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Full Moon Meditation for Monday, September 15, 2008

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Reprogramming our Emotional Matrix: Transmuting Fear and Doubt



  "When we expect to see something to happen, that expectation is an emotion in our 
  bodies. It is through that emotion that sets into play a series of events that extend
  beyond our body into the world around us through this field, the Divine Matrix. We're
  actually affecting and having a direct affect on the stuff our world is made of in ways
  that we're only beginning to understand.
Feeling is the language that programs the
  consciousness computer of the universe". 

    Gregg Braden
   Scientist, Consciousness Pioneer
   Author, The Divine Matrix


Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions
Monday, September 15
Unified Intention:
Reprogramming our Emotional Matrix: Transmuting Fear and Doubt

We have moved into a powerful phase of transfiguration of our emotional matrix, both in the individual and collective lightworker consciousness field. A quantum shift is occurring within the vibratory levels of the emotional body which is quickening overall bodily frequency. A sense of being reprogrammed will be felt by many as we come into greater levels of emotional stability and balance. We are preparing to enter, as a group, into the eye of the storm.
Most of us have been conditioned to think that emotions are to be discounted and "controlled" at all costs in order to supposedly "rise above" and transcend the emotional plane. Yes, indeed, we must focus on balancing emotion that is densely vibrating on the far end of the polarity spectrum. Please contemplate, however, that it may be through authentic feeling and the POWER OF EMOTION that we will most greatly affect worldwide transformation of consciousness, and, as the new pathways are being cut.
As Ambassadors of Light, it is through our unification of heart and related emotion that is shifting collective consciousness above and beyond anything else we are doing. This feeling, this coherent resonance and the consistent positive upliftment that is felt as a result of our strengthening group bond, our love and our joy is the real energy that is shifting and reprogramming the collective consciousness matrix.
We are Divine Humans. As long as we have a physical form, we also have a very influential emotional body. This power of emotion is one of our greatest gifts and serves as the golden key to the planetary consciousness shift in this evolutionary phase. This is HOW we are bridging into the new consciousness paradigm.
As we move out of the mind and into the heart, heart felt emotions such as love, peace and joy are experienced and even sustained for longer periods on a conscious level. It is through the emotion of these states, coupled with meaningful desire, that we can increase our frequential geometric patterns and advance into the new crystalline blueprint. As we rejoice in our love and as we authentically express our love for one another, this is the direct pathway into the new vibratory realms of higher dimension. Truth is always that simple.
Research has proven that the square root of one percent of a given population, with unified intention, is needed to affect a positive shift in consciousness. This number equates to only 8,000 people needed to greatly affect a shift in consciousness for the entire planet! Our new and full moon Planetary Grid Project is more than 10,000 people on the mailing list with these numbers climbing even higher when taking into consideration the networks and meditation groups that have been created to support this global grid unification. We estimate our total participation to be 20,000 or more.
We have created critical mass and are a very influential forcefield. We are a true family of light serving in the mission of world transformation of consciousness. As we continue to unify and focus on the all knowing Crystalline Grid of Light, we are currently manifesting a collective quantum leap into the new, higher vibrating matrix that is awaiting our glorious arrival. Many beloveds are making this transition now.
As individuals in a group merkabic field, our positive feelings and emotional body affect the holographic whole resulting in a domino effect for those who follow. We must authentically feel our feelings and consistently emote as if the manifestation is already there. For example, we must feel the feeling of peace as if the whole world is at peace. In the absolute truth and in the Divine Matrix (Unified Field), it truly already is. Remember, all on this plane is illusion and what is "seen" is in accordance to what the majority of the collective consciousness is choosing to see.
It is no wonder that some of our extraterrestrial races have sought to understand humans from an emotional point of view and strive to integrate this within their own species. Therein lies the power of creation. These races have known all along that we, as humans, have always had the power to reprogram the matrix because of our unique physical make-up of emotional beingness.

~ Full Moon Planetary Grid Focus ~

Reprogramming our Emotional Matrix: Transmuting Fear and Doubt
An important key to our complete shift out of the old fear based matrix is to completely transmute and transcend all fear and doubt remaining in our internal energetic bodily system.
The ultimate transmutation of the illusions of fear and doubt is through Love. Love must be brought into this energy by recognizing and accepting that fear is a natural part of our self as a result of living out life on a conditioned dual plane of existence.
We understand that fear (also known as evil) is never an external element, cause or enemy outside of our own being. We can only flood it with transmuting light when we understand this profound truth. We can never influence something that we perceive is outside of self. All is Self, all is Source.
The transmutation of fear has to be done by each individual, within their own being.
We must realize that fear and the illusion of evil are also part of the One and a necessary and valuable part of our earthly experience. Fear will continue to make its grip upon us until we can smile upon it and love it completely for the experience it has given us.

