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Flushes 21 to 30

History of flushes 21 to 30

Date:   6/6/2007 4:15:36 PM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 5822 times

21st Flush

This flush was carried out on 14 March 2006, two weeks after the previous one. My ritual consists of visiting the gymnasium to increase the metabolic rate in the body which in turn increases the flow of bile. I had an excellent work-out and my physio is surprised that I have made so much progress recently; I wonder if that is down to flushing? I adopted the Hulda Clark protocol and I added 1 heaped teaspoon of turmeric and the juice from 2 ounces of fresh ginger root. The volume of the potion was 8 fluid ounces of olive oil and 8 ounces of fresh squeezed lemon juice. After consuming the concoction I lay on my back for the usual 30 minutes and then fell fast asleep immediately. I stirred two or three times in night with some minor discomfort but slept through to 8.00 am.

Just a few stones trickled through during the day and by the evening I had about 10 pea-sized green stones and about a tablespoon of fine gravel sludge. However, I didn't fell that great throughout the day and late in the evening I had a sudden rush to relieve my bowels when I expelled some foul smelling fine gravel sludge.

What came out?

10 Pea sized stones
2 tablespoons of sludge

I found it rather disconcerting that 5 and 9 days following the flush I suffered from dull abdominal pain, around the gallbladder region, for several hours on each occasion which radiated outwardly between my shoulder blades. On the second occasion I took Epsom salts to relieve pain and on both occasions it appeared that I passed medium sized tan gallstones the following days. Both of these days followed my workout days at the gymnasium and since starting the liver flushing my exercise has become more vigorous. After trying for several years I find that I can jog without becoming short of breath and with out bursting my heart or getting a stitch. I think that this is causing the unexpected stone expulsion.

22nd Flush



The 22nd flush was carried out on the 28th March 2006. I followed my establish procedure of attending the gymnasium in the afternoon following and early lunch at 11.30 am; the last food I would eat before that day. I had a good workout including at the gym including a run. I haven't been able to run for 20 years because of poor health but since flushing things have changed for. I took Epsom salts at 7.00 pm and 9.00 pm. The flushing potion consisted of 10 fluid ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 10 fluid ounces of olive oil. To this were added two teaspoons of turmeric and the juice from 2 ounces of fresh ginger root; extracted by grating it and pressing it in a garlic press. I consumed the potion at 11.00 pm and laid on my back for 30 minutes where I felt a very strong contraction of the gallbladder. I fell into a deep sleep very quickly but woke twice in the night uncomfortable sickly feelings; these passed quickly and it was morning. I awoke at 7.30 am feeling a little nausea and consumed some Epsom salts.

The amount of flushing potion consumed was deliberately estimated to be the maximum amount that I was likely tolerate so I wasn't surprised that I suffered from a few side effects. These consist of feeling a little nauseous, some acid indigestion and olive oil burps. I was very tired all day and felt a little "spaced-out".

From 8:30 am on the second day I produced a few green stones throughout the day and in the evening some tan compressed sludge stones. The sludge stones are shown arrowed in the scan. The green cholesterol stones appeared to me that they were accumulations or clumps of smaller stones.

I had lost my appetite and when I did eat in the evening the food tasted like cardboard. The night of the second day I slept a solid 9 hours and was woken on the morning of the third day by the call of nature. The stool was pale and of a clay consistency indicating a lack of bile and also, I assume, that the flush had completely emptied my gallbladder. It also contained some gravel and a few stones. On the evening of the third day I had a common problem return; that of dry gritty and itchy red eyes, which last for a few days.

In reflection I consider the mild distress cause by the large dose of the flush concoction was worth it to satisfy my mind that I have gone the extra mile in my quest to clear my liver and gall bladder.

What came out?

