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Who/What is God?

Who is God? What is God? How can we know TRUTH? Kryon gives us a new parable for this answer.

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Wo, and the Face of God

The culture was maturing in "The Land of Wo." For the tribe that celebrated this great ancient warrior and holy man called "Wo" had been evolving for about 500 years. Now it had its own councils, courts and even a library. The descendents of this great founder of their entire civilization were many, but those who had the pure bloodline were revered, and they were all called "Wo." Now, for the purposes of this parable, the name Wo is neither a man or woman, but a Wo-man. So you see, it is not gender specific. But for the purposes of language, we will call Wo a "he."

Wo, the current leader and holy man, had been born into his lineage. He never knew anything but adoration from his citizens, and had lived all his life as a holy man, not a ruler or a king. Elected government ruled the land with the typical comings and goings of officials, but Wo, very much like a king, was there through it all. He had a son who was young and was in training to be the next "Chief Wo," and all seemed to be going well.

In any civilization, there is growth. Slowly, opinions change and mature, and many of the questions that could never be asked or discussed were now starting to emerge. In the past, whatever Wo's ancestry did, he did. The belief structure of the entire group was grounded in history and what the books told them had been said by former "Chief Wos" during their time as they talked to God. Book after book was available for reading and viewing, but Wo was the only one who could interpret them or even change them. It also fell to Wo to add to The Book of Life, as it was called, and provide prophecy and insight of his own, as he was the only one who could talk to God.

And so it was that all things moved along as normal until one day it became obvious that many of the more progressive thinkers wanted to know more about the God they worshipped. They were beginning to ask questions about who they were and how they could better serve the God they loved, who provided for them in a grand way. They began to present big questions to Wo, and they were about ready to ask him to do an impossible, unthinkable thing.

The great land of Wo was a vast valley surrounded by mountains. All the people lived in that valley, since to go beyond it would be instant death for anyone but "a descendant." The belief was that the valley was blessed and protected by God. The mountains were holy, and the only ones who could climb them had to be holy men of the tribe of Wo, and Wo himself had to lead them. Year after year, Wo would climb the main mountain and do the annual ceremony to keep the rains coming that fed the people, who had learned to farm very proficiently.

Indeed, the rains would come from the sky, the rivers would run down the mountains, and they would fill up the areas that the men had built for water storage. There were no lakes in this land and no seas, except the mythology that indicated that the "main water" had to be with God and was hidden somewhere. Water was holy.

When Wo went on his annual holy trip, part of his task was to climb as high as he could on the top mountain and "talk to God." He did, and every year he had overwhelming inspirations that he came down and gave to the people. He never really heard God, but he didn't tell anyone that. Instead, he gave "the messages from God" that he received through his inspiration. He knew that this was the way his ancestors had done it, too, and all was well. The messages were ones filled with instructions and protocol – not much really new, but only affirmations of what was historically known.

Then, on one of his trips he saw it. He had separated himself from the other descendants with him and gone to the very top of the mountain. The clouds had cleared, and when he looked in the opposite direction of the valley, he saw it. He fell to his knees and stared. There, as the clouds had cleared in an unusual way, was a vast ocean! More water than Wo had ever seen... as far as he could see! This is where the water came from! This was where God must live, and Wo was the only one to ever see it. This was a sign, he felt, that he had seen God. Wo told his story, and gave the information that the water somehow was lifted up from the God-Ocean, and then given to them from the sky over the mountains, flowing down to their reservoirs, allowing food and life to exist.

One day the elders and politicians were gathered in front of Wo. It was an important annual spiritual convent, a time of expression and thanks, a time of questions and answers that Wo enjoyed. But today was different. The head of the council spoke:

"Magnificent Wo," he proclaimed, "We are at that stage in our civilization where we really need to know more about God. We have history, books, insights and old teachings from your ancestors. But now we are ready for more."

Wo leaned into the conversation, fearing a bit what was coming next. They had never come to him with demands before... not even requests other than for healing or the normal things people want and need from their holy leaders.

"We want you, the only man alive who can do this, to go to the other side of the great mountains and meet God. We want the only man who is capable and authorized, to dip into the great water of God, open his eyes, and report what God really is like. We have no visualization of God. We have no image of God, and it's time we were able to draw his sacred image, put God in our visual thoughts, on our coins, and grow in our spiritual knowledge. We need to know the face of God, Master Wo!"

Wo was stunned. They want me to do what? They might as well ask me to jump into a fire! Don't they know this will kill me? I'm not God, Wo thought. I'm just a descendant. I didn't even volunteer for this; I was simply born into it. Now they want me suddenly to become something bigger than I am, and do an unthinkable thing... enter the water of God, the body of God!

"Of course I'll do that," Wo said. He couldn't believe he had so quickly agreed, but after all, Wo was the chief descendant. He was the closest to God of any Human in existence, and he knew that this was his job... die or not. He sadly agreed to go.

