

According to the Qur’an (2.30), every human being is the LORD’S “viceroy.” This means having the responsibility of contributing to the creation of an environment in which every individual would reach its highest potential and the responsibility of transforming the Earth to the Paradise it has the potential to be.

Among the LORD’S messengers, Christ was the highest manifestation of the LORD...
According to Christ the two commandments at the foundation of all the teachings of all the prophets are that, “You shall love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your might,” and

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Deuteronomy 6.5, Leviticus 19.18, and Matthew 22.37-39.

The LORD’S prophets and messengers are, however, only the means to an end and should never be worshipped for that would be denying the Oneness of the LORD. The LORD Almighty is capable of creating a Christ, for example, for each of the billions of planets in existence in our universe alone.

The LORD’S ultimate objective is for every human being to become ITS true representative on our planet and take into consideration the words and deeds of the LORD’S prophets and messengers in the process. Also, when an individual has the freedom to choose its own path, then the responsibility for such a choice lies with that individual. Thus no human being should blame others for the choices it makes or go to the extreme of believing that another innocent human being, such as Christ, should die for its wrong doings.

In the sight of the LORD, every individual is ultimately responsible for interpreting the applicability of the scriptures to each era in human history. A literal acceptance of the scriptures can become a straitjacket leading to spiritual stagnation with harmful effects not only on one’s own life but also the lives of others on whom one has an effect. Examples in both the Bible and the Qur’an are the verses condoning the institution of slavery and the supremacy of men over women.

...In conclusion, it is imperative to realize that there shall be no physical returning of Christ, Mahdi, or any other expected Savior for the Kingdom of the LORD is within every individual and as such every man and woman has the potential to be a Messiah. For the human race there is no “End of Time,” or “Armageddon.” The humanity can last till eternity on earth and beyond and of course it also has the omnipotence to destroy itself if it so chooses.

There is one application of the freedom of choice that is of utmost importance. Children should not be indoctrinated to accept their parents’ faith automatically. It is the responsibility of all parents as well as the responsibility of those within the public school systems the world over to expose children to diversity of faiths in an unbiased manner and to allow each child to reach adulthood and then follow its own heart in choosing the spiritual path it wishes to pursue.

Finally, the word “Church” in the title signifies any time and any place in the space-time continuum when one is in communion with the LORD through its thoughts, words, and deeds. In this respect there is no difference between a synagogue, a church, a mosque, a temple, or any other place in the Universe.


Abolghassem Abraham Sadegh

Church of the Lord: YHWH-God-Allah

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