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Date:   7/10/2008 11:13:21 AM ( 13 y ago)

Well, I have been asked a couple of times of the amount of weight loss for day 6 now and I have been going over and over with weighing myself on MOnday (day 10). But I can't find myself to get on the scale. I had begun this fear of scales because of the choices I make after "The Scale" reads me my number (almost like a bad reading from a fortune teller). So, to stay on course, I have decided not to weigh on day 10 but maybe on day 15 (next Saturday July 19).

As I was having all these dicussions during hunger pangs in the night...I am in a debate (with myself) to start juice fasting on day 10 or to go totally water for the two weeks I am on vacation. I think I would benefit more from two weeks of water, I don't have to go anywhere and I can lay down as much as I please. ON the other hand, I am a very active person, very.....And would LOVE to start the juicing so I can go to the exercise classes at the gym (step class, power pump class and taebo class) I have been missing because of work. I am not one for sitting in one place long unless I am really really sick to the point I can not lift my head from my pillow and thats rare. I work out every morning like a ritual as in brushing my teeth, its a habit. SOOOOOOOOOOOO, what I may do is split the two weeks one for water then the next juicing. Not sure which first if I do any. This is something I will be dicussing with myself over the weekend:-)

Another long post as normal...Boy I can talk. OH, because of ANOTHER miscalculation, my fast will actually (I hope) be 30 days, Aug. 3. So, this will be awesome to see what this body does in 30 days. You know what, I am starting to think in little spurts now, as in 10 days from now I weigh and we have family outing so that will be 15 days, then 10 days after that I go back to work and the end of the remaining 5 days, we are having another family outing. So, for me instead of thinking "Whoa, 30 WHOLE days!" I have decided to break it up:-)

Ok, ok I am done and the hunger pains are gone!


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