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Day two of water fast.

Date:   3/29/2008 9:43:05 AM ( 13 y ago)

Day one was a success. I went to bed a bit earlier and initally woke up earlier but decided to get a bit more sleep. Overall feeling good. I have some energy so I am going to do some light excercise. I feel like I lost about 3 pounds of water which is good. I woke up drinking water because I want to get the toxins out. My cold is dying down so using the lime and pepper has been a success and getting rid of the mucus. Also not as cold as I usually am which is a plus doing the fast in the spring opposed to the dead of winter.

Healing Crisis Symptoms so far: short Bouts of fatigue, bit of back pain/pains in leg, gurguling in stomach overnight.

I am still trying to figure out how long I want to do the water fast. The minimum was three days, but I believe I will be able to go further. Right now my mind is saying 10 followed by 10 days of juice. I will keep listening to my body.


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