Day 4 by blbl143 .....

a fantastic day!

Date:   12/30/2007 9:46:43 PM ( 14 y ago)

Today has been absolutely WONDERFUL!!

I woke up this morning feeling wonderful. My sore throat that I have had for about a month was COMPLETELY gone and I felt GREAT! I had had another fantastic sleep. When I weighed myself this morning, I had lost another pound! My body is starting to look great! My mind was sooo clear today too. All day I felt wonderful and energetic .. I had some great conversations with my mother today. For breakfast, I juiced a celery, cucumber, apple juice. It was disgusting! lol BUT I managed to get 25 oz of it down! (Yeah - I was surprised too!) I did a little research today after breakfast and read up more on the benefits of coconut oil. I really cannot stomach the pressed virgin organic conconut oil - BUT I did read about its effects on the skin. So after my shower, I put some all over my skin and it felt amazing! It has so many benefits - I am going to be applying it daily! I applied a little under my arms today too - one thing I have definitely noticed about this fast is I have NO body odor. I mean, I am not a "smelly" person, but everyone has regular body odor (hello.. DEODORANT) but I have NONE now! I have no need for deodorant, so I have been just putting a little coconut oil under there. It worked great! (Strange huh?) I went to see Alien V. Predator 2 during the day and didn't even care when my boyfriend and father were chowing on buttery popcorn. After the movies, I came home and juiced my dinner - watermelon,cantaloupe,pineapple juice - AMAZING! Scrumptious! I loved it - chugged it down :) Directly after dinner, I began simmering a POTASSIUM BROTH - I put in carrots,potato,spinach,celery,scallions,garlic, and broccoli. It simmered for two hours while I ran out to Target for a DRY BRUSH (I have been reading about dry brushing and plan on doing it daily before my baths/showers) and to the supermarket for an aloe vera plant (which I will be putting on my face before I go to bed - I read that it was really good for you). When I came home, I had a little potassium broth and saved the rest for tomorrow!!

All in all today was FANTASTIC! I feel so much clearer and wonderful - I hope the rest of the fast feels this good. I was so hyper and still am! I loved the potassium broth - having something hot in my stomach felt great. I also drank some herbal tea today, which I never drink - but it tasted great and felt great on my stomach! I hope tomorrow is another wonderful day :) .. I am saying WONDERFUL so much, but its true - I should have done this a long time ago! Yesterday I was really hungry at night, but today NO HUNGER AT ALL. Even when my family was eating hot dogs w. grilled buns, corn bread, beans, and chips - i was FINE! I am feeling very proud! And on that good note - i am off to relax and get some sleep! YAY DAY 4! Goodnight



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