day 4 of the Juice fast by 30day self improvement .....

Contains poo talk...

Date:   2/12/2008 8:26:54 PM ( 15 y ago)

I got alot of sleep last night, 12hrs. I had a rather sluggish day because it was a snow day and I didn't have to go to work. It was a good day to be home because the headache returned this afternoon and I was able to sleep it off. When i wokeup from my nap i had a burst of energy and decided to go the gym. I did 20 min on the treadmill and some abb and arm work. It really did wear me out alot more than usual but thats to be expected. I am not getting the carbs that i used to get. As far as the hunger goes... I didn't feel hungry all day. This is amazing to me because i used to ALWAYS be hungry. I Think i will wait a few more days to step on the scale. I don't want to get discouraged so early in the fast. Maybe day 6 will be a good day to step on the scale. we will see what I have accomplished then.

Ok, so the start of the poo talk. I have heard that the fast typically binds you, but i am having the opposite problem. I cannot seem to stop. It was diarrea on day 2 but now its just very soft stool. I am thinking this is good, right? Anyhoo, here is the list of what i drank today.

4 liters of water

Breakfast Juice-
2 apples
1 bunch of grapes
1 orange

Lunch Juice-
3 carrots
2 celery stalks

Dinner Juice
My stomach was upset and I was dry heaving a little bit so i stuck with something simple...
2 apples

I also ended my day with a camomile tea, very good! I was craving something hot and this hit the spot.


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