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by greggechols

Tuning into Hurricanes and Galveston, Texas

Are our dreams giving us insights into the planet's cleansing process, and are we listening? Perhaps Gaia is speaking to us through our dreams.

Date:   4/25/2007 11:07:33 AM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 2480 times

Can we as human beings actually “predict” the future? Is it possible that we can be “in tune” with the totality of the plant that we can “sense” events before they arrive, much in the sense that animals can “sense” the Earth changes before they happen? I say we are able to access this knowledge, and our dreams and intuitions are the messengers for this knowledge.

Science is beginning to bring these possibilities into their realm of fact, although esoteric and indigenous wisdom has always held such possibilities as “fact.” Here’s something from the 1960’s “channeled” material of Jane Roberts and her book The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (1981/1995) and something we’re experiencing in these days:

Through your mundane conscious choices, you affect all of the events of your world, so that the mass world is the result of multitudinous individual choices. You could not make choices at all if you did not feel impulses to do this or that, so that choices usually involve you in making decisions between various impulses. Impulses are urges toward action. Some are conscious and some are not. Each cell of your body feels the impulse toward action, response, and communication. . . . And as you will see, those impulses of a private nature are nevertheless also based upon the greater situation of the species and the planet, so that “ideally” the fulfillment of the individual would automatically lead to the better good of the species. (p. 239)

It’s like being in a highly charged meditative state and you can sense the movement of everything, and it is in that space you can see the totality of it all; the cohesive organization of all movement, regardless of the movement. It’s a beautiful thing.

Seth, through Jane Roberts, also says this:

Each person’s thoughts flow into that formation, forming part of the earth’s psychic atmosphere. From that atmosphere flows the natural earthly patterns from which your seasons emerge with all of their varieties and effects. You are never victims of natural disasters, though it may seem that you are, for you have your hand in forming them. You are creatively involved in the earth’s cycles. No one can be born for you, or die for you, and yet no birth or death is really an isolated event, but one in which the entire planet participates. (p. 31)

In this way, why would we not sense an impending disaster, since we, in effect, created it? If we are indeed “cleaning” our psychic garbage, “healing” our psychic wounds—individually and collectively—then our planet will be responding to our call and intent for this cleansing. We are the planet. We have limited our beliefs of who we are to this physical body, this spacesuit, in which we walk the planet—but we are more. Our dreams show this. So as the energies of the planet continue to accelerate, the opportunity for Gaia to cleanse herself, and us, too, heightens.

The Mayan calendar as interpreted by physicist Carl Joseph Calleman indicates 2007 as being a year—similar to November, 2004 through November, 2005—which should be climatologically intense. We have already seen that since November with earthquakes and tsunamis in the Asian countries, and the strong winter throughout the East Coast and Middle America. Hurricane season is arriving, and it is this type of “disaster” that I have been seeing in my dreams.

As early as last August, I was “seeing” effects of hurricane damage for this summer, specifically in Galveston, Texas. Being born and raised in Texas, this is a close and personal dream for me, since I am quite intimate with Galveston. Would such a dream indicate my inner psychological process? Perhaps. However, as I phoned a resident of Galveston the morning after that dream, she informed me she, too, had that very same “intuition.” I had a “vision” of such a weather-related event again a month later while taking part in visionary work in Florianôpolis, Brasil. Then, this past winter, I once again dreamt of a hurricane striking Galveston, Texas, this summer.

What do we do with such information? If an individual has such a dream, do we write it off as being “fantasy?” If others have those dreams, too, is that just “mass mania?” It is difficult to interpret such dreams, for very often they represent a part of our individual psyche that is being cleansed, or even overwhelmed in a psychological sense. Many people over the last two years have had “tsunami dreams,” “flood dreams,” and dreams involving cataclysms involving water. These are, for sure, representative of individual psychological movement, for the psyche is a very fluid and dynamic body. Yet, on some level, they do represent the collective, and how the collective body of humanity—and the planet—is undergoing a very strong cleansing in these days. And without a doubt, water is the source par excellence for healing and cleansing.

I was intrigued after the Hurricane Katrina tragedy in how my own dreams had related to New Orleans in advance of the hurricane. I’d dreamt of being in the French Quarter several months before the hurricane, and of movement on that land. Another dream in advance of the storm placed me in another part of New Orleans, yet it said nothing about a hurricane or impending disaster—and believe me, New Orleans is not a city I dream about. Was I tuning in to the upcoming disaster, or was I dreaming into the collective.

By “dreaming into the collective,” I mean becoming aware of a collective process in the dreaming. It is as though we as a human species dream together. We are linked energetically as individuals and as a composite human body. And as we physically vote at the polls for our elected officials, it is as though we also “vote” within the psychic space of our collective human body in how this planet and events on the planet proceed. So it is quite possible I was bringing back images and symbols in the dreaming of a process that was actually taking place, the energetic awareness of the creation of that hurricane.

One might be considered a heretic or lunatic to think that we actually create disasters—but what did the Jane Roberts quote mention? “You are never victims of natural disasters, though it may seem that you are, for you have your hand in forming them,” (p. 31). I know, this is not material from a scientific perspective, but if one considers quantum physics and their hypothesis regarding the unity of our planet.

Philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo contends that there is a “unified field” of existence known as the Akashic Field, which he says in Science and the Akashic Field (2004) “informs all things with all other things.” He writes:

Through the holograms created in and conveyed by the A-field, things are directly “in-formed” by the things that are most like them. For example, an amoeba is directly informed by other amoebas. This does not mean that things that are unlike one another would not be mutually informed. They are so informed, but the informational effect is not equally evident in all cases. . . . We are directly informed by fellow humans, yet we are also informed, though less directly, by animals, plants, and all of nature. Information conveyed through the A-field subtly tunes all things to all other things and accounts for the coherence we find in the cosmos, as well as in living nature. (p. 108)

It is my contention that there we each have the ability to return from our dreams with conscious knowledge of the Universe, for our dreams are like our morning newspapers, giving us a complete rendering of our personal lives, and the life of the planet. Whether we are in tune with that news and are able to “read” it is an individual ability. We are able to bring back dream images and symbols that relate to events occurring on the planet, because the energies of those events are a part of us. They are not alien. And as we are witnesses to those events, we are creators of them as well.

English philosopher Stanley Messenger writes in The Sacred Landscape (1988):

Each of us is an individualized point within a much larger planetary awareness in which each plays a unique role. Just as a liver cell or white blood corpuscle finds its meaning only in the context of a more comprehensive organism, so we ourselves find our true meaning when we emerge into the light of an entity able at last to say of the awakening earth: “This is My Body. This is My Blood.” (p. 43)

Will a hurricane strike Galveston this summer? I imagine it is possible. Yet, like anyone who has spent time in Las Vegas knows, probabilities are always changing. I imagine, too, that the movement of Gaia this summer will be forceful, cleansing, and intent on removing antiquated energies from the psychic space we all share, as humans and as a living, breathing planet. If humans will do their “homework” and listen to their dreams and their bodies, then, perhaps, we can avoid any type of major planetary disasters now, or in the future. But that’s up to each one of us to wake up and listen.

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