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The link between manual therapy and healing

Date:   6/17/2008 10:10:35 AM ( 14 y ago)

In an earlier Blog I introduced the Breuss Massage already just look for it..
The Breuss Massage became clearly my favorite massage and the favorite of my clients because of the unique combination of manual therapy and healing.
The spine seems to be a mirror of our inner self and often this connection is felt when one receives (and gives) a Breuss Massage.
I wish that scientific studies could be made for this technique as they are done for very expensive computer controlled machines for spine therapy - spine stretching, because I had quite a few people achieving much more relief from their problems using the Breuss Massage (most in combination with the Dorn Method) than from these high tech devices. The success was also lasting much longer mainly because the patients also learned how to take care for themselves.
The Breuss Massage can easily be learned even by lay-therapists and used within the family.
To get a better impression about this Massage I added a Demo-Video to my Information Platform which you can watch at:
check also the self therapy exercises on the same website


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