Day 1: (again!) by casablanca .....

Blew it, but hanging in there!

Date:   8/18/2008 6:36:10 AM ( 15 y ago)

Ok, so I failed, but am persevering. I have done this so many times before and from what I understand, even the most active fasters have the same problem.
Day one went well, I thought about breaking my fast so many times, but hey, I ran out of excuses!!

I had fruit juice in am and a smoothie at night. I will now stop smoothies for 2 weeks. I Worked out and ran slowly for 30 mns. I'm so glad i went through day 1, usually, once i've fasted over 5 days, i can't even think about breaking my fast. So my next goal is day 6.
I took some before pictures. I will only weigh myself every 2 weeks. I want to kick the obsession with weight and instead focus more on the spiritual and healing aspects of fasting. That's it for now.

SW: 171
GW: 130


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