noon of day 2 of holiday fast by BeTheChange .....

day 2 of holiday fast

Date:   12/23/2007 12:16:30 PM ( 14 y ago)

Today things make sense. At the coffee shop, things were busy this morning as people made sure to be rushing around, caffeinating themselves just so that they could rush to the malls for last minute sales. I am glad to be abstaining from this, and glad to be allowing my bosy to rest. When I woke up this morning, I saw a big voluminous moon that lit up the entire sky, even in city lights, and I sware it lit a glow inside of me, too. It gave me engery and drew me in, empowering me for the day, night, and for the rest of this fast. I encourage all of you to look at this full moon---I sware that with the energies of the winter holidays swirling about, it is shining even brighter than normal! I had coffee this morning (I have to taste what I am making for customers so that I know it is right!) and the last of some juice in my fridge so as not to let it go to waste, and then nothing else from here on out. I have amazing energy already!


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