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Turmeric for Gallstones and more

Here's yet another thing that curcumin does: it has
been proven to increase the solubility of bile, that is,
it makes it dissolve more easily. Bile is a fluid
produced by the liver that helps you digest fats, but
when the liver or gall bladder becomes congested, this
fluid can harden, forming gall stones. Taking turmeric
daily has been shown to eliminate up to 80% of gall
stones in just a few weeks. It will also help prevent
them from forming in the first place.

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Turmeric: Better Than Celebrex

Turmeric (Curcuma longa), besides being a popular
curry spice, is also a COX 2 inhibitor, that is, it
inhibits the action of an enzyme called cyclooxygenase-2
which is partly responsible for the pain of arthritis, so
it can be used as an effective (and much safer substitute
for the arthritis drug “Celebrex“ and other similar
drugs. It also contains a substance called curcumin which
decreases amounts of prostaglandins (involved in the
transmission of pain signals) and stimulates the adrenal
glands to release natural cortisone, which also reduces

In fact, curcumin has proven to be almost as
effective as cortisone in the treatment of some kinds of
inflammation; and remember how I said in the first lesson
on cayenne pepper that it depletes substance P, which is
also involved in pain transmission? Turmeric does that
too. In short, it's a safe and effective pain killer so
reach for it instead of aspirin or other pain killers
(but remember to look for the source of your pain as

Take advantage of its pain/inflammation relieving
abilities for things like arthritis, bunions, bursitis,
tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome (inflammation of the
wrist), gout, headaches of all sorts, geographic tongue
(tongue inflammation), etc. It can be taken as a tea, in
capsules, as a tincture, or applied directly to the
painful area as a poultice or fomentation. Use your
imagination. Also take a small amount daily (a teaspoon
or so) and get on a good cleansing program to help keep
the problem from coming back.

One study in Thailand showed that taking turmeric
is good for relieving the pain of ulcers.

In Ayurveda, an East Indian system of medicine,
physicians make a paste of two parts turmeric and one
part salt to apply as a poultice to swollen areas. Some
also add some ginger to this mixture.

Dr. Michael Murray, N.D., co-author of the
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, calls curcumin one of
nature's most powerful anti-edemic and anti-inflammatory
agents. So use it both internally and externally wherever
there is abnormal swelling.

Curcumin also thins the blood and helps prevent
blood clots. This is very important in preventing such
things as strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis (blood clots
inside a vein), etc.

Here's yet another thing that curcumin does: it has
been proven to increase the solubility of bile, that is,
it makes it dissolve more easily. Bile is a fluid
produced by the liver that helps you digest fats, but
when the liver or gall bladder becomes congested, this
fluid can harden, forming gall stones. Taking turmeric
daily has been shown to eliminate up to 80% of gall
stones in just a few weeks. It will also help prevent
them from forming in the first place.

It also contains several compounds that protect the
liver from damage.

Turmeric is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A
(carotenoids), C, and E and others (yes, curcumin is an
antioxidant too) which help prevent a great many
complaints associated with old age like cataracts.

It is also another of many herbs that is helpful
for treating amenorrhea (stopped menstruation). Remember
to consider whether the cause might be natural like
pregnancy or menopause or due to under-nourishment.

Turmeric also inhibits many common problem types of
fungi and is useful for athlete's foot. Try adding a
teaspoon or two to a hot footbath (soaking your feet in a
small tub or pan of hot water).

It kills various parasites as well, like lice and
scabies (microscopic parasitic mites that infect the
skin). Make a paste and apply it to all the affected
areas each day for a couple of weeks or until the problem
is cured. For lice, it's also a good idea to boil your
clothes and bedding to prevent reinfection.

Take turmeric to get rid of other parasites too,
especially nematodes. Turmeric contains four anti-
parasitic chemicals, each of which is not effective
alone, but when combined, they make a strong worm-killing
cocktail. This phenomenon is called synergy and you will
never find it in any pharmaceutical drugs since they are
all isolated chemicals. Only God's herbs have this

Make a concentrated tea or tincture of turmeric to
use as a yellow dye or ink, or use it as a food coloring
instead of potentially toxic synthetic varieties.

Turmeric helps the body to use insulin more
efficiently, making it great to use for both type #1 and
type #2 diabetes.

Various studies show that it can help heal wounds
(apply as powder or use the tea as a wash) and even help
fight Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
(taken internally).

