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Native Solstice Prophecy

Winter Solstice is December 21,2006. DAVID CARSON, Choctaw, and his partner Nina Sammons, have written a powerful prophetic essay about the significance of the death of “Miracle”, the White Buffalo Calf, on November 26, 2006 by lightening strike. The essay follows.

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Thunder Beings speak with a loud voice. We received the news of the death
of the White Buffalo calf "Miracle's Second Chance" caused by a lightening
strike. This event happened November 26, 2006 on the Heider farm south of
Janesville, WI. The Heider farm was birthplace to a female White Buffalo,
Miracle, in 1994. Along with thousands of others, we felt a spiritual
kinship with this Buffalo clan. Since the autumn equinox, there have been
strange lights in the sky here in New Mexico. We've seen them ourselves.
We knew we had to delve deeper to uncover the divinatory meaning of this
extraordinary sacrifice of the white buffalo calf.

We choose to do a reading with the 2013 Oracle, recently published by
Council Oak Books. This is a divination system based on knowledge left by
the ancient mound and temple building cultures of the Americas who
predicted a time of vast planetary change. We see this transition before
us and the signs have begun to appear. The Oracle offers guidance for our
times and is uniquely fitted for the task of divining the meaning of the
electrocution and death of this sacred animal.

First, the reader should have the following background information. In
August 1994, Kam Nightchase Lau, a Lakota medicine man, writers David
Carson and Nina Sammons and their children, and artist Gigi Borri traveled
to New Orleans, Louisiana. Nightchase and Carson had been invited to lead
the chiefs of the Mardi Gras Indian tribes in a pipe ceremony at Louis
Armstong Park. For the first time in history the chiefs met each other in
circle, in full regalia, to smoke an ancient Choctaw pipe. The ceremony
took place on August 20th, 1994 which coincided with the prophetic birth
of Miracle. By an official proclamation from the mayor's office, the city
of New Orleans proclaimed the date " White Buffalo Day," an annual
celebration with a spiritual gathering at the park by people of all

Most recently, we have been deeply saddened by the loss of Big Chief
Allison "Tootie" Montana of the Yellow Pocahontas and the devastation of
the beloved city by flood waters. We salute Tootie and all the Mardi Gras
Indians and their traditions.

We asked 2013 Oracle to answer the question, "What is the meaning of the
White Buffalo calf's death by lightening?"

We choose at random the following nine cards to place upon the Mayan
numbers one through nine on the cenote cloth. Cenote is a great black
bowl containing the void. This cloth denotes a cosmic mirror of the night
and day sky. It is a template which delineates the influence of the
cosmos upon everyday life.

1. Wooly Mammoth - Ancestors
2. Celestial Toad - Guardian of Spirit
3. Sacred Precinct - Divine Center
4. Grasshopper - Dead Mother
5. Hand Wheel - Offering
6. Scorpion - Retribution
7. Bee - Apprenticeship
8. Black Sun - Initiation
9. Center - Ball Court - Challenges

The old world is finished. The ancestors sent a sign through the
lightening strike. The execution of the white buffalo calf, the most
potent representation for peace in Native America, heralds great change.
It suggests eminent and radical transformation. We have entered a world
of paradox and contrary reality.

Celestial Toad offers guidance and protection in these unfamiliar realms.
Toad is always honored in ceremony following a death by lightening.
Celestial Toad carries the lightening of the feathered flint knives—the
spirit knives from above. Reconfigure your life by cutting away excess.
You, too, must make sacrifices. Build an altar to join earth and sky. Do
ceremony with your community to recognize this passing of the White

White Buffalo gave his life so we could see the sacred in all of creation.
Now is the time to trust your spirit and trust the earth that sustains
you. Sacred Precinct teaches that the ground under your feet is related
to the totality of all of life. Spirit and matter can be united within
Sacred Precinct.

Grasshopper tells us to respect all of life. Protect the earth and use
technology in a more conscious manner. Ceremony and dance deepens
connection to the cosmos. Make decisions related to the changes heralded
by the sudden death of the white buffalo calf not from logic, but from
your deepest inner knowing—from your true spiritual light.

White Buffalo made the greatest sacrifice. The time has come to give.
Offer your gifts and talents to be of service. Put the challenges of
planetary transformation to the Hand Wheel. Duality is complementary and
not oppositional. Much can be achieved through the work of the heart and
hand. Seek the light within, and share that light.

Do not feed dark forces with more dark thoughts. Each moment of this
transitional period becomes a turning point. We carry the cosmos and the
future within us and it is for us to find harmony and peace. Ultimately,
we make the choice. Scorpion instructs one to judge not. Pay attention to
your own spiritual work and don't judge another's choice. White Buffalo
honors the traditions of our elders and ancestors. We can hold our ideals
high and be fearless in sharing our knowledge. When something works, it's
related to everything else that works. Replace judgment with prayer, and
meet those who judge in a manner filled with spirit.

White Buffalo walked an exemplary road, and now he walks the starry trails
of the Milky Way leading through the Cosmic Tree. Bee follows an
apprenticeship path, passing through realms of beauty and spiritual
sweetness. Bee knows the way without following a leader or signs marked,"
Pollen ahead." You can learn this way of bee-ing as you trace your
lifeline through these transformative times. Bee says get to work now.

Black Sun holds the sudden crack of illumination from the lightening
strike and the after effect of initiation. Are you ready? Light from the
Black Sun always reflects a simple answer to complex questions. Both Black
Sun and White Buffalo counsel you to make your intentions clear. Begin
your search to find absolute reality and eternal bliss. Seek to become a
mystic warrior who has conquered the enemy of ignorance. Black Sun
represents a spiritual journey so take the first step--if you haven't

Ball Court is at the heart of this reading. The ancestors played the ball
game in three worlds—this world and the over-and-under worlds.The ball
court is a metaphor for our time and circumstances. Bring the ancestors'
teachings to the center of your life as you respond to life's challenges.
They bequeathed great wisdom to us. We play for our lives and the lives of
the generations to come. We can regard the death of the white buffalo
calf as a sign of wide and varied change upon our earth and the need for
sacrifice and personal change. His sacrifice signals a new game has begun
and it's not like anything you've ever played.

We would like to hear what understanding others have come to in reading
this sign. We pass this reading on as a solstice offering. Please share
the reading with family, friends and community. May you receive medicine
and blessings from the shimmering starlight of the holy above-tree.

David Carson and Nina Sammons


DAVID CARSON, 2006 Grammy winner for Native American Music, is a novelist
who has written for newspapers, films and social reform publications. He
is the co-creator of Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the
Ways of Animals, and author of the recently released Crossing Into
Medicine Country. His newest work is 2013 Oracle: Ancient Keys to the 2012
Awakening. Raised in Oklahoma Indian country, David learned from many
tribal elders and medicine carriers. He is of Choctaw descent and has
lived on various reservations in Montana and Canada.

He has been involved in sacred ceremony throughout the US and many other
countries and has traveled worldwide at the invitation of shamans from
Siberia and Hawaii. David has taught seminars throughout the world on
"Animal Teachings Around the Sacred Medicine Wheel." He has lead dances in
Iceland at the foot of glacier, Snaefelsnes, which is said to be the crown
chakra of the earth. He has done ceremony with the Mardi Gras Indians in
New Orleans, leading to the establishment of White Buffalo Day, a yearly

In 1999, David brought a medicine wheel ceremony and animal medicine
teachings to Israel before joint Israeli and Palestinian audiences. More
recently, he has attended shamanic conferences in Northern Italy.

David has given animal consultations and Medicine Card readings to
thousands of people world-wide guiding them to their own personal truth.


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