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Bring on week 2

Date:   2/17/2008 12:37:49 PM ( 15 y ago)


I successfully made it through day 8. This was not bad at all. It doesn't even feel weird not eating anymore. I still prepare food because I have a 5 year old and I want to make sure he gets a proper diet. Interstingly enough he really likes the juices even the vegtable juices. He usually will have a glass of whatever juice I made with his food. It makes me feel good that he is benefiting from the juice too. I am writing this blog on Sunday morning(day9) and I have decided that I am going to work out every other day this week. Hopfully my workout routine will be, cardio for 30 min (a big drop from my 80 min bf routine) and abs. I simply cannot work out my legs and arms yet. They are still very weak. I am going to start this today so I will keep you posted on my progress during the week.

So for the poo talk, I still have not gone a day without a bm. They are alot smaller than bf but they are still there. I am really likeing this actually because I have not felt binded up yet and I really expected to. Hopefully, I will keep this up during the entire fast. I did purchase some herbal laxatives, but I have not needed to use them yet. We will see.

Day 8 diet-

orange clemitine juice (yum!)
cantalope juice
carrot and green bean
the rest of the cantalope juice from lunch time (about a half a glass)

Happy fasting,


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