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Hermit-Like Living Temporarily

Cutting out all allergens temporarily, to prepare for an all-raw liver cleansing diet, also temporary – that may help liver function better even after diet ends, thus reducing allergenic reactions post-diet

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(For notes that apply to this blog, scroll to the bottom of this message)

Those of you who’ve visited this blog before know that the list of actual cures for food allergies that I’ve found enough references to online is short. One of the cures on that short list is cleaning out the liver. A few of the references I found were from people who did liver flushes and got rid of some or all of their food allergies after a series of the flushes. Problem for some of us food allergy people is that the bowels need to be moving well, and responsive to Epsom salts, before a liver flush is a good idea. Otherwise, the liver flush often fails, and can even cause “stuck” toxins in the intestines…ack. I’m in that group – bowels need work, tried one liver flush, and didn’t get anything unusual out – and needless to say, no cleansing of the liver that day. So here is a possible alternative, while working on improving bowel function:

A temporary raw foods diet. Temporary - I don’t advocate a permanent 100% raw diet for long term (see for why). But on a short term basis, according the very experienced author of, 100% raw can be a good healing tool.

A quote I found elsewhere: “A raw food diet gives the digestive system time to heal and repair. It cleans the liver and is a great detox”

So, I’m going to try it – but here is how I would advise the food allergenic person prepare for such a process: first, for several weeks before embarking on the raw foods experiment, eliminate ALL of your allergens. That means going to Hermit Land (for me, anyway) – staying home most of the time. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings when eliminating all allergens all at the same time are awful, and seeing other people eat those foods during those weeks is barely tolerable for me.

Then when several weeks have passed without eating one iota of the foods I am allergic to, I’ll switch to an all-raw diet for awhile. During the all-raw diet, I’ll allow some of the allergenic foods in, as long as they are raw – because I’m allergic to so many of them, it would be impossible to be both all-raw and allergen-free, for me. **Note: This would NOT apply to people who experience anaphalactic shock with allergies so severe they must be hospitalized, I am talking about intolerances/insensitivities, not life-threatening reaction-type people.

If you are like me, if you have tried eliminating every speck of all of the foods you are allergic to, and done this consistently for several weeks, for days you feel awful, but then later you feel wonderful. An array of symptoms disappears after all of the allergens are long out of your system, and you energy and happiness levels shoot through the roof. But I’ve talked before on this blog about why I’m not willing to live in the Hermit Land that this would require permananetly. But temporarily, IF I think it will lead me to some improvement that could last, I’ll do it.

Allergenic foods for people who have intolerances are like caffeine in a way – they give a short term boost in energy, followed by bad symptoms. Like eliminating caffeine – you wouldn’t want to do eliminate all of your allergenic foods and start a dramatically different eating plan on the same day.

When I start on the allergen-free diet, I’ll post a note in this blog. I may post a bit as I go through the weeks, going through the withdrawal symptoms. If anyone wants to compare notes and try this, please do let me know. Then when I switch to the raw food part of this experiment, I’ll post again.

MAYBE BY MID JANUARY I’LL HAVE RESULTS TO REPORT In the meantime, I'll post here now and then, maybe cry a little as I go through the process (but crying a little helps to feel better)

-Sincerely, North

Notes that apply to this blog:
A. Technically the word "food allergies" only applies to those who go into shock and must head for the nearest emergency room, but the words intolerances and sensitivities are just too darn long, and everyone with this type of problem with certain foods generally ends up calling it food allergies too. Thus, in this blog, "insensitivities" and "intolerances" will be called food allergies. Symptoms of these types of intolerances can be many; a Google search can provide a list if you aren’t sure whether you have them or not. Brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, constant digestive troubles are some.
B. The only actual cures that I have seen referenced (so far) have described one or more of the following: anti-parasite steps, bowel cleansing, liver cleansing, healing leaky gut, or removal of mercury/heavy metal poisoning
C. One thing I don’t do in this blog is talk about strict avoidance of problem foods on a permanent basis, or talk about rotating them in and out. Living with either of these plans was completely impossible for me, and would be difficult long-term for anyone who is sensitive to more than one or two foods. The purpose of this blog is to explore CURES, so eventually we don’t have to avoid those foods religiously to avoid symptoms.
D. Bowel Cleansing: I’m taking experimental steps with bowel cleansing – small steps, because in my experience, excess mucous in the food allergenic person causes most bowel cleansing products to not work. I’m waiting on liver flushing until bowel is cleaner. And, anti-parasite products (have tried many of them) don’t seem effective when bowel still needs cleansed, so again I’m back to bowel cleansing.

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