4 Stones greater than 1 cm
8 Stones greater than 5 mm
Approximately 1 tablespoon of small stones, chaff and gravel.

23rd Flush

Four weeks following my last flush I carried out a Hulda Clarke flush on 25th April 2006. In the afternoon I attended the gymnasium and performed a vigorous work-out for two hours to increase my metabolism and bile production. The flush potion consisted of 10 fluid ounces each of olive and lemon juice fortified with the 2 ounces of ginger 2 ounces of fresh dandelion root. The ginger and dandelion was blitzed in a blender with the lemon juice and the resulting mixture pressed through a sieve into a large storage jar. The olive oil was added and the top placed on the container. The mixture was shaken violently and drunk immediately before getting into bed. I lay on my back for 30 minutes to let the magic work and then fell fast asleep waking at 6.30 am to take some Epsom salts and visit the bathroom. I return to bed a grabbed another 2 hours sleep. Arising at 8.30 am, I felt a little weak and feverish but it soon past when I had a drink of weak tea. I did not take the last (4th) cup of Epsom salts.

For the first but not surprisingly I didn't observe any stones or chaff all day. I thought that I had expelled some sludge in the evening but on closer examination they contained lunchtime food stuff. Although it had a very similar appearance to the tan coloured sludge previously seen I deduced that they were typically clay stools caused by the obvious lack of bile following flushing. I shall count this as my first of three flushes in a row without stones; consequently, in another month I shall have graduated with a bit of luck.

I had very few after effects; just some unsteadiness in the morning as already stated and the usual itchy eyes that seem to plague me after each flush.

What came out?


24th Flush

Two weeks after the 23rd flush I flushed following the Hulda Clark protocol but using 10 fluid ounces each of olive and lemon juice fortified with the 2 ounces of ginger 2 ounces of fresh dandelion root exactly as the previous time. The ginger and dandelion was blitzed in a blender with the lemon juice and the resulting mixture pressed through a sieve into a large storage jar. The olive oil was added and the top placed on the container. The mixture was shaken violently and drunk immediately before getting into bed. The day had been rather complicated because I had gone to gym to do a pre-flush work-out to increase my metabolism and on the return journey my motorcycle decided to throw me off. So I was feeling pretty sore physically and my pride had taken a serious dent. Nevertheless I went to sleep immediately after taking the potion but generally I had a restless night feeling very hot and sweaty but I guess this is the price to pay and I am the maximum dose that I can tolerate. I finally awoke a 7.00am and consumed the Epsom salts and 2 hours after that started taking on board fluid. I have stopped taking the last (4th) dose of Epson salts. I had my first bowel movement in the night around 4.00am which was around 5 hours early for me. At 9.30 I started producing stones which was a disappointment because I thought I was on the road to being clear but there has been false dawns before along this unknown journey, The quest continues.

The this time stones were not hard but quite soft on the outside like they very sticky, perhaps this is the result of eating all those apples and/or what I believe is the restored function of my gallbladder or perhaps the mucin layer in my gall bladder which can trap stones and stop them exiting.


What came out?

12 Stones greater than 1 cm
12 Stones greater than 5 mm
1 teaspoon of chaff and small stones.

On the 15th May 2006 which was just a regular day I had an attack of severe abdominal pain in "V" of my chest. I had eaten my usual food for my evening meal at 6.00 pm. At 9.00 pm I was tempted by a very small piece of pizza that was left over from my daughter's meal. I don't eat shop prepared food at all but as soon as I ate the two mouthfuls of pizza I immediately suffered abdominal pain. I took some Epsom salts to relax the stomach. I also had lots of air in my stomach which I belched out with some pizza pieces. The pain returned at 10.30 pm and lasted until I retired to bed at 11.30. By then my face was slightly swollen with raised red rashes (Hives I think) that were also on my trunk, both front and back. I must have gone to sleep very quickly but woke again at 4.00pm with another bout which only lasted a few minutes. By the time I got up next morning everything was nearly back to normal except for a dull ache. The last time I had a biliary colic attack was on flush 19, February 15 2006, but because I was flushing at the time I knew exactly what it was. Unfortunately there were no clues in the next morning bowel movement. After reading about good allergies I am convince I suffered an immediate reaction to something in the Pizza like an additive. I have never in my life had such an event so perhaps my decongested liver is starting to reject junk food; maybe? Apparently an anaphylactic shock in reaction a substance can cause hives to form in the stomach which is a very painful condition.