And last but not least, turmeric has been proven
effective at destroying certain types of cancer cells.
The researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson
Cancer Center conducted a study which showed that when
curcumin was introduced into cell cultures containing
multiple myeloma (a type of cancer), it stopped the
cancer cells from reproducing and those that were left
died. Previous research indicates that it may be
effective in fighting other cancers as well (I'm not at
all surprised). And best of all, it has no known side
effects, even in very large amounts.

Here are the free Bonus Formulas I promised you:

First, some basics of making herbal formulas:

Herbal formulas are a great way of addressing the
many different aspects of a condition with one
preparation. For example, a good formula for heart
disease would probably include an herb to strengthen and
protect the heart, one to nourish the tissues, one to
thin the blood and increase circulation, one to regulate
the heartbeat, and one to lower cholesterol and clean out
the arteries (the elimination organs should also be

Formulas are also good to use because people are
all different and while one might respond best to one
herb, another might get better results with a different
herb. I find that one of the herbs that relaxes me the
best is chamomile; it puts me right to sleep, and
valerian root just calms me down. My mother is the
opposite - valerian puts her to sleep while chamomile is
mildly relaxing/calming for her.

By combining 2-3 (or even more) herbs that have the
same general effect, or work on the same part of the
body, you will have a preparation that will supply the
needs of a much greater number of people. One person
might respond best to black pepper, another to ginger,
and yet another to fennel, but if you combine the three,
you'll have a preparation that will give them all
marvelous results.

These formulas are a great asset and healing tool,
but they are not the only tools in your healing tool box;
they are not an entire program, and you must address the
root cause of a problem for healing to be complete and
permanent. This course makes a great beginning to your
healing journey, but please don't think that this is all
you need to get well. Lifestyle changes and other natural
treatments are also in order.

Also, these formulas were designed so that you can
make them entirely from the herbs in this course and
while you will certainly see results when they are used
properly, there are many other herbs that I normally use
in such formulas to make them even more effective, that
are not included here because I wanted to make these
formulas easy and affordable for everyone to make and use
(not everyone has access to or can afford Gymnema
sylvestre or wild American Ginseng for making their

Don't be afraid of designing your own formulas
either, just research and learn about the properties of
different herbs and put together a combination of herbs
that address different aspects of a particular problem.
You don't need a degree and you won't hurt yourself, just
listen to your body and use your common sense, and you'll
come up with a wonderful formula. And if you have any
questions, please don't hesitate to email them to me.

Parts - "Part" just means an equal measurement. It
varies according to how much of the formula you want to
end up with. So if you have a formula that calls for 3
parts of one herb and 1 part of another, and you want to
end up with 4 ounces of the formula, then each part would
be one ounce. In other words, you would use 3 ounces of
the one herb and 1 ounce of the other.

Also, it is more accurate to measure parts by
weight than by volume, in other words, use a food scale
instead of a measuring cup if you can. If you can't get
one, just estimate and don't worry about it, but if you
are going to be making large amounts of these formulas,
you will find a scale to be of great help.

Once you have measured out your herbs, you can mix
them together and then either powder them, tincture them,
or do whatever kind of preparation you want to. Remember,
the instructions for making preparations are in my free
ebook that you can download right now. If you haven't
already, you can do so by following the link at the top
of this email.

Some (rather inexperienced) individuals say that
people shouldn't take multiple herbs at the same time
because they are "risking side-effects from unnecessary
medications." This simply is not true. These people are
making the mistake of thinking that herbs operate in the
same way that drugs do. They do not.

Drugs have harmful side-effects because they are
toxic foreign substances that interfere with the body's
normal way of functioning in order to control/suppress a
symptom of an illness. Herbs, on the other hand, are
entirely natural substances (foods) that were designed
specifically for our body by our all-wise Creator and
they work with the body, encouraging and supporting its
natural processes and supplying it with what it needs to
correct the cause of illness and heal itself.

This is why herbs do not have the side-effects of
drugs and why it often takes longer to feel results with
herbs than with drugs; it takes longer to heal a problem
permanently than to simply ignore it.

The effects of herbs are very different from those
of drugs because their mode of action (the way they work)
is different. Healing herbs, when used with prudence and
skill, will never have ANY harmful or damaging side-
effects of any kind, regardless of whether they are taken
in combination with other herbs or not. Your body has the
ability to take only the parts of herbs and foods that it
needs and discard the rest. It cannot do this with
synthetic chemicals and drugs; they are absorbed
according to how much you take, rather than how much you

Herbs also contain many nutrients (“raw materials”)
to help your body build and repair itself and strengthen
it so it can defend itself against disease; there is no
synthetic chemical drug anywhere that does this.

