Triple Flush - 11/19/07 Photo evidence of effectiveness by msteve666 .....

Triple Flush - 11/19/07 Photo evidence of effectiveness

Date:   11/19/2007 8:09:02 PM ( 15 y ago)

Pretty Much becoming routine now. Eat Saturday, Fast Sunday, Flush Monday.
Had a Monday BM from Saturday. Hmmmm. Followed with two enemas. Even after the results of the 2nd enema, water was still murky sedimentary. But, no left over solids, which is the purpose of the enema prior to the SWF. So I drank the 1st quart, an hour later the second quart, and an hour later the 3rd quart. A little after the second quart, started getting elimination from the first. Even after 2 enemas AND a quart of Salt Water, all that gunk was still in me shown in the first picture. It took the results of the 3rd flush to finally clear things out. Water was yellow, but virtually clear of murkiness and sedimentation. Although my previous triple was virtually colorless.

(Used the flash with the second not the first.)


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