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6 out of 10 people have herpes. Not 1 out of 5

Date:   4/3/2008 3:55:45 AM ( 15 y ago)

6 out of 10 people have herpes.
Not 1 out of 5.

Please do help spread the truth.
One of the ways of stigmatizing herpes and misleading the public
is pretending that people who get herpes on their face are somehow
not included in herpes statistics. This is especially dangerous when the majority of new cases of herpes above and below-the-waist are from oral sex by people who get herpes on their face.

Please do help spread the truth about the real herpes statistics. Post it on your blogs, tell your friends and loved ones, talk about it at herpes support groups and on online discussions, forward it to your email list, do whatever you are inspired to do. We will all be better off if the truth about herpes is more widely known.

I am starting a holistic herpes newsletter to help tell the truth about herpes, de-bunk the many myths and de-stigmatize herpes. If you may be interested in writing about your experiences, thoughts or feelings about herpes, wish to share your herpes diet recipes, or contribute in anyway, do let me know and your submissions can be anonymous or under a pseudonym to protect your privacy if need be.
christopher scipio
holistic viral specialist


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