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Date:   6/20/2008 10:56:43 AM ( 13 y ago)

It began on Wednesday...when I went to our cafeteria at lunchtime looking for some soup to supplement what I already had. Their chicken broth wasn't to my liking, so I kept the chicken and mixed it with my soup and ate it. There was at least a half ounce of chicken in there, so I took a pinch of epsom salt with it to aid digestion--later I also had decaf coffee with milk; so the next day I was sure to have 2 alk drinks to buffer any over-acidity, and went on my merry way. Yesterday I stayed with my regular plan most of the day, then opened up Lyle McDonald's book, called Rapid Fat Loss, and read the section on free meals, refeeding, and diet breaks. While I tried his diet and didn't feel it worked for me, I decided to use some of the ideas he presented because I think they will fit in with my current diet plan. Pyschologically speaking, the more weight I have to lose the longer I will be dieting, and inevitably diet fatigue sets in. After dieting for at least 8 weeks straight this is definitely an experience I can understand. At my current body fat %, following his diet outline, I would allow myself 2 free meals per week, and a 2 week diet break after 6-12 weeks of straight dieting. According to Lyle, this also keeps the metabolism from droppping, and stalling weight loss. With this in mind, yesterday for dinner I went to Wendy's & got an order of fries, a jr. bacon cheeseburger, & a small chocolate frosty all from their value menu. At McDonald's I got two apple pies. I chased this fine meal with a pinch of epsom salt to aid digestion. It was pretty junky & good LOL...This morning I made sure to take an alk drink to buffer any over-acidity and also move the fast food out of my system quickly. The only reason I was able to have this meal with no apparent distress is because I never really stopped eating. While I don't eat much, my digestive sytem had not shut down as it normally would when you're water/juice fasting exclusively. The soup I drink has anywhere between 1 tsp-2 Tbl of meat and/or vegetables in it; and the Jamba Juice is pureed fruit. There are 6 more weigh-in's left in the weight loss challenge so I do not plan to have any more free meals like yesterday's... only if the weight loss stalls...but after that, A two week diet break is in order. I will go back to my one meal a day plan for the two week diet break, continuing with my alk drink, superfood, and detox baths; then after two weeks replace that meal with a Jamba Juice. This so far sounds workable.
You always hear or read that you have to find what works for you. Well it has taken a lifetime for me to figure out exactly what works for me and why. I am very happy with this diet. Why? because it's truly customized by me and for me. My desire is not to be a purist. I just want to enjoy the life I have been given...


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