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Wow I have succeeded on just water for a day!

Date:   2/2/2008 12:52:33 AM ( 13 y ago)

I was good while home today. Actually, I did not have anything to drink while home. Then, when I got to work, I made sure I drank...well, it was like I had no choice. Had I not drank anything, I would have been 'whiney'.

I have a water distiller and took over 2 liters (what is that in ounces? I really need to check!) of water with me. I, seemingly, did not put the lid on tightly and spilled some of it in my bag. LOL Papers and stuff just soaked! So, I ended up buy some bottled water to top it off. I had over 2 liters and have a little left...will drink before I go to bed.

At any rate, I was walking doing my job (I am a dock clerk, open and close van and dock doors) and kept INsisting that I was hungry and what am I thinking and blah, blah, blah. I finally said, out loud, "You have excess plenty of food you can get from your body! You are not hungry, you are just Used to eating SOMEthing at work. Now, chill out and stop complaining!" When I had a break I went to talk with a friend, that helped except that my toe started causing me pain. I told her what I said and she laughed.

I did not really have serious 'hunger' (whatever they would be called) pains after that, yet my toe kept 'flaring' up. Someone told me it sounded like gout, years back. I will not have it checked out. It will go away, desiring sooner than later. When I wake up today (Saturday) I am going to soak it in a foot bath, with Epsom salts and H2o2. Was going to do it before I went to bed, and had to go to grocery store after work, so decided to just call it a night when I got in.

I picked up some fruit, to make juice with and Son is attempting mostly raw diet for a month. I got him some veggies, also. He wants to play with making different juices with the blender .

I did not exercise today. I slept in, not as late as I would like though. Kids came to the door to ask if they could shovel. I am allowing myself to stay in bed until I absolutely cannot sleep anymore, today. I will drink water and am hoping that is sustainable to clean...even if it takes me many hours!

OH and along with drinking the water, I did take liquid Acai to drink with the Uva Ursi.

I will not weigh myself but every other week, maybe once a week yet I would rather just go with my clothes and how I feel. As I mentioned, it really is more about being healthy!



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