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Date:   8/29/2005 2:39:53 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 1699 times

Wow! I was curious about Near-Death Experiences, and I was searchin' them on google, when I stumbled across this website:

In it, the author said he had a dream that there would be a Spiritual awakening in two to three years in America.

I cannot express how *excited* I am! When Mother told me not to worry, that those chemtrails would go away, I had the feeling that it would be in 2 years and such.


"hi all.

Last night I had a dream where I was told that something is going to save America from ruin...In 2 to 3 years!

I begin a new thread, here, about this, as this post is sort of a
"continuation" of my last night's depressing post about Los Angeles and the fate of America, where L A has gone down and crazy.

Today I had a small discouging talk with a friend, This guy spoke at length to both of us about what it is like for him to live in L. A.

this guy says that most of downtown is "beyond dead",

where L A is now, new York will be in 7 years and the rest of the country
will be in another 7 years!"...They say.

This guy , I learned, also sees that the whole of this country will be living like Iraq, in five years...Sporadic electric, and terror rules. Each person yet alive, who wants to survive, will have to Learn How To Kill!

my point was....
---that a country or a civilization gets Old too! You measure that man by his younger years, not the last five miserable years of his life!

all apples Rot, eventually: countries too.

sometimes a country can get a "second wind" by having someone throw all of the rules away and then re-write the books, so that Meaning
can be re-enabled. This person, historically, has a Name.
It is called "A DICTATOR"! To cut the Gordian knot, you have to have one sword. One man has to Rule: Mussolini made the trains run on time, in 1938 Italy. The common person got so tired of all the social messes that they all elected him to Set Things Right!

depressing, isn't it?!

Well, this here Freestone had another dream last night where I visited astral and heaven realms, and I was Told something.

[where most people seem to have "psychological" dreams, I seem to now have dreams where nearly ever single night I deal with heaven and hell *as* a personal dream experience, where the "scenery" for my dreams IS in heaven and hell!]

Most of the first part of this dream was apparently visiting a large room full of people who were in an atmosphere like the room was a bar, a pub in the lower astral. At the rear of this room was a large open door, about 30 feet in size, partly filled with rocks with "entities" standing guard. I say "entities" as most of these things were not human beings! They looked a bit like those demons in some computer games. I was told that this door was a portal into Hell.
[again: hell is, and exists, anyone who does not recognize this, is like a person who sits down in a subway train next to a "devious" looking guy with a box with wires sticking out of it, and Not Notices!]

Then, after I left this terrible scene, as probably all of the people in this room were cuddling up next to hell, as they lived a life directing them to soon enter this place, I had a long long talk with someone, a someone who I will call, here, a "Mentor"! Question and answers, for hours, I wish that I could remember what he said! Mostly on spirit matters and of the Lay of the astral lands.

He *did* say one thing, just sort of "offhand" but to me this bit of info is triplely worth the whole dream.

he says....
"There will be a very great Spiritual, religious, revival, in America, in 2 to 3 years"!

Then I woke up, dawn had arrived, and now I know my Answer to Los Angeles!!
For....There is yet another way that a civilization can get a "second wind"!
And...interestingly enough, this solution does have the Tone of "dictatorship"!
For one has to have some outside Authority, greater than the mess the country seems to be headed for, to give transcendent authority to turn things around.

For the "masses", this revival might look just like the standard Bible-thumping Fundamentalist/Charasimic revival, except that the scope of this will sweep through the whole land, seeming spontaneously! *Everyone* will be involved.
For the Older Souls, there will be a revival of the Spiritualist groups, with much mediumship and channelings, the old spiritualist camps will be renewed. New age "religions" too, will get a Boost. But for the average person, of younger soul age, meaning 80% of us, the revival will look just like that, a "revival".
I get the feeling that this will not be just some little increase either!
It will appear as a kind of "tidal wave" or "earthquake", making radical
changes in all of our ways of life, utterly! The liberal "left" people, who are agnostic or atheist, will be in deeeep trouble, as they all will be left behind [pun intended, ala "left behind", as in "Rapture"!]
for maybe "rapture" might be an analogy indeed:

"rapture while still living on earth"....Where everyone is, or knows someone, who is utterly filled with the Holy Ghost Spirit!

Maybe years later, when the historians look back at this revival, they will compare the revival to an "earthquake", or a "tidal wave", and then compare the prophecies that were rampant during the years leading up to
this revival, where for about ten years, Seers both modern and ancient were seeing literal earthquakes, tidal waves, asteroids. The historians might then see that these prophecies were SYMBOLIC of the Great Revival!! This revival, I think, will have the same effect upon our lives, symbolicly, *as* the Foreseen prophecies of the 90s and the early 2000s!

thus morals and ethics will be the unwritten, and written, law of the land, and everyone of us will "report for duty" so to speak, to "line up in formation with brooms in hand, like rifles at the ready, at dawn", so to speak, to
begin to clean up our streets, physically and ethically, all across our country.

The sounds of hammers nailing boards will be the Song heard all across the country, fixing up the infrastructure, *and* our morals!

Not all people will like this, as indeed there is a "dictator" here, at the very Top, God himself! There will be people who will NOT like to know that there is something greater, out there, that will tell them what to do and how to live, as well as what to think and what to feel!

Of course this here Freestone is only guessing as to HOW this revival
will manifest.
[this is the problem with prophecy-givers, they often receive a prophecy, then they add their own interpretation to it, but the writing out of their prophecy ends up where no one can separate their interpretation from the actual Given prophecy! People then think that his prophecy, ALL of it, came from spirit, whereas in many cases only a little of it came from spirit. We read, instead, his personal biases at work!]
I was only told...."A great religious revival in 2 or 3 years".
There was no indication as to how this comes out, plays out, or even how this will occur, or what will be the focus. I add my own guesses, trying to "over-dramatize" a bit, as I feel from what my Mentor told me, that this Revival will be Immense and sweeping! My descriptions of it, try to give a feel as to how I think that this might play out.

as "time" works differently in spirit than it works here, those "2 or 3 years", given by spirit time table reckonings, might play out, here on earth, to be 3 to 6 years!

Yes, as in the Bagavegeta, where Krishna Comes, due to the prayers of the Saints over how badly down the ethics had become, and Krishna says...
In every Age where darkness clouds so thick that even the devout have trouble, I Come to renew the Light!

*this* is a major way a dying civilization gets a second wind and rejuvenates.
And...I was Told by this spirit Mentor, that something of this nature will occur in America in 2 to 3 years!


maybe some, or all, of the hoped for Ideals, of the older souls, will become "working policy", of our government and social authority people.
Better yet: have this "revival" so inner and utter, to all of us, that no laws
or policy is needed, we all just Want to do social changes!

environment, drugs, abortion, homelessness, families....There are SO many issues. Maybe at this time some of them will be addressed.



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