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A most blessed reunion of my family of origin!

Date:   5/30/2008 12:22:01 AM ( 13 y ago)

It's now been 48 days since my arrival at the home of my one and only, family of origin "birth parents". This is the longest period of time I have ever spent with them on a day-long and day-to-day basis since I was living at home in 1970! Actually, I believe that I have been spending more time with them now than I ever have before! It's something on the order of a miracle! (Miracles are thought corrections!) Especially when we consider all the challenges (many of them life-long) that I have had in relating with them. I could elaborate and begin listing all those difficulties, however that really doesn't interest me right now. I am more in this present moment, a place where I find my gratitude flourishing and always ready to overflow whenever I give the slightest recognition to the truth of my all grateful self! All Grateful I Am! I'd rather begin counting my innumerable blessings!

I know that I choose the man and the woman who became my birth parents and (believe it or not) I actually have pre-incarnate memory of seeing them together although I don't know when and where exactly. They were talking in his parked car; my father was in the driver's seat facing my mother in the passenger seat and they were both nicely dressed.

Back to present time. I am all grateful to now have the very closest relationship with my father: PJ than I have ever had in my entire life! He now calls me his spiritual brother and soul mate among other expressions indicating a loving trust-based relationship. I finally have what I have been striving for since I was about 5 years into this incarnation. Essentially (in one word) that is peace!

The past relationship with my father had been most difficult for me! Possibly the number one biggest challenge for me had to do with expressing myself to my father as of about preschool age. It was a fear-based thing but it manifested in a way that people thought I had a speech impediment. I now no longer have any fear about communicating to/with PJ and that has proven itself here in my present visit with him. It might have proven itself to me years ago however it's been about eleven years since I had seen him. I remember getting an invite to visit him when he was living in Hawaii in '99 and then having a concern over whether I might be getting into a challenging communication with him. That was a major consideration for me at that time! Then I got an invite for Thanksgiving last year and although I was sincerely interested I had committed to an important project that I needed to continue attending to and so the timing was not right for me. But I kept the invitation door open. Then my sister suggested I visit him because she did not know what his life expectancy might be giving his age and health conditions. Soon the right timing came and I made it over with the help of several rides starting up in the Northern Sierra Foothills, through San Francisco to San Diego and then East into the great desert valley area.

I just returned from getting a drink in the kitchen where PJ came in and asked for a cold one himself ad then said that the guest room is my room whenever I want to be here and as such I can arrange it any way I want! That felt especially nice! It's a room comparable in size to the studio I had moved out of in the Foothills! The bed is one of the very few beds that is really comfortable for me to sleep in! On top of that, my folks just had a spa installed in the adjacent bedroom's bathroom and I'm intending to use it as of tomorrow! Yippee!

As Abraham-Hicks says: "Life on planet Earth is at it's all time best, and it's getting better all the time!"

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