We Serve as Spiritual Alchemists ~     
focusing with Advanced Light Technology

To assist us in clearing fear and doubt patterning and to unplug completely from the old fear based collective consciousness matrix, we are again serving as spiritual alchemists while invoking and transmitting the sacred transmuting fires of cosmic light.

violet fire swirlThis full moon as we unify on the planetary Crystalline Grid, we are invoking the action of the all consuming Silver-Violet Flames. The effect of this powerful light technology is immediate consummation and transmutation of all densely vibrating emotional energy that no longer serves our advancement into the faster light velocities of higher dimension. This includes all emotional and relational attachments, distorted cellular imprinting, foreign and self imposed implants, densely vibrating thought forms and feeling patterns.
We are also invoking the action of the omnipotent Platinum Ray through our bodies, our hologram and the collective holographic field of consciousness. This is a powerfully charged energetic beam of multidimensional light resonance. It is of very high frequency and reportedly holds within it the codes of Universal Truth. When invoked, this silvery light has phenomenal healing qualities and greatly assists, with laser like effect, to clear toxic emotion while bringing whole body restoration and optimal balance to both our female and male vibrancy field.
The Platinum Ray also naturally and inevitably triggers an atomic acceleration. This simply means that we naturally and inevitably begin to remember how to invoke and work with the phenomenal powers of the Sacred Heart, including manifesting with ease, grace and impeccability. Working with the phenomenal powers of the Sacred Heart also means that you will be inspired to live your bliss, joy and happiness, and anything that is not in alignment with this will be immediately made known to you. With Platinum Ray atomic acceleration, your electromagnetic fields will begin to naturally attract these heightened states.

Invoke, visualize and feel the highly charged transmutational effect of these cosmic light energies as they penetrate your body vehicle, auric field and hologram. These sacred fire energies, when used consistently for ourselves and for others, also advance us into perfected resonance patterns matching the New Earth matrix harmonics.

There is no need anymore to revisit and "process" our conditioned emotional patterns. Through our Greater Self, we are right here and now commanding their final release and as this is in highest divine alignment of self. Know that in this divine call, it is done.

Reprogramming the Matrix ~
The Vision and Emotional Energy that we are Projecting to the World
earth handsDuring our full moon Crystalline Grid connection and while in the Unified Field (aka the "Divine Matrix"), we are seeing, feeling and experiencing balance, stability and harmony in all countries, governments, communities, organizations and people who are operating in full integrity, peaceful cooperation and have the heart of the human and planet earth in foremost consideration.
We are keeping our focus on the highest good and outcome in this matrix transition for our self, our families and all of humanity while holding the intention of living together in peace, divine equality, mutual respect and abundance for all.
Our role as Ambassadors of Light is to lift all consciousness and to help others across the bridge into the New Earth reality. To bring all separated systems into harmonic union, we are also transmitting the power of Love, the Silver-Violet Flames and the Platinum Ray into the hearts of every man, woman and child. We are transmitting love and compassionate blessing to all structures, systems and matrices of the old world.
We are merging our Greater Self of the Light with every soul while seeing and feeling everyone and everything as a divine reflection of Self. We are merging our own heart flame to support the highest potential in each and every person living purposely on this blessed Earth in this time of our great transition. We all have chosen to be here, together in this now. Every single person on this planet is a part of our family and a child of the Sun.
The Crystalline Grid is Gaia's new matrix of unconditional love and unification, gifting us with expanding and infinite possibilities for co-creation.
Join Children of the Sun this Monday, September 15, as we plug into this New Earth matrix of peace, joy, love and abundance. We are the shining children of the New Earth, the sons and daughters of the Great Illuminating Source of Love.

Live it, feel it, be ONE with all energy and matrix fields.
We bless the old and bring in the new!
From the Power of Love and in full Heart Emotion,
Children of the Sun

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The Planetary Grid Transmissions

Full Moon Monday, September 15
eagle full moon 
A full 24-hour transmission period of New Earth energy  

With Unified Meditation and/or Ceremony       
During 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm

Unified Planetary Focus:

Reprogramming our Emotional Matrix:
Transmuting Fear and Doubt

(focusing with the Silver-Violet Flames and the Platinum Ray)
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