So don't worry about taking formulas with several
herbs. Herbs are foods, and saying that herbs are harmful
in combination, when they are not harmful alone, is like
saying that people should not eat salads because
combining cucumbers and lettuce with tomatoes might
produce harmful side-effects. Give me a break!

Drugs can interact harmfully with each other and
sometimes with various herbs and foods, but herbs will
not interact harmfully with any other herbs or with live,
natural, wholesome foods. Herbs are NOT drugs, they do
not operate in the same way, and they do not produce the
same kind of effects/side-effects.

The worst thing that can happen to you if you
overdose on an herb that I (or another good herbalist)
recommends, is that you would do a little vomiting.
That's the worst case scenario and it's nature's way of
making sure that you don't get too much of the herb at
once. How awesome is that!? A medicine with a built-in
protection mechanism against overdose! No drug can do

One note on preparations: you can take these herbs
in capsules, but you will get better (and faster) results
from liquid extracts like teas, syrups, tinctures,
glycerites, oils, and vinegars. See my free e-book for
instructions on how to make these.

Here are some suggested dosages:
capsule: 2 caps 3 times a day
tincture/glycerite/vinegar: 2 dropperfuls 3 times a day
oil: apply liberally to the affected part
tea: 1-2 cups 3 times a day

In emergencies or extra severe situations, take 4
times the normal dose or even more if necessary. For
animals, children, etc. figure the dose by putting their
body weight over 150, the average adult weight. In other
words, an adult of 150 pounds would get the normal dose;
a child or pet that weighs 50 pounds would get 1/3 of the
normal dose; an overweight person of 300 pounds would get
twice the normal dose; and a horse of 1,500 pounds would
get 10 times the normal dose. This gives you a good
starting dose, but keep in mind that you can go up or
down from there depending on what the person's needs are.

Here we go -- There are 15 formulas here, each for a
different purpose. The proportions of each herb are
given, followed by the reason I included that herb in
that particular formula.

Formula #1: Cold Formula
1 part Ginger [anti-infective, anti-viral, stimulates
1 part Rosemary [anti-infective, anti-oxidant, stimulates
circulation to the head]
1 part Cayenne Pepper [Stimulates circulation, anti-
infective, clears out sinuses]
2 parts Sage [decongestant, anti-infective]
2 parts Basil [anti-viral]

(also eat lots of fresh garlic)

Formula #2: Stomach Soothing Formula
1 part Cayenne Pepper [stimulates digestion and
2 parts Ginger [expels gas, stimulates digestion and
2 parts Fennel [expels gas]
2 parts Cinnamon [expels gas]
2 parts Cumin [expels gas]

Formula #3: Hormone Balancing Formula
1 part Ginger [to stimulate circulation and carry
necessary hormones around the body]
1 part Cayenne Pepper [to stimulate circulation and carry
necessary hormones around the body]
2 parts Mustard Greens (if available) [to supply raw
materials - that is, live vitamins and minerals]
3 parts Fennel [to balance hormone production and supply
raw materials]

Formula #4: Anti-Infection Formula
1 part Cayenne Pepper [to stimulate circulation and
increase the actions of the other herbs]
2 parts Basil [anti-viral]
2 parts Cloves [anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal]
2 parts Turmeric [anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-
4 parts Garlic [anti-everything-that-can-hurt-you]

Formula #5: Pain Relieving Formula
1 part Cayenne Pepper [anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling,
pain relieving, stimulates circulation]
3 parts Ginger [anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, pain
relieving, stimulates circulation]
3 parts Turmeric [anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling, pain

Formula #6: Anti-Aging Formula
1 part Cayenne Pepper [increases circulation, feeds the
heart, etc.]
2 parts Ginger [digestive, circulatory stimulant]
2 parts Fennel [hormone balancing]
2 parts Garlic [anti-everything-that-can-hurt-you,
strengthening, tonic, eliminates cholesterol buildup,
increases circulation]
2 parts Rosemary [anti-oxidant, memory preserving, anti-
2 parts Turmeric [Liver-protective, anti-inflammatory,
anti-oxidant, anti-cataract]
4 parts Oregano [powerful anti-oxidant, anti-cataract]

Formula #7: Anti-Arthritis Formula
1 part Cayenne Pepper [anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory,
pain relieving, circulation stimulant]
1 parts Ginger [anti-inflammatory, circulation stimulant]
1 parts Oregano [anti-oxidant]
2 parts Turmeric [anti-arthritic, anti- inflammatory,
anti-pain, etc. - see lesson #15]

Formula #8: Brain Formula
1 part Cayenne Pepper [increases circulation]
1 part Ginger [increases circulation]
1 part Oregano [anti-oxidant]
1 part Garlic [cleans out blood vessels, improves
4 parts Rosemary [protects/improves memory, increases
circulation in the head]

