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MERGING with the Source of All Things Good

Lighting the Way through DEEKSHA. . .

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"Every good gift and every perfect gift
is from above
and comes down from
the Father of lights". . .

James 1:17

DEEKSHA means "Blessing or Benediction". During Deeksha you are affirmed deeply in your highest Self. All that is not you such as fear, hurt, and anger begins to melt out of your system. All that is left is your Divinity and, therefore, enlightenment. All this is done energetically. The results are immediate. . .

The Biological effects of Deeksha by the German particle physicist,
Christian Optiz:

Diksha and Brain Scans

During a recent stay at the Oneness University, I had the opportunity to measure the brains of several people at different
stages of the diksha process, using a very sensitive electromagnetic sensor. At first, I examined several participants of the
10 day deepening course who had already gone through the 21day course several months earlier. All of them showed the
brain patterns of enlightenment: A greatly decreased level of activity in the parietal lobes and enhanced activity in the
frontal lobes, with a dominance of the left frontal lobe. This is particularly important, because the difference between
genuine spirtual awakening and pathological mystical experiences that make a person more neurotic lies in the dominance
of the frontal lobes: Overactivity on the right side is problematic, whereas a healthy integration of spiritual awakening into
human life always comes with left frontal lobe dominance. These findings where also confirmed by Ralf Franziskowski, a
medical doctor specialized in psychosomatic medicine, who scanned people with an AMSAT diagnostic device. We
purposefully used two very different technologies to cross-check our findings.

One very interesting aspect of these findings was that the brain hardware of these people was more reflective of
permanent enlightenment than their current conscious experience. It seems that diksha first installs the neurobiological
hardware of enlightenment and the software in form of the experience slowly catches up. This makes a lot of sense to
me. So often people have access to great awakenings, but do not have the prepared brain to sustain and integrate such
awakenings. All the problems of ?ungrounded? spiritual awakening have to do with this discrepancy. If the order is
reversed, it dramatically increases the chances of enlightenment being complete and easy to integrate into human life??

Although this study does not address those that have received individual deeksha outside of the programs in India, my
observation is that you are experiencing a profound neurological rewiring as well. Both your direct individual experience
as well as a quick reading of the book of Awakening makes this obvious to yourself as well as the casual observer.

Now, from a different perspective, Christian Opitz explains what happens on a biochemical level when you attend deeksha
for some time:

Diksha and the Hormones of Joy

Until now, I mostly emphasized the effect of diksha on various brain centers in my writings. An equally important aspect
of the process of awakening the brain is the change in hormone and neurotransmitter production. I would like to give an
overview of some of the significant changes in regards to hormones and neurotransmitters that I have found in people
who have been receiving diksha for a while. First, let?s take a look at some of the important neurochemicals and their
effect on our experience of life:


Produced in the substantia nigra in the mid ? brain, this important neurotransmitter is almost always out of balance in
modern people. We need sufficient dopamine to feel alive, vibrant, to be able to concentrate and have good discernment.
Lack of dopamine leads to boredom, depression, brain fog, one merely exists but is not truly alive. This is turn leads to
cravings for dopamine stimulation, mostly through destructive means. Intense but short ? lived dopamine stimulants are
for example cocaine, amphetamines, junk food, aggressive behaviors and conflicts with other people. Those suffering
from ADD are restless and often have hyperaggressive tendencies because they are desperately trying to stimulate some
dopamine production.
Too much dopamine at once leads to a dulling of the dopamine receptors and that in turn has undesirable consequences.
Delusions, including hallucinations that are mistaken for genuine mystical experiences, often go together with prolonged
overproduction of dopamine. People addicted to computer games have similar dopamine imbalances, which shows an
interesting correlation between the addictions to virtual realities, whether on a computer screen or on the screen of one?s
own mind. In some people, excessive dopamine can lead to stuttering. People who stutter usually have twice as much
dopamine in their system that average people.
It is easy to see that for a balanced spiritual awakening, we want a consistent level of dopamine without the detrimental
effects of extreme highs and lows. A consistent dopamine production goes hand in hand with awakened frontal lobes,
which Bhagavan associates with God ? Realization. Given the fact that dopamine is essential to feel truly alive, it makes
sense that we need it to also feel the Source of all life.


