February 1st is my day! by b2reflect .....

And so this is the day, I have made for myself...

Date:   2/1/2008 1:35:34 AM ( 13 y ago)

So, I was going to wait until February 6th, Ash Wednesday, to begin my fast, yet I just need to do it now! I have been consuming way too much junk and my body needs a break from food.

I have decided on the inside, this fast will last for 30 days. On the outside, it will go through Lent, and seeing I am beginning 5 days earlier than Lent, it would be longer than 40 days. I will see how it works, beyond the 30 days.

Now the joy of this (smirking here) is my nephew's birthday party will be 2 weeks into my fast. My family already thinks I have been doing 'crazy' things, so when I go and just drink water and/or juice. LOL oh well...

So, I got on the scale at work tonight. I have gained, since I quit drinking in October 2005, 32 pounds! I have released 5 pounds, since the end of last year (2007) and played with up and down 5 other pounds. I will begin this fast with 27 pounds more than before I quit drinking.

I am interested in releasing weight, becoming healthy (more important than the weight) and releasing the 'puffy' feeling I have recently. I am 'blessed' with the chance of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and hypertension from both sides of the family. Yet, this is not going to be my fate. I am going to improve my health through this fast, changing my eating habits and living my life as best as I intend. Through all this, I will be committed to meditating, exercising and using LOA to create the life I have desired to create, deliberately, instead of unconsciously.

I will be doing a juice fast 4 or 5 days a week. On the weekends, and if I can feasibly do so, while working, on Fridays I will be doing a water fast. I will be using LBB and Humaworm, throughout (well HW, 30 days) and doing a kidney herb Uva Ursi for the first week.

My intention is while doing juice fast, to drink between the juice and water, a gallon of liquid a day. While doing water fast, a gallon of water a day. I believe while doing water fast, I will also have either lemon in the water or oil of oregano, to help with flushing my system and keeping my immunity system up. LOL I am in Michigan, in the heat of the winter (positive attitude!), so to keep me warm!

I guess to keep me honest, I will post my beginning weight...ohnoway! . Yet, I do want to stay on track in blogging so this way I have something to 'show' for my fast.

Today's (Friday, the 1st) starting weight is 187. I am 5'4", so far too much on this body. Thankfully, I do NOT LOOK it yet I know~! Ah well, I have achieved much since I stopped drinking, mentally and emotionally. It is time for physical health!



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