25th Flush

The 25th flush was performed on the 23rd May 2006. I was unable to attend the gymnasium in the afternoon which has become a part of by pre-flush preparation and ritual. I consumed 8 ounces of olive oil and 8 ounces of lemon juice fortified with ginger juice and dandelion lion root sap. I fell to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and didn't wake up until 7.00 am. I arose and took some Epsom salts the third and, for me, last dose. I had two bowel movements by 10.00 am and the process was over. I drank plenty water and apple juice to revitalise myself and was surprised that the procedure was such a breeze this time. I past a surprising amount of small stones and chaff but the volume itself didn't amount to much it just looks a lot. Also a few stones, not the nil return that I desired but they are becoming smaller and fewer in quantity.  They were extremely soft and were difficult to collect sticking together being more like balls of gel that stones and they oxidised very quickly.


What came out?

1 Stones 1cm in size
15 Stones between 5mm and 1cm
1 teaspoon of chaff and small stones.

26th Flush

666 is supposedly the devils number and on the 6 day of the 6 month 2006 I carried out my 26th flush. I used the standard Hulda Clark method except that I used 9 fluid ounces of olive oil and 9 fluid ounces of lemon juice for the potion. I fortified it with about a tablespoon of juice from freshly grated and pressed ginger root and 1 heaped teaspoon of ground turmeric. No problems to report; I slept well didn't get dehydrated and drank the 3rd and for me last cup of Epsom Salts when I awake at 6.30 am.

I must assume now that I give up stones reluctantly just a few green gems at a time and this time I had the surprise of a couple of large ones. One the "Devil Stone" was just over 3cm by 2 cm and I checked to make sure the largest one was a proper stone by cutting it in half, and it was. I think the yellow colouration on the outside of the stones is caused by the turmeric powder.


What came out?

1 Stones 3cm in size
1 Stones 2cm in size
25 Stones between 5mm and 1cm
1 tablespoon of chaff and small stones.

Flush 27

The twentieth of June is supposedly the shortest night and also my scheduled night to flush. Following my, by now, well established ritual of exercising vigorously in the afternoon before the flush I took a potion consisting of 8 fluid ounces each of  olive oil and lemon juice fortified with the juice from fresh ginger root and ground turmeric. I felt what I thought was a large stone passing out of the gallbladder twenty minutes after the flush. I slept tolerable well although it was not the most comfortable night. The next morning I passed a number of green cholesterol stones the largest being in the region of 2 cm. Selections of the largest stones are illustrated in the scan.


During the remainder of the day I expelled another 3 large stones between 1 and 2 cm in size. The third day in the morning I expelled 2 more stones between 1 and 2 cm accompanied with diarrhoea which I assume was caused by the toxic nature of the stones.

What came out?

2 Stones about 2cm in size
7 stones about 1 cm in size
20 Stones between 5mm and 1cm

A number of small stones amounting to about a teaspoon in volume.

Flush 28

The 28th flush was carried out over the 3rd and 4th of July; USA Independence Day not being celebrated in England. I was unable to undertake my usual workout in the Gymnasium but I was busy all day in the garden. With day time temperatures above 30 ºC and night time temperatures above 20 ºC it was going to uncomfortable but I am determine to stick at the protocol. I took a potion consisting of 8 fluid ounces each of olive oil and lemon juice fortified with ground ginger root (forgot to buy the fresh root) and ground turmeric. Sleeping was a little uncomfortable in the heat but I woke at 7.00 am and consumed the third Epsom salts and the slept on until nearly 9.00 am at which time I arose and drank a pint of water with half a teaspoon of sea-salt.


