First day of Juice Fast by 30day self improvement .....

The plan

Date:   2/11/2008 7:19:30 PM ( 15 y ago)


I made it through my first day of the juice fast. It was actually pretty good. I haven't been hungry yet and I think that I will do goodMy tiredness has gotten better but it not totally gone away. I had a massive head ache most of yesterday and I am thinking it was a really bad caffeine withdrawl. If not than i was definatly detoxing because it was almost unbearable. I got through it without taking anything and I was very proud. Today i spent most of the day fixating on my weight. We are doing a biggest looser contest at my work and although i have been the most active and the most consitant with my diet i still have not dropped any weight. actually I have been gaining the past couple weeks. This only gives me more motivation to keep going.

speaking of juicing, i need to find a new recipe for my veggie juice. I am not sure i have found one that hits the spot yet.

I have thought more about my plan. I am going to take this 3 days at a time. I might do a water fast every 3 days or so if the weight loss stops. I also have decided to include my 2 pre days at part of the 30 days. So I am considering this my 3rd day.


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