Formula #9: Heart Formula
1 part Ginger [improves circulation]
1 part Cloves [excellent blood thinner to prevent clots,
anti-infective - infections can sometimes cause problems
with the heart]
2 parts Cayenne Pepper [blood thinner, balances blood
pressure, clears out arteries, possibly the greatest
heart food/energizer in the world]
2 parts Garlic [improves circulation, cleans out
arteries, anti-infective - infections can sometimes cause
problems with the heart]
2 parts Oregano [anti-oxidant, anti-infective -
infections can sometimes cause problems with the heart]
2 parts Turmeric [anti-inflammatory - some heart problems
involve inflammation of the heart muscle or blood

Formula #10: Weight Loss Formula
1 part Cayenne Pepper [increases circulation and speeds
up metabolism]
1 part Ginger [increases circulation and speeds up
1 part Mustard [increases circulation and speeds up
1 part Garlic [increases circulation and speeds up
1 part Black Pepper [increases circulation and speeds up
1 part Fennel [increases circulation and speeds up
1 part Turmeric [increases the solubility of bile which
helps digest fats]

Formula #11: Liver Formula
1 part Cayenne [increases circulation]
1 part Ginger [increases circulation]
2 parts Garlic [increases circulation, stimulates the
2 parts Turmeric [increases bile solubility to dissolve
stones in the liver and gall bladder]
2 parts Oregano [supports the liver, anti-oxidant]
2 parts Fennel [supports the liver]

Formula #12: Cancer Formula
1 part Cayenne Pepper [increases circulation]
2 parts Oregano [anti-oxidants have been found to have a
powerful anti-cancer effect]
2 parts Turmeric [anti-inflammatory, protects the liver
which detoxifies the body and fights cancer, destroys
cancer cells]
2 parts Cumin [anti-tumor]
4 parts Garlic [powerful cleanser, anti-cancer]

NOTE: Also, eat at least 10 cloves of raw garlic per day
and remember to do an entire healing program to address
the root cause of the disease; don't use just herbs
alone! There are also more powerful herbs that should be
taken for cancer in addition to these, like apricot seeds
and red clover. Find more information in my free ebook
and on my web site.

Formula #13: Diabetes Formula
1 part Cayenne [increases circulation, benefits the
1 part Ginger [increases circulation]
1 part Turmeric [helps the body use insulin more
efficiently, anti-edemic (helps prevent excess fluid
1 part Cumin [helps the body use insulin more
1 part Garlic [helps the body use insulin more
1 part Cloves [helps the body use insulin more
1 part Cinnamon [helps the body use insulin more
2 parts Mustard [supports the kidneys]
2 parts Fennel [hormone balancer, benefits the kidneys]
2 parts Oregano [protects against oxidative damage which is common in

NOTE: also take large amounts of cedar berries (one-
seeded juniper berries) for diabetes and (for insulin-
dependants) be sure to monitor your blood glucose level
so you can decrease you insulin dosage appropriately.

Formula # 14: Nursing Formula
1 part Ginger [stimulates circulation, helps digestion]
2 parts Fennel [increases milk production]
2 parts Cumin [increases milk production]
2 parts Garlic [encourages infants to nurse more]
2 parts Mustard Greens (if available) [to supply raw
materials - nutrients - to make more nutritious milk]

Formula #15: Nerve/Anxiety Formula
1 part Sage [builds and strengthens the nervous system]
1 part Basil [builds and strengthens the nervous system]
1 part Rosemary [builds, strengthens, and stimulates the
nervous system, but doesn‘t over-stimulate like coffee]
1 part Thyme [builds, calms, and strengthens the nervous
1 part Ginger [helps the nerves, soothing, warming and
calming, anti-inflammatory, and increases circulation]

Quick Reference Table of Contents for this Course:

Introduction/Welcome E-mail
Lesson # 1 -- Cayenne Pepper
Lesson # 2 -- Ginger
Lesson # 3 -- Sage
Lesson # 4 -- Basil
Lesson # 5 -- Oregano
Lesson # 6 -- Fennel
Lesson # 7 -- Black Pepper
Lesson # 8 -- Garlic
Lesson # 9 -- Mustard
Lesson # 10 -- Thyme
Lesson # 11 -- Rosemary
Lesson # 12 -- Cloves
Lesson # 13 -- Cinnamon
Lesson # 14 -- Cumin
Lesson # 15 -- Turmeric

Herbally Yours,

Chris Lewis, M.H. ><>

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