Most stones were expelled by midday except for a few stragglers that merged the following morning however I continued to suffer from some mild diarrhoea through the following day and mild flue like symptoms. I assume this is a Herxheimer healing response to the release of toxins.

What came out?

6 Stones 1 - 1.5 cm
12 Stones between 5mm and 1cm
About 1 teaspoon of small stones

Flush 29

Carried out on the 18th and 19th July during an exceptionally hot period of weather; this global warming is starting to be very noticeable and temperatures are due to break all records by the 19th. I digress; I took 6 fluid ounces, both of olive oil and lemon juice fortified with fresh ginger root juice and ground turmeric. I slept undisturbed until 6.30 am when I took the third dose of Epsom salts.

What came out?

1 Stone about 1 cm
13 Stones about 5mm
Trace of small stones

Healing Crisis

The rush of good health appears to have deserted me since flush 26. I am feeling many of the Fibromyalgia symptoms but it doesn't feel like a flare-up. They are more akin to the acute symptoms I felt 10 to 20 years ago when I was acquiring FMS/CFS/MPS/Whatever. I am very tired and sleep a great deal and I have a specific painful upper right quadrant. My right breast, shoulder and arm have a nagging pain and I have lost a lot of the strength in the right arm. I also have niggling discomfort in my upper abdomen about 4 cm to the right of the "V" in my chest. My stomach is bloated, I have an itchy skin and I have a malaise. I assume that these symptoms are all connected together and may be the physical manifestation of detoxification, retracing or Herxheimer (Healing crisis) type reaction, which is common in people with FMS/CFS type symptoms. I have read that towards the end of a detoxification procedure the body's immune system may fight the final battle or the one it never finish! I feel excited.

In the past I have taken very high doses of the potion up to 10 fluid ounces of each the olive oil and lemon juice. This has been beneficial in a modest way and I am now prepared to undertake an alternative approach. As I currently have a long period without any crucial commitments or work I have decided to tackle the problem head on. Non drug solutions to a healing crisis include blood thinning supplements such as, Lemon and Olive Oil drink therapy, which may be done with water or Grape Juice. Other combinations. include, 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice (Organic) or 1/2 lemon rind, 1 Tbsp cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Water or juice and Concord Grape Juice with flavoids which widens blood vessels.

Also muscle relaxation; such as, hot baths/tub, steam (dry or hot) sauna and Saltz baths. A Saltz bath is a hot bath which has added to it, 1 cup salt, 1 cup soda, 1 cup Epsom salts and 1 cup aloe vera. One remains in the bath for about 1-1/2 hours all the while consuming about 2 quarts of warm water. They are many variation of the type of detox bath.

Finally, Hale's breathing or what I prefer Tai Chi breathing to keep the blood vessels open. (It also can control panic attacks, anxiety and worry because they constrict the blood vessels, worsening the effect of detox.) Even if you don't suffer from any anxiety good breathing helps.

I have decided to opt for the olive and lemon juice and a Saltz type baths but I shall also take care that my food intake is "liver friendly" and contains plenty of fruit to bind the bile. I shall also increase my intake of fluids and electrolytes.

Between the 24 and 28 July (5 days) I took for breakfast 4 fluid ounces each of olive oil and fresh lemon juice fortified with fresh pressed ginger extract. I did not take any Epson salts or any other special measure. The potion was remarkably easy to consume being a smaller dose that I usually take. After consuming it I would down, in accordance with best-practice, for 30 minutes and then get on with day. I took special care to eat a wholesome diet for the remainder of the day with plenty of fluid. Without the Epsom salts there was an absence of watery diarrhoea and consequently it was impossible to check for gall stones; although I did notice a few small green globules on the first day. The purpose of this procedure was born out of a desire to exercise the gallbladder, try to encourage the expulsion of the few remaining stones left in the gallbladder and liver and build up the flow of bile. Despite knowing only to well that any toxins will be re-adsorbed through the ileum I consider that after 29 flushes my toxicity level low and also the consistency of my stones is sufficiently hard not to be broken down by my digestive system. This is borne out by the fact that they were visible in my stools. Although I don't find it necessary to justify or seek approval for my decision the procedure I have adopted is consistent with some liver detoxification programmes.

