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Date:   2/12/2008 7:50:37 PM ( 15 y ago)


This is actually my first blog, and I am planning on documenting my "wedding makeover". I am getting married in October 2008 and I REALLY want to lose the weight I gained just after I started dating my fiance.

I was about 115-120 lbs when I was 21 (I am 26, 5'4"). My Fiance is 6'5" and can eat anything and everything. We would cook dinner together and split it right down the middle, I gained a ton of weight (approx 50 lbs).

I have never dieted in the past, but now that I am planning my wedding the thought of seeing my 170+lbs in photos for the rest of my life is too horrible to imagine. I NEED to lose at least 30 lbs. I don't think I can expect to go back to my thin 115lb figure, but maybe...

So I have tried a few things so far:
1. lean cuisine, etc
2. gym workouts at least 4 days a week
3. coconut oil pills

I am doing all three of those things right now, and have seen no change at all except maybe that I feel better about myself for exercising. I do have at least 2 BMs a day, which is good.

I have been seeing a dermatologist, who has perscribed me anti-biotics, they sort of work.. I didn't have acne until about 2 years ago, since then it has been pretty bad. I have dark scars (not big) on my face from picking the spots.

I have always been an emotional eater, and also tend to eat when I watch tv (which I admit is a lot). Since I have been going to the gym I haven't been snacking as much, but then again I am hardly at home.

My fears for doing a juice fast:
1. feeling sick, unable to get my work done (I am an office manager, and am very busy all day).
2. having to go to the bathroom a lot when at work (a lot of woman work in my building, so the bathroom is usually "busy"). I have purchased Oxypowder, and get embarrassed to go #2 in public restrooms.
3. I am afraid that I won't be able to keep the fast, I have very poor will power.

If anyone has ideas for me, or words of wisdom for an over eater that is attempting a juice fast, please comment!

I look forward to journaling my fast (goal is 30 day fast). My parents are visiting this weekend for our engagement party, so I plan to start the fast after they leave. I am planning on doing just salad and fruit for about one week before the fast, then onto the real weight loss! I plan to continue to go to the gym daily (or at least 5 days per week). I have a friend here who I go to the gym with so that helps, and she will provide support for me while I am on the fast too.

I really look forward to this new phase of my life!!!

OMG, I forgot that we are going to Jamaica for our honeymoon, so I need to be ready for a bathing suit too!


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