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The last two days have been really hard!

Date:   3/11/2008 6:37:26 PM ( 15 y ago)

Oh Boy!

It has been pretty tough lately. I have been talking myself out of breaking the fast for 2 days straight! I am starting to doubt that I can make it 4 weeks, let alone 40 days! I don't find myself being that hungry that often, but I really want certain foods (pizza, veggie burger with all the fixins, grilled cheese).

I have been going to the gym, I didn't go yesterday as that is the crazy night (so 6 days a week). On Sunday I got there before my friend so I started out doing some weights. By the end of the hour walk on the treadmill, the HR monitor said that I had burned 805 calories!!!

I am going to weigh myself tonight in hopes that a drop will remind me again why I am doing this.

Does anyone have any ideas for things I can do, or think about when I start getting antsy? I am not going to give up right away, but the days seem so long, and the thought of 2.5 more weeks..... hey, 2.5 isn't that bad!!! I kept telling myself 3 weeks, thinking about a month long fast. Now that I call it 2.5 more weeks, I may be able to do this.. Geeze, I seem nuts to you huh?

OK, well I would still love to have some feedback from my readers!


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