Blog: Journal of a 30 day Juice Fast
by wackygrl

Day 2/3

Day 2 and 3

Date:   9/15/2007 10:00:25 AM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 1518 times

I didn't get to post yesterday. Just having one computer at home makes life difficult. All in all it was a good day. I was still kinda tired, but not too bad. I still haven't really felt that much in the way of hunger. I'll feel it for a minutes, then it goes away. Maybe that's because I eat so many soups and stews anyways? My body is kinda used to the liquid thing now? Doing good confidence wise too, except for a few minutes yesterday when I just thought what am I doing, and I'll never be able to do this. One day at a time though. =)

Right now my stomach is doing this funny rumbling turning over thing, but it doesn't really feel like hunger. Its just a funny noise.

I had 2 16 oz of juice, 2 16oz MC, a bunch of herbal tea, and a cup of vegetable broth. I think my taste buds are starting to change already, the broth that I made that tasted really awesome a when I first started tasted sooo weird to me. I also left it out all day, so maybe it went ever so slightly bad? I dunno. There wasn't too much left anyways, and no room in the fridge, so I threw it out. I wound up making a veggie version of my boys favorite meat stew. I like it, but I've eatten it so much I've gotten tired of it. Usually anyways, last night I was really craving it. I was thinking about going to the store to buy some organic veggie broth, but I'm afraid it'll have a ton of sodium. And I really like to make my own, but most times the vegetables get wasted. Haven't made my fruit soup, not that sure that I will. Just not really feeling it I guess. I'm not even really trying to drink veggie juice this time, but I guess I'll get some squash and at least try it. Apple and ginger covers up an awful lot.

I'm at work now, half through with my shift. Its been a lot better than I thought it would be. Last time I was doing my first day at work, and I had a headache and just wanted to eat. This time not so bad. The whole tastebuds changing thing is kind of irritating, just because then I have to switch everything around. Why I have so many teas in my cabinet. The chocolate hazulnut tea just isn't calling to me the way it was day 1.

Weekends are so quiet at my work that all that I usually do is eat, and there's nothing healthy in here. Well, sometimes there is, but never enough to make something really good. I thought it would be hard to resist all that, but it hasn't been bad at all. I'm going to cook food besides broth for the first time since I started, but I'm not too worried about that.

I've almost met one of my mini goals, which is three days. The next I have is ten days, in a week, then 20, then of course 30! So far it hasn't been bad at all, no food cravings or anything. I'm very content with my broths and my soup. I really do feel alright though, a bit blah and bit emotional though.

I've also made a big time decision that I've been seesawing on for awhile. I want to be a vegetarian. I can think of sooo many good reasons to be one, and so few reasons not to be. First of all, I really like animals, and I always feel like such a hypocrite eatting them. Secondly, animals are treated very cruelly. Having so many animals alive for slaughter is eatting up all the resources. It takes soo many resources to get one cow ready for slaughter, whereas eatting lower on the food chain is so much more energy efficient. I also really like vegetarian foods. I love cooking up interesting stuff. There's so many more varieties of vegetables, grains, beans, etc then there is meats. I'm even gonna try to make a tofu turkey for thanksgiving. =) I was looking up veggie/vegan recipes on the web, and there's so much great stuff out there. I want to get into vegan baking, since its so much healthier. I've never learned how to bake with the other stuff, my few attempts have been failures. Its always been a good thing though, and I've never really tried to fix it because if I could bake I would be in big trouble. =)I'm gonna print out a bunch of good recipes for myself and put them in a binder. Already bought the binder and everything.

I weighed myself first thing in the morning on Day 2 (forgot to Day 1), and I was 136.4. Again this morning, and it was 134.4. I don't want to get into weighing myself everyday, weight loss isn't my only goal here. I weighed myself the night before I started, and I was 141.6, but I'm not really counting that because it was just after I'd eatten, and drunk and huge thing of water. Still, 2 days and I'm down 2lbs! I'd love to lose 25lbs by the time this is done. I'm sure I'll gain back a few, but I'm going to try really hard to be good. Being vegetarian should really really help. I ate soo healthy when I gave up meat for Lent. I'm going to try to slowly transition to vegan, especially for any baked goods and cheese. I like the soy cheese and milk so that shouldn't be an issue. I wish there were some cooking classes I could take around here. Learning to cook real chinese and indian food would be awesome. A ton of indian food is vegetarian, so that would be great. =)

Better get back to work.

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