Blog: Dreaming Alive
by greggechols

Dancing in an Illogical Psychology

Since modern psychology can't explain non-ordinary worlds that more of us are living, let's create our own psychology. Ready, Go!

Date:   4/26/2007 10:37:49 PM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 2692 times

How does modern day psychology respond to dreams of “other worlds,” of visions appearing in the light of day that are as real as the sidewalk underneath our feet, and of bodily sensations that lead us into movement we hadn’t planned? Well, if it’s the psychology of which I am familiar and have studied towards my doctorate, these experiences would be termed pathological, psychotic, and, well, if you don’t mind the wording, schizophrenic. Our psychologies are not equipped to handle these types of very healthy experiences.


            So then, let’s take away this modern day psychology, and look at these experience in another framework. Why not Illogical Psychology? Whatever is not given a healthy explanation in the form of clinical, analytical, archetypal, Freudian, Jungian, or any other form of psychology is Illogical, is it not? And since these experience are coming from within, we must look at them, therefore, from their source: Spirit.


            Since we’re talking Illogical Psychology, then we can begin to invoke a language that has only been allowed expression by poets, artists, indigenous people, and those homeless-looking folks walking our streets in their “other” worlds. We can invoke a language that is timeless, syncretic, bold and audacious, filled with wonder and insanity, colored by lunatic influences that make us tremble and shake, and in more and more cases, awaken our bodies to unknown pleasures. This is illogical to modern science, illogical to modern psychology, and illogical to the average human stuck in the existence doled out to him or her by society. To sing the praises of experiences that spill over from our dreaming world into our waking life is illogical according to society’s framework of existence, and, my friends, they can get you committed. Don’t despair, because what I am singing is a commitment to that “other” framework of existence, to a life of the illogical sort, of the “madman” walking the alleys in bliss, in no-time, in the grips of a power that is who we are all meant to be, and that is our Ego-less Self. That, one and all, is illogical, a “mental illness” when defined by modern medicine.


            E Vou Te Contar! My Brasilian brothers and sisters will translate this for you as this: Let Me Tell You Something!!


            Illogical Psychology applauds those brave brothers and sisters who dare bring those dream energies into their waking lives, because the dream energies so many of us are experiencing these days are demanding that the bridge between Heaven and Earth be walked, and lived. This means we must stand firm on this new ground that has no substance in this world, yet our trust and faith and endurance creates that ground. The more that bridge is held, the stronger it becomes, and the more we can withstand those Ego-filled demands that ask—no, demand—that we “return to our senses” and do the “normal” thing, the more we create a new world here, now. We can hold our ground on this bridge, live between Heaven and Earth, and create a strong and powerful existence amidst the rising chaos that our planet is experiencing more and more each minute. It is our chaos, growing in its presence simply because it must as more and more of us choose to leave behind the rational world that has been forced upon us. To stand outside of time, and hold these newly arriving energies we are bringing back from our dreams, is walking the path of the ancients and the Goddesses.


            Each of us has the ability and the opportunity to walk this bridge, to stand firm on this newly minted soil filled with the sands of ancient wisdom. It is embodying the Illogical, the out-of-mind, the lunatical, and it is the only way to proceed when trying to truly honor the dreams of our nighttime journeys that are no longer residing solely in that world. They are manifesting here, now, in the dayworld that archetypal psychologist James Hillman so firmly describes in his work, and the Sufi scholar Henri Corbin poetically serves to us in his analysis of 12th century Sufi stories. In walking this bridge between Heaven and Earth in our dayworld, we continually strengthen our relationship with that “other” world, invoking our intention to use the gifts of the night—our dreams—for our upliftment, and the upliftment of those in our community. This is the way it works, much like a Frequent Flyer program: the more you fly, the more points you earn for such fantastic gifts and bonuses. I’ve always loved flying for free, and ladies and gentlemen, the more you walk this bridge between Heaven and Earth, the more you honor these dreaming energies and plant them under your feet, you begin to rack up amazing opportunities to redeem the most outrageous gifts as a Frequent Flyer, and it’s as illogical as anything the most wackiest of dreams could give you. Sign up now!


            Illogical psychology says your synchronicities should trip over one another, occurring not in random order but in such meaningful ways that you not only expect them, but you realize the more they happen, the stronger that bridge becomes between Heaven and Earth. You see how real Illogical Occurrences are, and you applaud them, dance in them, soak in them, and laugh yourself silly in their magnificence. This is the wonder of leaving the rational world behind, that space that has now overgrown its benefit to Mankind like weeds overtaking your most beautiful garden. Moving out of that world of death and decay, you find yourself illogically positioned in the splendor of your wildest dreams and fantasies, mostly because you haven’t been able to imagine them. Henri Corbin writes in his 1964 epic essay, Mundus Imaginalis:


It is certainly a world that remains beyond the empirical verification of our sciences. Otherwise, anyone could find access to it and evidence for it. It is a suprasensory world, insofar as it is not perceptible except by the imaginative perception, and insofar as the events that occur in it cannot be experienced except by the imaginative or imaginant consciousness.


            We’ve known this world as separate from our experience in the here-and-now, but we’ve advanced as a human body, now, into a space where that world and this are now overlapping, intertwined in our desire to transcend these prison-like limitations within this current framework of existence. This world “beyond the empirical verification” has always been available to us in our dreams and visions, but I say leave behind the old ways that have limited our perception and stand firm on the ground you are now creating through the dreams and visions that have left their moorings “over there.” They are available to us in “this” world, in “this” space, and believe me, your Frequent Flyer points will amass quicker than you can say “Nipsey Russell.” Heaven Help You if you trust what you can’t define; Heaven Help You if you listen, pay attention, and trust; for if you do, you’ll know what I mean by a Psychology of the Illogical, and you might just praise it, too, laughing along with your body as it experiences more of this bridge between Heaven and Earth.


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