Week 3 using demodex treatments by Trysten3000 .....

Week 3 on demodex treatments, initial breakout nightmare.

Date:   12/18/2007 11:27:42 AM ( 16 y ago)

Well here I am again. Im updating again because today officially makes 3 weeks on the demodex treatment. Boy is it a nightmare. The huge cyst on my forehead seems to be slowly healing, its still a big red scaly pussy lump, but at least some of the pus has been draining out of it and it doesnt hurt like a rock under my skin like it did. Looks wise there is little hope for me right now. I notice people looking at me with either disgust or this sad I feel sorry for you type look, but what can you do. I am not my looks, I am my soul and energy and spirit. I am Gods love for me, and I keep trying to remind myself of this.

My chin and lower right jawline is doing terribly. Probably 10 pustules and they are itchy and inflamed as hell. It truly seems the mites have migrated and are trying to run down my neck. The fortunate thing is, it doesnt seem mites can live in the tissue on my neck and chest as well {maybe there are less oil glands here? Im not sure why, its just a different type of skin} and it seems as they try to migrate they die when they arent far from my face, therfor, massive breakout on jawline and upper neck. The skin on my upper neck feels better than it did before though, I noticed it itched horribly during the end of week one and the start of week two and now some of the itching has gone down, so maybe this is a good sign. The pustules are all that itch and hurt right now {its this horrible mix of terribly sore and terribly itchy at the same time, so it hurts to scratch it but I HAVE to scratch it} Scratching it is making it worse I know, and possibly spreading more demodex, so Im going to try my best not to touch my face much today, but its already itching as Im typing this. ARGHHHH.

I wish I did not have to wear makeup. BUt I work with the public, and its already bad enough facing them with the makeup on {this problem makeup cant really hide anyway but it takes the edge off it a little}, and not wearing makeup in my line of work is unnaceptable unless you are naturally drop dead gorgeous and even then you are expected to look professional not like you just fell out of bed. It sucks! I cant wait til the christmas holiday coming up, as Im going to visit family and will not have to wear makeup for at least 4 days or so. Its good being around people who care about you even though its hard to look at you.

When I last went home for thanksgiving, my mother almost cried when she saw me. That should give you an idea of how bad it is..but what can you do besides try moving forward.

Im also planning a liver flush within the next three weeks sometime {depending how much malic acid prep time I can do these next coming weeks}. I am going to keep flushing my liver and work on detoxifying and healing my body, so hopefully one day I can develop an immune system strong enough so that bugs dont set up metropolis's in my face.


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