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Its not that complicated to increase your metabolism while creating insulin sensitivity in your cells

Date:   11/11/2007 6:22:13 PM ( 16 y ago)

Key #1: All metabolism and DNA function is “run” by enzymes. These little “machines” inside your cells speed up and enable chemical reactions and metabolic function.

Science of Key #1: You have over 70,000 enzymes in every cell of your body (with over 73 trillion cells this adds up to an enormous metabolic potential!). To “activate” these enzymes your cells need vitamins, minerals and the trace minerals found in raw sea salt. These are the “co-factors” to enzyme function, and without them you have a significant amount dormant metabolic and physical potential waiting to be discovered.

Key #2: Where minerals go . . . water goes.

Science of Key #2: The trace minerals act like magnets “attracting” water into your cells. Peak hydration is achieved instantly. Imagine how much energy this will activate!

Key #3: ALL hormone communication is electrical.

Science of Key #3: Hormones “tell” your cells, muscles, systems, and organs to carry out the positive (or negative) functions that you experience. In order for them to “get the positive messages through”, your cellular and internal environment need a very specific type of “electrical potential” created by the combination of trace minerals and salt found in sun-dried sea salt. We have been taught to avoid salt and not that raw sea salt has the precise electrical and trace mineral potential critical to ALL of the cellular and hormonal function of our bodies. We must avoid table salt and processed/packaged food with salt added . . . this is an absolute truth. Sun dried sea salt is critical to the communication of hormones with the cells of your body. Without it your body has to release increasing amounts of the hormones to get the “message” through. This causes a host of dis-eases and metabolic disorders.


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