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Fin Again, Begin Again

Date:   2/8/2008 9:47:24 PM ( 14 y ago)

I started my juice/water fast today. I’ve had a lot of “stuff” keep my weight loss on hold for awhile (6 months) but now I’m ready to get the 10 lbs I gained OFF and the other 20-30 lbs along with it. At the end of my juice fast I weighed 154 and now I weigh 164. I’m so annoyed with myself but I know in about 15 days I’ll be feeling and looking lighter and hopefully I’ll make a real lifestyle change this time around. It could be worse. I could weigh 180 lbs and be starting at square one again.

Now that I’ve been settled into my new job and new house for about 4 months I think I’m ready to commit to a long fast again. We’ll see. I’m not putting any crazy pressure on myself to do a 30 day fast again. But, that would be ideal. I’m looking forward to not feeling hungry after the third or fourth day and I’m looking forward to that peaceful spiritual feeling I had often with my last extended fast. I’m looking forward to this. I also know now that the weight loss is weird on a juice fast. It drops, gains and stops at weird times and can drive you crazy. But it comes off. This journal will help me fill up some time in the evenings when I can’t eat. Evenings are my hardest time when it comes to food.


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