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by Strength_by_God

What it's like to experience kidney failure

My experience with kidney failure, a hospital stay and my rebound

Date:   7/21/2007 4:17:37 PM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 3408 times

This is my experience with kidney failure;

My abdominal tumor grew to block the ureters of my kidneys causing one to back up so badly that the core of it was basically worn away, hollow. This evidently happened a while ago with no ill effects other than smelly cloudy urine which I mistook for an infection. I treated it with varous alternative methods. I had had bad experiences with doctors in the past, I think mine was a retard or something, so I didn't see a doctor about this. MISTAKE! I should have gone to a doctor with half a brain and been tested for this. Instead I went on self treating but it never seemed to get much better.

About 6 months after this started I began to feel lethargic and apathetic, not like me at all. This lasted about a week, then the nightly fevers would begin. I began to feel sick to my stomach at about 3pm each day and by 4pm the fevers started. I stopped eating and lost weight at a startling rate. I thought I had some kind of virus or something and went on an orange juice/water fast for about two weeks but continued to get worse. I spent every day for two weeks in bed from 4pm till 7pm; when the fever broke, and then creeped back into the livingroom with the rest of my family. After a couple weeks of this I began to taste ammonia in my mouth. It made the nausia so much worse. I looked it up onine and learned this was uremia. I told my family but they seemed unconcerned, feeling I was diagnosing myself and was wrong. I never ate and even water was repulsive to me. It was almost like I'd heard rabies to be, even getting water on my hands when washing replused me! Consequently, I stopped drinking too. I just sucked on lifesavers to try to get the ammonia taste out of my mouth.

Then the vomiting started. I threw up at 7pm each night like clockwork for about 4 days. My stool and vomit were the same, a bright yellow burning digestive fluid. Finally, after about 4 weeks of suffering, I went to the hospital. They admitted me immediatly and put me on dialasis the night following. I reacted with violent shaking through the whole dialasis experience. The next day my legs were so sore and jerky and I was absolutely miserable with them so someone came and massaged them. I felt much better after the dialasis, very fatigued but the horrible taste of ammonia was gone along with the nausia.

This relief lasted only a day, then I started throwing up all day for the next three days. The medications they gave did little to stop it. My only relief from this was sleep so I kept telling the nurses to give me more pain killers, even though my pain was little, just to make me sleep. It seemed the moment I opened my eyes my stomach turned. I got dialasis every other day for the next 4 days. I became so weak that once I passed out in the bathroom and had to be carried back to my bed and put on oxygen because I couldn't breath. One night after that they brought in a new patient and had to raise the head of my bed to move it against the wall to fit the new bed comming in and I almost died because it caused an attack of resperatory distress so bad that my lips were blue! I was on oxygen every day.

After about three dialasis treatments I started with a very strange reaction that the doctors and nurses had not experienced with a patient before and what I could only say was my body detoxifying itself. It was as if I was hocking up continuous thick lougies. Bleck! They brought me a thing that sucked saliva from the mouth so I didn't retch my throat raw and it helped alot! It was attached to a clear bucket on the wall which I filled with dark flem in 24 hours. I made them hide it from sight so I didn't make myself and my family sick looking at it.

I had a cat scan with no contrast because I couldn't tolerate it for my blood count was so low, it was down to 4. Afterward they said they had identified the uterous and everyone in my family and myself all chorused "WHAT?!" because I had had a hysterectomy years earlier! We asked couldn't the doctors tell if it was a uterous or a tumor and the doctor reading us the results looked and sounded confused and said "Well, they should... but it says uterous intact." We were puzzled, swearing that if it WAS a uterous my surgeon was going to be sued! Anyway, the abdominal tumor that had blocked my kidney was seen along with cancer in my spine and lymph glands. I was stage 4, terminal.

The doctors gave a grim outlook to my family. They didn't expect me to live more than a few weeks. They proposed a nephrostomy be given to me, a tube running through my back into my good but now blacked left kidney so it could darin into a bag. They told me that even with the bag I would probably only live a few weeks longer. This didn't encouage me to get the nephrostomy but a sweet african nurse who came and prayed with me did, do I went for the proceedure. The attendant nurse in radiology where I was to get the nephrostomy told me with my blood count so low they were hesitant to even give the nephrostomy to me! I was very frightened and prayed to God, placing my life in His hands.

It took about an hour I suppose and I was back in my room. The bag attached to me filled and refilled and refilled and in a couple days "I" deflated. My family thought I was fat! I was waterlogged! The nurses said they had never seen anything like it, they had to come empty it every hour and it was so full it would have popped every time. The day after the proceedure I felt great! I was sitting up on the edge of the bed, eating, washing, distant family came from all over to see me, expecting to see a dying woman and I had to explain that if they'd come just a few days earlier they WOULD have but the nephostomy had helped so much I was doing good again. It felt so wonderful to eat! Everything tasted so good! Hospital food tasted good! Lol!

I had a positive outlook. I was going to go home, beat this cancer, shrink that tumor, get rid of this nephrostomy and get on with my life! The doctors however were not going to share in my optimistic outlook, they continued to tell my family to prepare for my death. They came to sit at my bedside crying and I would pep-talk them. My dialasis nurse said I was amazing. :) The hospital arranged for me to go home on hospice after a two and a half week stay there. Once home hospice thought I had no more than acouple weeks left, for I was still so weak. But vaggie juice and ozone got me up on my feet again. I am starting back on essiac and now beginning the Budwig protocal, which I believe in very much. I feel better each day.

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