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Date:   7/28/2008 12:32:59 PM ( 13 y ago)

Labor Day is September 1st. I hope to reach my 130 goal by then. That gives me a WHOLE month. Now before people are thinking I will be conducting a 30 day fast, that will not be happening...LOL But I hope to do an mix of water fasting/juice fasting/raw food diet. My goal is to reach my GOAL weight for the labor day weekend because we will be taking our family vacation which requires a bathing suit:-)

So it is actually 5 weeks from now and plenty of time for me to lose as much as I can as long as I stay motivated and focused. I have joined an online weight loss group which weighs in weekly and we have to be held accountable to one another. So, this will keep me focused on my goals. I think this is more of a declaration to myself that I need to be more healthy, lose weight, set an example for my 3 girls and avoid family dieases.

To each their own on how you lose the weight, just lose it for your own reasons and not for others. Unlike my last fast or weight loss trials, I will be letting my family know so during the family outing meals they will not tempt me but actually keep me on track.

good luck to those who are starting today, I am off to go running.


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