By the third day I was feeling much better. My headache was reducing and the bloated stomach had gone. By the end of the week I felt the crisis had passed apart the pain in my right arm and elbow.

Flush 30

On Monday 31 July I undertook a full high dose Hulda Clark type flush consisting of 9 fluid ounces  (more than 1 cup) each of olive oil and lemon juice fortified with fresh ginger extract and fresh dandelion root extract.  It is very encouraging that I can consume such a large amount of oil without any negative effects what so ever, no indigestion, nausea or discomfort. Slept very well and awoke at 6.00 am and took the third dose of Epsom salt and grabbed another hour of sleep. At 8.00am I consumed a pint of warm water which included half a teaspoon of sea salt, half a teaspoon of baking powder and 3 teaspoons of honey; my dehydration drink.

My first bowel movement reveal a toilet bowl covered with small green floating stones. My emotions at seeing them were disbelief, anguish and I wondered if I would ever see and end to the critters. I feel as if my faith in liver flushing has been questioned to the core and that I need to dig deep to continue. I am unable to find out any information about how quickly biliary sludge forms consequently I am unable to make an informed judgement about what's happening, if it is indeed biliary sludge. The common thinking is that biliary sludge is more like a gel with matrix of cholesterol crystals. In the Lancet Number 338 it records from rigorous verifiable investigation that the growth rate of gallstones following the formation of cholesterol crystals is 2mm per year. This would rule out the formation of these stones between flushes. I deduce therefore that it is still the congestion from my liver and/or gallbladder.

My second bowel movement reveal some balls of fine chaff. They are he same colour and float like stones but on close examination they have food particles embedded in them and are crumbly like a biscuit base. In the past I thought these late arrivals were stones but they are definitely chaff balls.

What came out?

4 dull green stones about 1 cm in size
12 dull green stones about 0.5 cm in size
About 1 tablespoon of small stones and chaff

The quite amazing thing is that at 6.00 pm on the second day I got the post flush elation and at last my arm, neck and shoulder has stopped causing me so much pain.


On the 12th August 2006 while enjoying a long hot mineral soak in the bath-tub I was pondering my liver-flush that I scheduled for the next day. I suddenly thought to my self; how well I feel! My curing crisis had passed and I hadn't realised it. I had lost the bloated stomach and was looking, and more importantly feeling, quite slim and tight, my skin was clear and a small rash of spots around my face had cleared up, the eczema on my scalp which had plague me over the last 9 month had disappeared and my poor old brain was less foggy. My energy levels were good. I new there had been a change and return to better health in the last week because I had started to wake and arise in the morning ready to go at 6.30 rather than sleep on in the usual malaise, trying to remember what day it was. I still had some aches and pains in my upper right arm and quadrant but the alignment of my shoulder had noticeable change. My right shoulder had been lower than the left and tilted forward and this has restricted my ability to fold my right arm behind my back. My shoulders are now straight and no longer hunch forward as if I was carrying a pain in my abdomen, consequently, I am wondering if a silent biliary pain had been distorting my posture. Could this be the origins of my neck pain and poor balance?

The curing crisis had been mark on the 6th August by a release of something, not food related, that resulted in a rather obnoxious yellow stool. After which I felt immediate refreshed and energised. I had also been suffering with a very sore navel which was discoloured with a blue tinge. I have learnt that this is a sign of acute pancreatitis, called the Cullen sign caused as digested blood tracks around the abdomen from the inflamed pancreas.

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