Flax, Memory & Writing by Strength_by_God .....

Awakening my memory and writing creativity, flax oil has enabled me to be verbally creative again!

Date:   9/24/2007 3:04:14 PM ( 14 y ago)

The flax has really awakened my mind. For so long I suffered memory loss, short and long term. My mind was always foggy, muddled, I was confused and couldn't concentrate for much of 06 & part of 07, but now things are coming back to me that I haven't thought about in years. Then I saw a person on tv say "Write what you know." I've heard this many times, I used to write, wanted to be a writer, but all of a sudden I thought I would write the story of my life. Just for me, and my kids if they want to ever read it. So last night I just jotted down notes of the flood of childhood and pre-teen memories, after I organize them somewhat I will start writing about them. :) For some reason that has got me excited! Lol!

Another benefit of the oil, I would like to mention, is that despite all the hardships I continue to go through, I no longer feel that suicidal depression that constantly plagued me in the past. I get sad, yes, but it doesn't make me want to die like it used to. I would get Gwynn and Viv and Brandy on it (Adrian takes it sometimes) and the grandkids if I coud, but they never listen to me about anything. :(

Last but not least, someone name Shirly wrote me about a friend of hers that sounded amazingly like my old friend Danielle. She described her as in love with an ancient child spirit, that she has dozens of sculpturees and drawings of him and a website and a book and is totally obcessed. I had to edit her letter, it was very long and distressing! Shirly had been reading my Bible Study portion of my site and put two and two together and became concerned with her friend's behaviour and wrote me about it. I wrote Danielle and simply asked if she knew someone named Shirly and she said no so either this person Shirly knows is just amazingly similar to Danielle or this person's name is not Shirly. At any rate I replied to Shirly so if it IS Danielle she's referring to maybe I'll be getting an angry letter from her (D) telling me to butt out. I don't care. Her life is more important than anything she could say to me, if she listens anyway.


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