Wo loved his people. They treated him so well, and he was there at so many births and deaths. He knew them, their families, and their wants and needs. He actually agreed with them that it was time to know more, but secretly he hoped that this would pass to those after him. He looked upon his son and thought to himself, "Better me than you, my boy." Wo realized that this might be the end of his life, and that when he did not return, the tribes would never send another one to try, knowing the dangers. They would mourn his loss and know better next time. Wo was ready to die for his tribe and save his son from being asked later.

They sent Wo off with a team of younger descendants on the journey up the mountains. They did the required ceremonies as they went from level to level, and finally reached the place that would only let Wo go further, while the rest of them waited for him to go to the sea, then return. Wo cautioned them: "When I don't return after a week," he said, "then you know God has taken me." All of them understood only too well what Wo meant, as they all shared the fear of what he was about to do.

Wo left the group and descended down to the ocean. He prayed and stopped, prayed and stopped, anything to keep from getting to the shore too soon. Finally, he was at the base of the mountain on the seaside, facing the small waves. Odd as it may sound, no Human had ever gone into the sea in this land. He was the first. What would it be like to enter the water of the creator? What would happen to Wo when he submerged him and saw the "face of God?"

Finally, after postponing it as long as possible, Wo waded into the water. His first shock was that the water was cold! This was unexpected, since rain was often warm, and Wo knew that rain somehow came from this place. The second was that it was undrinkable! This water was too salty and almost made him sick. How could such a foreign sea bring such pure water to the village? Wo realized that there was much he didn't understand.

It was time. Wo was now deep enough to put his head and body under the water and look around. He didn't know how to swim... nobody did. There were no lakes or ponds in his land, and water was too sacred to swim in. Wo was afraid. The whole experience made him shake with fear. But he took a deep breath and submerged.

What happened next was almost immediate. Almost as soon as Wo had submerged, he opened his eyes to a very murky view. He knew that whatever he saw would be the face of God, since this was where God lived. Indeed, he got his wish. For right in front of him was a face! It was much different than anything he thought... for the face was narrow, with close-set eyes, little gills flapping on the sides, and fins for arms. Wo had seen it! God was a fish – but of course, Humans had never seen fish yet, so Wo had no idea what that was.

Wo tore out of the water, very happy to know what he had come to find out. He immediately started his climb back up to where the others waited for him, and arrived there in record time. They were shocked to see him so soon! Wo glowed with satisfaction. "I know what God looks like!" He kept saying this over and over.

When he arrived back at the village, he carefully drew what he had seen and all around him were in awe. "What a beautiful creature God is," they said. So it was then that the image of the fish became the image that was worshipped for many years. It was on their coins and on their altars, and they were pleased.... almost.

Three years later, the council again came to Wo and they said, "Wo, we request that you go again to renew your vows to God, and to face this image. We have been thinking about it all, and we think that when you came face to face with God, you didn't honor the event. You simply saw it and left quickly." Wo was waiting for this, for he knew they were right. He had not honored the face of God, and had run away too fast.

"Of course I'll go back," said Wo, but knowing that he really didn't want to repeat this journey. But he did. Off the team went to again meet the face of God. What would he say or do? He couldn't talk to the face of God because he was underwater. How might he communicate?

This time he told the team that he would be back soon, just like last time. They understood and off Wo went again on his path to the sea. He arrived there as before, and nothing had changed. He again prepared to dip into the water, after much prayer and celebration of the sea of God. Then, with great ceremony, he again entered the water.

Wo didn't see anything right away, but was ready to see the face of God once again. Then he was stunned! For in front of him was a bulbous face – much larger than the one of the God-fish, and with eight long tentacles. This was scary! What had God changed into? When did this happen? What should he do? The face looked at Wo and moved around him. Wo motioned to the face the words of the "Prayer to God," which all the Humans knew so well. He hoped this would help communicate his worship to God and save him. Then the face moved away into the murkiness. It had worked!

Wo slowly came out of the cold water, wondering what to do. "The face of God has changed," he said. What does this mean? What can I tell the village? He slowly returned up the mountain and picked up his team and returned to the village. He was pensive as he approached the council and slowly gave them his story. They were also stunned. They had expected to enhance their communication, but instead they got a message that the face of God had changed! What do they do now, redraw all the images? And what an image! Nobody said it, but this face was really ugly! They were confused.

Wo knew something was wrong with all of this. He had specialized in worship and meditation all his life. He knew the beauty of God and the love that was there. Something just didn't make sense. Wo intuitively knew he would have to return yet again, but remained quiet about it, waiting for the council to ask, and indeed they did.

After a few months, the council again came to Wo in a respectful way. "Wo," they began. "Something isn't right here. We wonder if what you saw is really the face of God, and why would it be different than the last time? God is God and wouldn't change that much in only three years!" They were right.

Wo knew that he had to come back with good answers, but he needed help. This time Wo asked a number of elders, council members and descendants to hold a large circle meditation for the time Wo would be away. The idea was that Wo would have the support of those who knew how to pray, and that would help Wo to find the truth in the water. They would begin to pray just about the time Wo would enter the water. They planned for that and prepared for it.

Yet again, Wo set out on his journey. The group of descendants who were his support team took their places as usual, and camped out waiting for him to return as he went down the other side of the mountain to again enter the ocean.

