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On a fasting "high"....most of the day

Date:   8/27/2008 5:09:38 PM ( 13 y ago)

OK...well I woke feeling so much better! Partly because I did the SW Flush yesterday and partly because I'm over those first hurdles. It's at this stage everything falls into place on a fast I think. Hunger pangs have stopped and the first wave of detox symptoms has passed. It must vary for everyone and I guess for anyone on a "clean" allergen free, purely organic diet most of the time the detox symptoms would be minimal.
Day to day I eat mostly wholefoods - but not purely organic. I also drink two or three cups of coffee a day. I suspect I'd be better off avoiding wheat altogether...we use mostly spelt and buckwheat flour but I do eat artisan wheat and rye bread a few times a week. (It's so nice!...Addictive even?....Hmmmm.)

The clear head and clean body feeling put me on a fasting "high" until mid-afternoon when the pressures of preparing a family meal, supervising homework etc meant I postponed taking care of my own needs...with the inevitable crash about 5pm. I needed two glasses of juice and a cup of broth and a rest in bed to recover enough to finish the evening chores. Luckily my husband finished work early yesterday and he was able to help with everything. We had the evening to ourselves from 7pm and we played cards again and sipped on lime and sparkling water (both of us!).

I didn't do a salt water flush, I really find them unpleasant (the taking of the salt and waiting for the result not the result itself if that makes sense?!). So I'm planning to do a flush every second day this fast and see how that goes.


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