Okay, so I cheated yesterday... by b2reflect .....

Do I choose or do I cheat?

Date:   2/4/2008 11:32:33 AM ( 13 y ago)

well actually, no, I read something I liked that makes sense. It said to look at what you do as a choice, not as cheating. So, I chose to have some of the sugar that Son brought into the house. Afterward my body reacted with gas, like immediately, and I did not feel great. Consequently, it was a reminder why I am doing this.

So, today, is a continuation (or a beginning) of the fast, depending on how I CHOOSE to look at it. I choose a continuation.

Will be drinking fruit (fresh) juices, until I run out of them, then it will be just orange juice. I have sooooooo many of them. This will be until I decide to, or run out of oranges, change my choice.

I think even with the oj and I am going to be drinking a lemon, cayenne drink (no syrup) in the morning to help move the mucus out. Also, I will be eating a spoonful or two of molasses daily, to assist with the energy dips. OH and began LBB yesterday, to help with bms.

Still doing the Uva Ursi in the Acai juice, for the rest of the week. Also, doing Humaworm, for the 30 days. Then will begin with Schulze's liver/gallbladder and blood purifier herbs (tincture), for a week or until it is gone.

In the whole time, I will be attracting health to me. Thankfully, for the most part, I am healthy. Meaning, more specifically, I am not under a doctor's care. I do not take prescriptions and except for the occasional IBprofen a couple times last year, I only take herbs or things on that level.

Well, here's to day 4. I am doing a reflexology appointment here around 1 pm. Then I will get ready for work. Making juice up and water bottle ready to take with!

Love, Light and Peace,


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