Wo felt the power and help of the others as he looked out upon the great sea. "Please God," he said, "This time I wish to know the full truth." Wo approached the sea with confidence and wisdom. This time he wouldn't just take the first thing he saw. This time he would stay and stay until the puzzle was solved. He knew he could not leave until he had answers. Who was God? What did he look like? Why did the face change?

Wo took a very deep breath and kicked off into the deep. By now he had learned a great deal more about swimming underwater and was going deeper... much deeper. Wo saw a miracle. A swarm of God's faces went by! How could this be? He passed the tentacled faces, too – a number of them. Was God a group? What was happening? Wo then realized that he wasn't holding his breath anymore... he was breathing! It was a miracle, and Wo was being given the ability to breath underwater and stay there for awhile. Then he saw it.

Wo saw the door. Why was there a door at the bottom of God's sea? Wo took a look at the door and saw the writing on it. It said, "The face of God." He smiled, for this was what he was looking for. Wo realized now that it was his approach to the sea that was creating his truth, and that his casual or fearful visits in the past had not given him the answers. He needed to show a more mature and purer intent to know the truth, and now he had found the door. He opened it.

The descendants on the mountain waited and waited for Wo. Days passed and they began to get worried. They looked at each other, but did not verbalize their fears until five days had gone by. Then without much talk, and with tears in their eyes, they knew Wo was gone. They began their trip down the mountain without their prophet, without the man they loved so much who had helped them so much with their faith.

As the group of young, depressed descendants approached the village, they heard the commotion. Coming from the village were sounds of jubilation and joy with "whoops and hollers" heard everywhere and much singing. The entire village was dancing! What was going on? Then this very tired and depressed mountain team all stopped and gasped – for there stood Wo!

When Wo had opened the door on the bottom of the sea, he received a vision. A calm but strong voice entered his head and spoke to him. "Wo," the voice said, "We love you." Wo was somehow standing in a dry place. "Wo," the voice continued, "We honor your search and will show you the real face of God." Wo wanted to answer, but could not. He was frozen in a sacred way that was not understandable; almost all his body functions had suspended. He wept with the joy of the moment.

In this vision, Wo was shown the faces of all his past Human family, then those in the village... slowly. Seemingly it took hours to do this, yet only moments had gone by. Wo got the message. The face of God was the face of his family and those around him. The face of God was his own, and those of the council. Somehow they were all included in this magic, even though he didn't understand how. Then he began to realize what was being shown. Man was made in the image of God! Therefore, the faces of men and women were also the face of the creator. What a message this was for the village!

Then, somehow, Wo had been instantly transported to the village in the middle of the circle of elders who were praying for him. When he appeared, it shocked both the elders and Wo! For a moment they just stared at each other, wondering what had happened. Then they broke out in cheers, realizing that a true miracle had happened, validating the truth of the moment. God had delivered Wo to them so that they would understand and believe. The rest is history.

Slowly, the coins of the village became the faces of each village member. Each one had their faces on one of the coins, on the altar of God, and on the places of ceremony. Wo lived a very long life and neither he or his son or anyone else was ever asked to go back to the ocean, for the ocean had somehow come to them.


It's a fun story, is it not? I tell you about simple Humans doing regular, everyday things – searching for God in their lives. It's a story about very basic ways that God is seen by humanity within all the mythology and Human stories that abound. Although the story may seem oversimplified to you, it is very much the way humanity works with Spirit.

You cross the veil with all your mythology intact, and see whatever your Humanness wishes to see. If a fish swims by, then God is a fish. If you look to the left and see an octopus, then God is an octopus. You see? You carry with you your 3D perceptions as you enter the murky waters called "the other side of the veil." With the light of interdimensional things all around you, you are swimming in the darkness of your own limitations.

For years, your holy men have gone deep into the areas of who God really is, and what may be happening on the planet, and what might happen next. But most fail to see anything but the fish or the octopus, for they are satisfied with what they expect to see, and return to Earth to give you a Human story with a Human perception. They carry back with them more mythology, which then serves to only confuse those later on down the line who must put it all together and make sense of it. Soon it is a mixture of stories, songs, partial truths, distortions and contradictions, which you call scripture in all cultures.

When the Human Being crosses into interdimensional areas with pure intent and practiced effort in meditation, then they are shown the truth. And it is this truth that puts them in a state where the miracles happen, and the family truly shows itself. There is little that is truly unavailable to humanity, and the masters of old proved it. The miracles were real, and the healings profound. But then you worshipped the men, instead of understanding their profound message: Man is created in the image of God. That image means that all of you are part of the whole, and can touch the face of God by finding divinity inside yourselves.

Is this really such an odd thing? Is it really so difficult? You wish to give away your power to statues and concepts in history that may never really have happened. How much simpler would it be to go inside and find the truth?

Moving forward in 2008 is a new beginning for those who wish to find peace on Earth. You won't find it by looking at the fish. Instead, it's time to look within.


Kryon is a feminine group energy channeled by Lee Carroll

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