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A little confession

Date:   1/30/2008 9:04:04 AM ( 15 y ago)

Today is day 8 of my fast. Hunger is much better. I stopped taking flax. I have been doing light cardio exercises (30 mns bike) and stretching 5 days a week. I realized that my body was extremely stiff compared to how it was a few months ago (I have a background in gymnastics) . I read somewhere that apple juice helps greatly with stretching, so i decided to consume only apple juice for 3 days and see if it makes any difference in terms of strechting. Spiritualy, I am feeling more balanced. This is greatly helping my marriage.

I have something to confess. One of the biggest reasons why I felt an urge to fast was because my husband and i have developped a very bad habit: the use of recreational drugs on the weekend. him and I would lock ourselves home and use one particular drug that I'd prefer not to mention on my post (feel free to PM me for more.) This was obviously a terrible habit. We would also drink and "party" face to face until early morning. This was devastating to our souls. but it was our fun. So last weekend, on my 5th day of fasting, my husband felt and urge to "party", the fun seemed very appealing and the idea of eating even more. It seemed so much easier to just say, ok, let's do it, and give up my fast to eat and party. But I did not. Moreover, my husband partied and I hung out with him, completely sober from 5 am until 8am while sipping on detox tea. It was interesting to watch him get intoxicated and still be able to have the same fun with him, while sober. Then I got up and had a wonderful day with my dog, while my hubby was sleeping... He woke up all groggy and hurting, and I felt fresh and crispy. I'm now so happy that I did not give into temptation. By the way, my hubby is now preparing for a fast. Please pray for him with me.


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