Oxytocin is the hormone of love, open ? heartedness and gratitude. Happily married people produce more oxytocin,
relationship stress severely decreases it. Oxytocin is the neurochemical foundation for compassion, for truly caring for
others. When we care for others, we ourselves are rewarded many times over, because oxytocin regenerates the body and
induces a very deep sense of well ? being. Love is great health insurance because of oxytocin. Indifference and cruelty are
accompanied by very low levels of this hormone. I assume that these biochemical facts are one of the reasons behind
Bhagavan?s emphasis on setting right relationships.
The production of oxytocin is severely hindered in most people today and this often starts at birth. In the late 1940s,
medicine began to use drugs at birth as if it was some kind of disease. Among those drug, petocin (synthetic oxytocin) is
used to induce contractions and thus birth, on the hospital?s schedule instead of following the natural interaction between
baby and mother. Whenever we receive a huge dose of a synthetic version of a hormone, our receptors are overwhelmed
and the body?s own production can be compromised. If this happens at birth, there can be permanent damage and a life ?
long pattern of producing too little oxytocin. It does not help much that the most important bonding phase between mother
and child right after birth has become a medical procedure of taking blood, measuring the baby, cutting the umbilical cord
too early and not allowing the baby a direct bonding with the mother and thus a gentle entrance into this world. The
combination of petocin and the lack of empathy for the newborn baby in medicalized birth procedures is almost certain to
severely compromise oxytocin production.
It is interesting to note that heavy drug use at birth, from petocin to pain killers to even some psychedelic substances that
are no longer used, was introduced after WWII. When the first generation of babies who came into this world on drugs
had arrived at young adulthood in the 1960s, they where the first generation to seek a deeper meaning of life through
drugs. I believe the lack of natural oxytocin caused by drug use at the entrance into life can set up a strong recapitulation
pattern of seeking life through drugs.


The opposite in terms of effects on our life experience of oxytocin is cortisol, the stress and death hormone. We need
cortisol in life ? threatening situations, but, as Dr. Hans Selye discovered, we tend to overproduce it much of the time
when there is no threat to survival in sight. On cortisol, all of life takes on the quality of struggle, including relationships
and even the spiritual search. Cortisol activates the parietal lobes, which are supposed to give us a sense of our physical
boundaries. When overactive, this sense of physical separateness is extended to our general experience of ourselves and
we then feel existentially separate. This is at least part of the reason why Bhagavan emphasizes the deactivation of the
parietal lobes. Cortisol makes us walk around with chronically overactivated parietal lobes. In that state, we are not able to
feel our feelings fully, to embrace ourselves as we are.
Being in the here and now, being in the flow, requires abundant oxytocin, sufficient dopamine and low levels of cortisol.

The effects of Diksha

Although it is very difficult to measure hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain directly, electromagnetic signature
testing allows for some conclusions about the effects of diksha in this regard. One of the main effects I have found with
people who have been receiving diksha for a year or longer is a regeneration of receptors for both dopamine and oxytocin.
This automatically leads to greater efficiency of these neurochemicals and a decrease in cortisol production. Diksha can
also regenerate the substantia nigra, where dopamine is produced and this directly shows up in changed electromagnetic
brain patterns. Many times I have observed a natural release of addictive patterns through diksha that where clearly related
to low dopamine levels. Another interesting parameter is the electromagnetic communication between the brain and the
heart. This seems to progressively get stronger in people through diksha and is one of the most important energetic
correlation's of the flowering of the heart and true compassion. In some of the Dasas and in Ron Roth, this connection
was off the charts when I measured them. Oxytocin is the biochemical bridge between the brain and heart. From the data
I have gathered so far, diksha seems to be effective in strongly enhancing oxytocin in the vast majority of people. I also
believe that this is one of the aspects of birth trauma that can be healed through diksha and that this effect makes diksha so
worthwhile for children. Even though children are not supposed to enter into an enlightenment process, growing up with
lots of oxytocin will give them a much more beautiful life experience.
Finally, the neurochemical effects of diksha are one reason why other methods people utilize for inner transformation can
become so much more effective when people receive diksha. If someone does not need meditation anymore to lower
cortisol, meditation can go to much deeper levels right away. If emotional or physical healing work is done on a person
who already has high levels of oxytocin, the receptivity to receive healing is enhanced. The synergy of diksha with specific
methods of inner transformation is a fascinating subject for more exploration and the role of neurochemicals is essential
for the effects such synergies produce.


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